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GM of Smackdown (Part 2) - Dean Ambrose Imagine

Imagine having to deal with Dean and his rivalry with AJ Styles just before Backlash. Again, you try to keep your professional and personal relationship with Dean separate, but Dean still doesn’t listen. Eventually, you don’t either.

So… originally, I was gonna have the rivalry be between Dolph when he and Dolph were going to fight at Summerslam, but since that came and gone, I decided to change it to his current feud with AJ Styles. Dolph is still mentioned here however. You’ll see. :)

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  • GEEK TO ME: You were paired up with (WWE Diva) A.J. Lee who has a big following in the geek community. She calls herself the “geek goddess.” Did you pick up any geeky gaming tips or comic book recommendations from her while you were on the road?
  • DOLPH ZIGGLER: [laughs] I did - uh - you know what at first it was a running joke, and it kind of still is, that she has her comic books and video games. And by the way, half of the entire world is into comic books and video games. So it’s not like this population of one kid in every class who’s hiding in a corner with his glasses reading a comic book, and we all make fun of him. They’re in right now. It’s cool to do that. I know grown-ups with children that play video games. It’s what everyone does. And she plays some video games. It went from a joke to constantly, you know, making conversation and finding out she's reading this book, and this thing, and it’s really cool. She loves -uh - the Joker’s girlfriend, I can’t remember her name-
  • GEEK TO ME: Harley Quinn?
  • DOLPH ZIGGLER: Yeah! And then she started explaining to me the relationship that they had, how she was kind of applying that at work, and I’m like “you know what? That’s pretty interesting.” And she loves playing Tomb Raider. She was telling me about that and all these different things. And trying to beat video games. And I was like you know what, once you get past the joking around part, they’re pretty cool. The graphics are amazing. I’ve seen the WWE 2K14 video game and it looks more real than anything. They have the cuts that I make in my t-shirt backstage before I go out. They have that in the video game. It’s mind-blowing to me. So stuff like that is pretty cool.

Credit goes to jackhelps-rph for the edit.

"I'm going to have that man's babies" - A Zigglee Playlist

01. Burning Desire - Lana Del Ray // 02. Serial Killer - Lana Del Ray // 03. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved - The Script // 04. One More Night - Maroon 5 // 05. Good To You - Marianas Trench // 06. All About Us - He Is We // 07. Happily Ever After - He Is We // 08. All To Myself - Marianas Trench // 09. F**k Machine - Mindless Self Indulgence // 10. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5 // 11. Iris - Sleeping With Sirens // 12. Find Me - Boyce Avenue