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endless list of plot bunnies: Astra Jai ‘AJ’ Robins

When the Ark broke apart upon entering the Earth atmosphere, everything changed.

For the first time since before Unity Day the Ark was separated, and those trapped within their stations walls fell to Earth with nothing but the blind hope that they would survive. Hydra station exploded in a ball of fire soon after it detached from the Go-Sci ring. Mecha and Alpha station made it safely to the ground. Factory station collided with a cliff face, killing all but one of the people in it. And Farm Station landed smack bang in the middle of the Ice Nation.

Astra’s parents, along with countless other Farm Station citizens, died on impact with the ground and in the four month since their landing the Ice Nation grounders killed many more. In total only sixty three Farm Station citizens survived, and Astra Robins was one of them.

Now she’s reunited with her people and her childhood best friends Monty Green and Jasper Jordan. Bellamy Blake is waging war against the grounders and AJ has to decide which side she wants to be on.

Why Athena has stagnated

I love Athena. My first ever internet handle, my deviantart, was AthenaCykes, I still go by Athena on here, and I have pleny of fanart and keychains of her in my ace attorney collection. But I don’t love where her character is going. You see, I think the AA5 dev team made a big mistake with Athena. Not with making her (i mean… cramming a third main character attorney into the cast is kind of pushing it but she’s perfect and our first defense lawyer girl who’s not dead so. it’s worth it) but wit giving her such a clean and done arc in the first game she appeared in.

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