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Halfway, Chapter 3

A/N: Hey guys!💕 It’s been awhile and I’ve been ITCHING to get back at writing this! So, the rest of the story is going to be a more modern/everyone-has-an-actual-job-and-life AU, unlike the first two which were inukag childhood AUs. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!  (ノ・ω・)ノ ❤ ❤ ❤

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The birds were loud. The birds were so goddamn loud. They woke me up before I even had a chance to attempt to sleep through my alarm clock, let alone come up with a lie to my wife about why I had to call in “sick” for work today.

Neither would’ve worked anyways; she’s always on my ass about stop being lazy and you have to go to work today! Or sometimes she wouldn’t say anything at all. She would just give me this look that made me both grunt and shiver at the same time. I hated it.

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On that fateful night, my sister realised 

                           she didn’t need a boy to achieve her rock n roll dreams.

Ride Along With The Boys~ AJ Styles Imagine

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A/N : I wrote word for word when I watched the Ride along episode with these boys. I’m sorry if something is incorrect. Enjoy !

You were going to the next city with the boys, Luke said he would drive. Rolling your suitcase into the parking lot to where AJ, Karl and Luke were waiting for you.

“ Took you long enough” AJ smirked as he noticed you walking over. Sticking out your tongue at him, he shook his head chuckling. Karl had taken your bags putting them into the trunk along with the rest.

The funny thing was he couldn’t find the button to close the trunk. 

“ It’s right there” AJ pointed out. You snickers behind Karl, he could be slow sometimes. “ Oh”

“ Wow Anderson.. just wow” He just stuck his middle finger up at you, you laughed. 

“ Freaking Hillbillies” AJ said before he got into the car. Luke was driving, AJ in the passenger seat while you sat next to Karl. 

As you gotten on the road, looking out the window, “ who would of thought a year ago we would be jumping on John Cena in the WWE” Luke says. 

“ Who would of thought that we would be in the WWE a year ago” 

“ Before we went out tonight I looked at Gallows and I was like this is the same thing as Gas Tony Armory man" Karl says.

Gallows laughs while driving, AJ chuckles while you snicker sitting behind AJ. 

“ Yeah, your right man, hell yeah” Anderson laughs.  

“ Now we have the opportunity to take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of us. I senseriouly believe that hard work will pay off and rises to the top” AJ says.

“ Sure will. I mean look at you guys, your the club. Together you’ll rise to the top, everyone loves you”  you said. Karl looked over at you, smiling.

“ Thanks Y/N” 

“ We know you have our backs, no matter what darlin” AJ turns back to glance at you as he smiles. You blew him a kiss, he sent you a wink.

Karl groaned, “ You two need to stop before I throw up in my mouth”

“ Shut up Anderson” You slapped him in the shoulder. “ Relax women..” AJ and Luke laugh, “ You two are like siblings that never stop fighting” 

“ I rather jump of the bridge then be related to him” Karl sent you a glare. You put your hands up, laughing, “ I was joking, sheesh Karl” 

Karl just rolls his eyes. 

“ AJ?” Anderson calls out to him.

“ Yo?” AJ calls back. 

“ What was Wrestlemania like?” Anderson asks. 

“ I assumed that I never… get that opportunity “ AJ looks back at Anderson. “ Yeah” Anderson says. “ Yeah” AJ reply.

“ You were there too Y/N, right?” Luke asks. “ Yeah, I was” 

“ What was it like for you?” Karl turns to ask you. “ It was one of the greatest moments of my life and having AJ there watching in the back, it was nerve wrecking. Thousand of people were out there, I was nervous but once I stepped into that ring, I was ready “ 

“ How about you babe?” You shifted in your seat to move up to look over at AJ. He glanced at you and Karl as he continued to tell about his Wrestlemania experience. 

“ It sucked but I was going to live with it and learn to live with it.” “ Having the opportunity to go to Wrestlemania in front of that many people over a hundred thousand. It was amazing.” “ Despite you know, a lot of people, “oh you didn’t win, and I did win” AJ says.

“ Career Wise” 

“ I was at Wrestlemania” AJ says. “ Yeah” “ Absolutely” 

“ I was at Wrestlemania” AJ repeats. “ The sweetest Wrestlemania’s “ Karl adds in. 

“ I agree, it was one of the greatest” You glanced at Karl, agreeing with him.

“ “ I had a match and dude I’m glad that Chris Jericho was there” “ And you did great sweetheart” Placing your hand on AJ’s shoulder rubbing it a bit, “ Thank you darlin” He sent you a smile.

“ Yeah” 

“ Do you guys remember Chris Jericho’s debut?” You asked them. 

“  I do” AJ says. 

“ For WCW?” “ And the countdown clock and all that build up to the melneium” “ And then that entrance, promo, I still remember what he was wearing and it matched the silvery sparkly shirt” 

“ And that hair, he had a small pony tail on top of his head. The Rock was in the ring” You added. 

“ That dude is a legend”

“ He is one of the greatest wrestlers that still wrestle today. Chris is an amazing dude, he gave me one of his books to read when I came into the WWE” 

“ Really?” You nodded. “ Yeah, he told me a few things here and there before you guys came in” 

“ That’s awesome” Luke says. 

“ We’ve been seeing some things that I never thought I see”

“ We see a lot of things that no one else has seen in Japan” “ It’s very true”
“ I am trying to find a laundry mat in Japan which is like four washers and four dryers on the side of a building in the middle of a sidewalk” Anderson said. “ Yeah” AJ agrees, nodding his head. 

“ And there is where a bunch of where people live that so happens to be a laundry mat” Aj says. “ A tiny one “ he adds.

“ AJ, I forgot to tell you when I went out first with Gallows in Japan” Anderson says. “ Great brother, everyone loves Gallows. Right? Funny, charismatic,  he’s nice , sweet”

“ Give a little more” Luke says. “ Amazing dude, fun to be around, teddy bear at heart” You add tapping Luke’s shoulder. Luke chuckled, “ I am no teddy bear” 

“ You so are Gallows” AJ and Karl snicker as Luke shoots a glare over at AJ who hides his smile. 

“ Then I get pulled aside after two weeks of his first tour” Gallows laughs. “ Gallows heat big stinky” The four of you laugh. 

“ Awe, shit. please tell him and I was like awe man, alright man”” So your sitting there eating and I go bro, you got stinky heat and the boys says you stink. Face turns purple” Luke laughs. You throw your head back laughing, holding your stomach with Karl leaning on your shoulder laughing as well as he continues. “ And he goes, fuck them”

The four of you laugh once again. The camera zooms in on us, Luke shows off his muscles while driving, “ Gallow pay attention before you get us killed” 

Then the camera goes on your side as you stick out your tongue out the window, “ Real mature Y/N” Karl mutters. You flip him off still sticking your tongue at the camera. 

“ Gallows, is your son going nuts with this WWE run right now?” Anderson asks. 

“ Oh he loves it, he is at that age when he crazy loves when I was eight like him starting to watch”

“ Does he have the big ring?” You ask “ He’s got..” Luke thinks for a moment.

“ The big ring” AJ shows with his hands how big the ring is. “ Yep” Luke says as he looks over at AJ for a moment.

 “ Our son, has one too dude.” AJ says. “ He does, he loves it” You add. 
“ We got like 12 rings” Luke says. “ Damn” You muttered. AJ chuckles. 

“  You know.. I …watched wrestling when I could but not watch very much of it”  Aj says. “ Same with me, I would watch with my brother though” You add

 “ But I had Heaman” AJ says.

“ Heaman or Heaman?” Anderson asks. Heaman?” You asked looking at Karl. 

 “ Heaman” Aj says. “ He had a shield brother” “ Heaman” “ You know, Heaman not more than one” “ Heaman brother” “ Not Heaman” “ Heaman is cohorts” “ Multiple Heamans.”

“ What the fuck you talking about?” You ask, Anderson laughs putting his forehead your shoulder. 

AJ says with a show of his hand, “ Heaman.” You shake your head as you stare out the window.  “ That man of plural Heaman” “ Right” “ I know he is getting it wrong” “ Alright good”

“ I would take knives, and we had an old crate, milk crate and take the knifes” AJ motions with his hands the knifes. “ In four corners and take rubber bands” “ Oh! That’s awesome” “ That would be my ring”

“ I wish I would of done that, that sounds awesome” 

“ Well your a girl so..” Karl says. You glared over at him, “ Is that suppose to mean anything? Just because I am girl, I can’t have my own ring?” 

Karl was silent, he didn’t want to anger you. “ Better not anger my women, although I love the angry sex” AJ says. You hit him upside his head, his cap falling off of his head. “ What was that for?!” AJ glances back at you with a pout. 

“ You know why” You rolled your eyes as AJ turns back. 

“ Please tell the one about jumping on the Rock’s car” You look over to Luke as he starts the story, smiling, moving forward to hear more. ” By the time, I was a teenager, my fandom had taken my life. In Pittsburg we all to eat glue and we were waiting on people to come out and the Rock came pulling up the ramp in a big Lincoln. He had like one of those Hawaiian rock shirts and looked cool as hell.  And I was like right at the front , the rock got stopped. There were two other car loads wrestlers in front of him.” 

“ He couldn’t take it “ Anderson says. “ I couldn’t take it” Luke says. “ Just my best running leap, man” You laugh with AJ, shaking your head. These boys and their stories. 

. “ And I swear to you I landed on the hood,  god is my witness. The rock , him as cool as the rock is, just sitting there in the car and he goes” Luke does the raise eyebrow. You laugh as he impersonated The Rock’s eyebrow. “ Flashing his eyebrow and about that timeI just felt like this incredible force of four hundred pound security guard. He goes his hand in the back of my belt and he just  flung my ass. I just take a head butter on the ground and roll and take off, sprinting man and trying to find my buddies . They were coming for me.” The four of you laugh.

“ Oh that’s awesome” AJ says. “ Love the story Luke” You say leaning back adjusting your shirt as it was showing some skin, Anderson had glanced at it. You felt his eyes, pulling the shirt more down.

“ We can entertain each other, Karl and I doing impersonations of people for eight or nine hours “ Luke says. 

“ I can listen to you guys for at least four” AJ says. 

“ Five” You say. Karl rolls his eyes as he hears your answer.

“ If you can’t take form to the side of your head then get out of this business” “ Get out of this business” Gallows repeats.

“ You freaking idiot” Anderson says. 

“ Aye, you guys mind?” AJ says, Anderson laughs. Luke starts doing impersonation of Stone Cold, AJ joins in with the, “ What?” 

“ What?” Karl does it too. “ What?” You joined in. The four of you say in your own Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonations, “ What?”

Then it changed to Howard Finkle, “ 

“ The Phenomenal  AJ Styles!” Gallows does impersonation. AJ smiles while Anderson chuckles in the back. 

You tried, “ Phenomenal, AJ STYLES!!” you added the hoarse voice he does it with.

“ That was close Y/N” Luke says. “ Thanks” 

“ He got a hoarse voice, I can’t hit the place like I used to” Next was the Sour boys. You made a sour face like you ate something sour before you started to talk, “ Juice box or something refreshing. What I just ate was very sour”

“ The drink I had was very sour. I need milk or something” 

“ Yeah” AJ nods. 

“ Or my face is going to be stuck like sour for the rest of  the ride and I won’t feel my mouth because I won’t eat any fucking..” You break out of character and laugh along with AJ.  “ Screw you guys, I am going home” Luke mumbles.

“ Woke up the other day, my daughter sleeps with us. One year old. With her foot almost in my mouth. I woke up and it was here” He points to his mouth near nose, AJ says. 

“Princess likes to cuddle with daddy and mommy” 

“ “ That’s awesome “ Luke says. 

“ I am a cybor man, i like to snuggle to the Y/N and I can’t do it. “ You chuckle.

“ Yes you can, princess loves to cuddle with daddy” 

“ I want to cuddle with you darlin” “ Awe” You stood up a little bit reaching around to kiss his cheek, he smiles taking your hand kissing your fingertips.

“ well you better be careful Uncle Allen” You smile thinking if you had another girl.

“ Going to have a fifth baby"

“ Oh no, Oh no brother” AJ shakes his head. “ We fixed that “ Aj says.

 Luke laughs. “ you never know though” “ Yeah, what if I want another one?” AJ turns to glance at you , “ Don’t worry AJ, we have our hands full for now” 

“ Good” He turns back in his seat. “ We don’t-”

“ 10 miles” The GPS comes over cutting off whatever was about to be said, making you jump with Karl laughing. AJ flinging his arms as Luke grips the wheel as he jumps in his seat.

“ Jeezes!”  “ Scare the fuck out of me” 

“ Fuck” “ Holy shit balls”

“ Where almost there, yay!” You clap your hands. “ Who gave what to Y/N now?”

“ What is that suppose to mean?” “ You have energy like there is no tomorrow”

“ I am just happy” “ happy?” “ To be out of this car soon, you goofs are too much “

“ Hey!” They all yell together. 

“ Car wacks out” Luke put his hands up in joking manner.

 Anderson says “Better put them up” 

“ Exit right..” GPS says.

“ Exit right” Luke impersonates the gps.

“ That voice is getting on my nerves”

“ Agreed, annoying as hell” You muttered. 

“ The other morning, we were going to take an hour nap then I was going to go to the mall and then to the gym. Well he turns on the show ( I didn’t know how to spell it) “  “ When the last time you watched that?”” Well then like he’s still watching it and I am kinda falling asleep. My alarm goes off so I could go to the mall. i wake up and matt lock is on” Anderson laughs. 

“ I don’t watch the matt lock, so I’m watching it but then do I wake him up to go to the mall or not? And he was sleeping with his arm behind his head and just snoring his ass off. And I didn’t wake him up.But he looks so funny. He had the cover half, like a posed picture but sleeping through matt lock the backs of 100 volume.”  Luke says.

“ Wow, tough sleeper you are Anderson” He laughs shrugging.

I bet I look freaking sexy like that” Anderson says.

“ Oh I’m sure the ladies would love to see that. Sleeping Anderson Teddy Bear” You joked, Anderson stuck out his tongue at you.

“ That is my thing” “ Deal with it”   

“ Under one mile” AJ says. “ well with this speed might get there by six a.m. I know your driving the buses but let’s get it going” There were buses in front of us , slowly driving.

 “ He got me blocked in” Luke says. 

“ Go around him” “ Not that hard”

“ Shake and Bake! If he ain’t first your not last” “ First your last” 

“ they are going to hate me”” They probably already do”

“ We made it boys “

“ And girl” You add  “ Yeah” “ Beautiful “” Finally! “ On ride as usual”

Luke parks the car, you jumped out stretching your legs. “ Freedom!” You yell while AJ laughs, shaking his head wrapping an arm around you.

“ Remind me why were married again?” You flicked his nose, “ Because you love me “


Nearly a week ago, AJ had her last encounter with Blue - at least the kind of encounter that involves their new kind of face time. She did send the girl a picture of herself afterwards, though, since that felt like the right thing to do since Blue had the courtesy to do that for her. In the days after, though? AJ’s seen Yulia…and Dagny, reluctantly. That last one was probably the most amusing because she was at one of her NA meetings when the red head appeared and as much as it fucked with her concentration, she did her best to keep Dagny there with her - to have her hear at least one horrific story of drug abuse. No words were spoken between the two sensates and that was just fine with AJ. When Yulia came about - it was in a time when AJ needed a hug and she didn’t need to say as much for the other girl to understand. It felt right. They hugged for five minutes(AJ probably looked insane) and then she was gone. Now, it’s almost midnight and she’s just realizing that she never actually sent Blue a text to ask if she’s busy tonight. It’s too late to do that now seeing as how AJ is out in the desert with no cell reception. Nearing Chaco Canyon, just about four hours outside of Los Lunas, she pulled off of the road and parked her car, a sleek black 1977 El Camino ss that she’s been restoring for about two years now(it was in pretty bad shape when her dad got it.) After getting out of the car, AJ went to take the cover off of the back, revealing a bunch of blankets and pillows underneath, ready for her to lay on. When she did get comfortable, she closed her eyes and thought of Blue - wondering where exactly the girl is right now…and whether AJ’s luck is shit enough to catch her in the act of fucking again.

Okay, coming out of hiatus for a few days...for some Christmas smut:

It’s simple, reblog, comment,or inbox me the number of what scenario you’d like! I’m only doing five 😌

1. Dean Ambrose: Dean’s been busy at work and has been told he can’t go home for Christmas due to booking and the weather, little does he know, Y/N’s waiting for him in his hotel room, wrapped with a bow (prompt number five)

2. Aj Styles: Getting Aj for secret Santa and coming up short with an idea of what to get him, you overhear him talking with Karl and Luke how he would mind if you were given to him neatly wrapped with a bow on top, because all he wants for Christmas is you.

3. Seth Rollins: Seth is your secret Santa and he’s gotten you the perfect gift, but there’s a catch, he doesn’t want you using it without him.

4. Stiles Stilinski: Both of you being invited to a Christmas party and after a few too many ‘egg nog’ shots you two get a little touchy so you sneak off to the nearest closet to have a little party of your own.

5. Derek Hale: Derek going out of his way to get you the perfect gift and you saying you don’t really like it, so he decided to punish you by wrapping you up with the garland from the tree and fucking you all night.

6. Brett Talbot: Liam was your secret Santa and he gives you a gift you can’t help but hug him and kiss him on the cheek for, Brett, who is just your friend, sees this and pulls you to the side to remind you of why he is the better choice.

7. Audrey Jensen: Audrey had a crush on you since she could remember, you’re actually the reason she started to feel a little bi-curious. You go on stage with Brooke and Emma to recreate the ‘Mean Girls’ jingle bell rock dance and your outfit gets Audrey a little too excited…

8. Noah Foster: You’re a virgin and Noah spends weeks trying to find you the perfect gift, on Christmas Eve you kiss him, settling his nerves before whispering ‘fuck me’ against his lips.

9. Jake Fitzgerald: You and Jake ‘hate’ each other. Brooke throws a Christmas party, because her parties are the best, and she knows of you and Jake’s hate so she sends you two to the basement to get more drinks, locking the door behind you two, smutty things ensue.

10. Tate Langdon: Tate not knowing how to ask you to have sex with him, after dating for two months so you find condoms in your stocking, you get the message.

11. Dandy Mott: Dandy has a ton of money and believes money is the only way to anyone’s heart so he buys you a bunch of gifts for Christmas and not wanting to crush his hope you tell him thank you…in many different ways.

12. Tony Stark: Tony throws another one of his famous Christmas parties and you somehow get an invite, it’s only because Tony has had a very big crush on you, and he’s been wanting to impress you with all his money and glamorous gadgets.

13. Bucky Barnes: Meets you at Tony’s Christmas party, he’s a little shy at first but after a few shots he loosens up.

14. Joker: Joker is big on role play and wants you and Harley to dress up as his sexy little elves. (Prompt number two)

15. Harley Quinn: Joker gives and Harley very special and pleasurable gifts for Christmas and he em can’t wait for you to show him your toys. (Prompt number four)

16. Kol Mikaelson: Kol isn’t too happy when he has to come pick you up from a Christmas party on Christmas Eve so the next morning he punishes you, bouncing your wrist with bows. (Prompt number three)

17. Klaus Mikaelson: Telling Klaus, your FWB, all you want is two sweaty men over you, pile driving you into the mattress, so of course no better person to all then Elijah. (prompt number one)

18. Spencer Reid: Investment over in his case work, Spencer forgets your Christmas present, you think of the perfect way to punish him.

19. Negan: Negan throws on a Santa hat and has a little fun with you on Christmas Eve, his favorite wife.

20. Carl Grimes: Giving Carl a skin mag after hearing him jerk off at night, to be funny, he decides you’re a better replacement than his hand.

21.Dean and Sam Winchester: The boys, your daddies, surprise you on Christmas by finishing a hunt early only to come home to find you playing with yourself, punishment ensues.