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#154: “There’s only one bed…”  &  #180:  “You have no idea what you do to me.”   -AJ Styles.

Thank you to @blackwidow2721 and the anon for the request! I hope you guys like it! 

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TLC(2017): a callout post ( @aesymntes )


He looked back over the valley. “Oh, Jane.”
“Oh, Jane, what?”
“He didn’t want me to, did you know? He told me not to try to get you to come to the table that night at Nino’s. I had to talk him into it. And then I made such an idiot of myself —” He turned back to her. “What are you thinking?”
She just looked at him. That I went out with the wrong boy. That I destroyed Adam tonight for no reason at all. That I am not sensible at all“I thought you were an asshole.”
Gallantly, he said, “Thank God for past tense.”


WWE Imgaine

Requested- Aj, being jealous because you were flirting with another wrestler.
Word Count:1071
Warnings: Smut, language
Appearances: Aj x Reader ( Brief Cena )
Author’s notes: Thank you for the request I love it bb!

You stood backstage leaning against a wall, waiting for Aj to be done with his match against Kevin Owens. You smiled thinking of Aj, you had been dating for almost a year, and you loved each other a lot. Recently Aj had been very focused on work, hitting the gym twice a day everyday, and steady trying to improve his already amazing wrestling skills, not that you minded him coming home out of breath and sweaty, pent up with extra energy. Your smile got wider. “What is that gorgeous smile for?” a thick voice asked, startling you as it was pretty close.

Your eyes darted up and were met with those of John Cena, Aj’s newest rival on screen. “Hello John” You smile up politely at him, as he comes to stand next to you, leaning in to you. “What are you doing here Y/N?” John asks, a second meaning evident in the question as he leans in closer, whispering so only you can hear, “Or more to the point, do you want to leave?” He asks, leaning back, and grinning cockily at you. You huff, “John, you know I’m with Aj, and not to be blunt, but uh, the title ‘Phenomenal’ is a understatement if you know what I mean” You smile, pulling the hem of his shirt sleeve that had rolled up free, and meet his gaze passively. John’s grin falls to a pout. “I could show you a great time you know Y/N” He says, catching your hand and pulling it to his chest so that you can feel the muscles ripple as he tightens them, smiling at your expression, “You know you want to Y/N” He murmurs, his eyes locked with yours.

“ You know you want to what?” a angry voice booms from behind you, and you both turn quickly to see Aj storming towards you. “I was just telling Mr. Cena how Phenomenal you were baby.” You smile cooily at him, jerking your hand back from John’s chest. “Mr. Cena?” John smiles at you, “I like that coming from you” He says low, so only you can hear. “Ready Aj?” you ask, your face reddening, “No, what’s going on here” Aj’s voice is low and dangerous as he steps between you and John. “Easy killer, I was just having a conversation with Y/N here, no need to get your panties in a twist Styles.” John says, his hands raised in defiance, “Well don’t, don’t have any conversations with her, she’s Mine” Aj snarls, the last word sending shivers down your spine, and warmth to your groin. You loved when Aj was like this. “Not sure she appreciates being owned” John counters, turning his gaze to you. “I am his John.” You say simply, pulling Aj to you, and turning, pulling him with you, leaving a flabbergasted Cena behind you, jaw open.

You are barely through Aj’s locker room door when he slams you back into the wall, his arms on either side of you, his mouth crashing to yours hard, his tongue possessive of yours as he kisses you deeply, breathing heavy. He pulls away to yank his shirt over his head, reveling his perfectly sculpted chest and abs, then he rips yours over our head, taking the bra with it. He pauses for a moment to look into your eyes, “You’re mine” He growls, dragging your skirt up to your stomach, then reaching down pulling your panties and down and off. “Aj!” You moan as you pull his Wrestling pants down, allowing him to spring free.

He pushes you against the wall once more, his erection digging into your hip as he bites you neck and ear, “Mine” His voice is husky and hard as he positions himself and pushes into in one swift movement, making you squeal and throw your head back as the sensation of being filled so quickly sends shovers up your back. “Oh god Aj, I’m yours!” You moan loudly, squeaking as he pounds his cock into your dripping mound.

His hands find your hips and he hoists you up, and you wrap your legs around his waist, and your arms under his shoulders for support, racking your nails into his back as he drills into you over and over, making you scream, not caring who hears. “That’s right baby let the world hear that you’re mine” He snarls into your ear breathlessly, as if reading your mind. “Aj, oh god I’m yours, all of me!” You moan breathlessly into his neck, his hips relentlessly pounding forward to meet yours. You lean forward, your teeth sinking into his neck softly licking and sucking at the exposed flesh. “Ah Y/N!” He groans, pushing into hard again.
“You’re so tight baby!” Aj moans, his cock hitting your G-spot hard over and over, driving you crazy.
“Aj! I’m going to cum!” You moan loudly, pushing down to meet each of his thrusts, your moans becoming jumbled mixtures of slurred cuss words and his name, as a orgasm rips though your body, making you quake in his arms. You bury your head in this neck, moaning quieter now, breathing heavily. “I’m close to baby, I’m going to cum! Where do you want it baby?” His voice is strained, “Mouth” you manage as he pulls out of you suddenly, and lets you slide down his body, his fine, fine body, you sink to your knees, taking his cock in your mouth, your hands working in gentle circles around him. You swirl your tongue around his head, sucking hard. “Y/N!” He moans, exploding into your mouth. You swallow quickly, wiping our mouth as you stand smiling at him.

“Like I said, I’m yours Aj” You say, your grin widening as he comes back down from his orgasm. You both slowly get dressed again, kissing and talking about the match he had tonight. “Well, it’s good that you won your match” you comment as he shimmies back into his tight ring pants, they hugged hiss behind so well, you bit your lip. “Ready?” He asks looking up at you. “Yes Sir” you giggle, smacking his ass as you walk past him out of the locker room towards the rental car.