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endless list of plot bunnies: Astra Jai ‘AJ’ Robins

When the Ark broke apart upon entering the Earth atmosphere, everything changed.

For the first time since before Unity Day the Ark was separated, and those trapped within their stations walls fell to Earth with nothing but the blind hope that they would survive. Hydra station exploded in a ball of fire soon after it detached from the Go-Sci ring. Mecha and Alpha station made it safely to the ground. Factory station collided with a cliff face, killing all but one of the people in it. And Farm Station landed smack bang in the middle of the Ice Nation.

Astra’s parents, along with countless other Farm Station citizens, died on impact with the ground and in the four month since their landing the Ice Nation grounders killed many more. In total only sixty three Farm Station citizens survived, and Astra Robins was one of them.

Now she’s reunited with her people and her childhood best friends Monty Green and Jasper Jordan. Bellamy Blake is waging war against the grounders and AJ has to decide which side she wants to be on.

anonymous asked:

AJ Styles isn't hot and lemme tell u why. u can't consider someone who is annoying, with a fake accent, bc nobody talks like that.... with an awful hair, fake tan, a guy who cheats in life, who is a fake Christian and an asshole. he isn't hot bc his teeth is ugly af, have you seen It? he's ugly as hell...

PART 2.  …you could have a blog for so many toher guys, who are actually hot like Dean Ambrose and Roman., AJ shouldn’t have as many girlfans that he has, like you and a bunch of other girls who are just wasting their times, having blog and doing things for this awful person, he just don’t deserve it. now, i don’t wanna be a bad person here, you blog is amazing, i love your themes, but for the wrong guy, who is not even a good wrestler. think about it.

I don’t usually answer asks, but herw we go… well, first of all, thank you for this life advice, I guess, this changed my life and my love for AJ, in such a strong way, you have no idea.     I hate being rude with people and I try my best not to, but you can’t come into my blog, that is a 100% AJ blog, to talk shit about him and don’t expect me to be rude with you, darling. if you don’t think he’s hot enough or good enough, why are you here, anyway? AJ has so many haters and you don’t see them here, talking shit like you’re doing right now, and I will not go into your blog to talk shit about Dean and Roman, and don’t like neither of them, but you’ll never see me talking shit about them to someone who likes them. so I think you should move on with your life and just be quiet for a little while, because your thoughts don’t mean SHIT to me, honestly, so you can keep your hate, but far away from my blog. (;

and I’m sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing at the “fake accent and fake christian” thing, lmao, like, what the actual fuck you’re talking about? this is ridiculous. LMAO.