aj's fives

Not Home Enough; Part One

[Pairing; AJ Styles X Reader]

    Five years, we’ve been married, now. Of course we’ve had our up’s and down’s, with the distance and all.. It does get lonely, I will admit. It’s okay, though. I knew I’d have to go to seeing him once ever week or two, instead of every night like I had wished. It didn’t make me love him any less, he’s still my husband.. and my husband comes home tomorrow. I thought to myself, smiling at the reminder.

    The twist and turn of the front door gave it away. AJ. “Babe! Babe, babe! I’m coming, I’m coming!” I shouted, echoing through the foyer as I raced to the knob. The door swung open, granting my wish. “Well, hi there.” AJ’s southern drawl pulled at me, with open arms and a warm laugh. I jumped to my husband’s chest, clinging on him with excitement- instantly connecting my lips to his. He dropped his bag and kicked the door shut, wrapping his arms around me.

    In a second, I felt the cool of the hallway’s wall chill my back. AJ pulled back for a brief moment, only to latch his hungry teeth into my neck. “Baby, wait.” I chuckled, slapping away his greedy hands. “Let’s eat first, I know you’re tired.” I delayed his urge, kissing his nose. “I just missed you..” He stated, warming my heart. AJ set me to my feet, and my hands fell to his. Bare. “Al.. Where’s your.. band?” Looking down, I asked- cradling his left hand in my palm.

    His throat throbbed, and he cleared his airway- looking down to his hand, too. “It’s in the bag, sweetness.” He whispered, leaning in to kiss my forehead. He finally smiled again, and finished his statement. “I don’t wrestle with it on, and I was in such a hurry to get home to all of this..” He wrapped his arms around my waist again, resting his hands on my ass- giving one cheek a light squeeze. “..that I just.. didn’t even.. think about putting it back on.” AJ wrapped it up, kissing me again. I slipped my hand up his chest, stopping on his collar bone. “Let’s eat.”

    “Fuck, AJ! Yes!” I screamed out into our bedroom. AJ’s hips snapped into mine, and both of his hands were occupied. One snaked around my throat while the other held onto the top of the headboard. Kids weren’t anywhere in the near future for us, but I could tell that it was the last thing he was worried about with the need he had in his orbs, and the lack of protection. His thick, throbbing cock forced deeper and deeper inside of my cunt with each thrust he gave.

     “Good God, I am not home enough.. I missed this pussy, baby.” AJ croaked, squeezing slightly tighter- shoving me closer and closer to my ecstasy. “It’s all yours. Only yours.”  I heaved, and dared to suck my bottom lip through my teeth- knowing it was his favorite. “Ah, (Y/N).. Shit!” AJ yelled, slamming both hands to my hips- holding me completely still. “Ah… Fuck.. Fu..” He could only trail, through his breathing and spilling. AJ spilled, too.

      He collapsed, falling on top of me. “Holy shit..” AJ tried, still not stable. It took him a few seconds or so, but he finally lifted his head. He reached up, to swipe a mixture of sweat and hair from my forehead. I laughed at the gesture, and he smiled. “I’ll be right back.” AJ said, kissing my breastbone before pulling out and moving to the bathroom.


     My head snapped to the bedside table, and even more so his phone that was lit up. I huffed, rolling over the covers. Probably Karl.. asking if he had already got it in with me, or something else along the lines. “Let’s see here..” I whispered, snagging the phone from the surface. The brightness was an instant regret, screaming at my pupils.

     “Just got in, and I hope that you’re not yet. Phenomenal is right, oh my God. I can’t believe I had to wait that long to find out.” The message read, followed by a winking emoji. “John has no idea. Can’t wait to see you ag..” was all I could skim.


Made this during FNAF The Musical virtual premiere. I really like these series so I have drawn the main characters of it. I hope you’ll like it!


T-4 days (Friday, August 28)

An Atlas V 551 rocket is set to launch the Navy’s fourth Mobile User Objective System communications satellite on Monday, marking the third military launch of summer 2015.

Stacking operations began on July 31 when the 106 foot tall Atlas Common Core booster was erected on the Mobile Launch Platform in the Vertical Integration Facility at Launch Complex 41. Following a week of core stage checkouts, the first of five AJ-60A Solid Rocket Motors were delivered to the VIF for integration with the vehicle.

For the MUOS 4 launch, ULA experimented with a new assembly method called Off site Vehicle Integration. Reducing the amount of assembly time in the VIF and providing shorter times in between launches, OVI sees the assembly and integration of the Centaur upper stage and associated components inside the Delta Operations Center near LC-37. The assembled second stage was transported to the VIF the second week of August.

Already encapsulated in its 5 meter payload fairing, the MUOS 4 satellite joined its launch vehicle on Wednesday, August 19. Vehicle and payload checkout will continue until Sunday, August 30, when the rocket is rolled to the launch pad.

Atlas V will be flying in its 551 configuration, boasting five solid rocket motors, a 5-meter payload fairing and a single-engine Centaur upper stage. This will be the 56th flight of an Atlas V vehicle since its debut in 2002, and the 99th launch for the United Launch Alliance since their formation in 2006.

Launch is set for 6:07 am EDT with a launch window extending until 6:51 am. Weather forecasters from the 45th space wing are keeping an eye on Tropical Storm Erika, which is expected to become a Category 1 hurricane shortly before it makes landfall near Miami Monday evening.