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just imagine River in kindergarten just calling all her friends (and even teachers) dude and bro

or if she made a card for her dad during arts & craft class and she wrote ‘I love you bro’ and the teacher explains, ‘bro is used for talking with friends, not someone you really love’ and river replying ‘but daddy said that all the time to his boyfriend’

A Heartfelt Thanks

           Dear DreamWorks, Studio Mir, Josh Keaton, Jeremy Shada, Steven Yeun, Bex Taylor-Klaus, Tyler Labine, Kimberly Brooks, Rhys Darby, Neil Kaplan, Cree Summer, Keith Ferguson, Jake Eberle, Mick Wingert, and Arnold Vosloo,

           You have all created an incredible show for everyone in the fandom to enjoy. We really appreciate it, and even through all the fandom discourse- you still manage to provide us incredible Voltron content. 

           You continue to give us updates on the characters, and even though we may not voice it very often, we do acknowledge and value your sacrifices. 

           Thank you to all of the voice actors who perform incredibly, and continue to interact with the fandom, even though we do not always give you the best reactions. Most of us do recognize your sacrifices, and we thank you immensely for everything you do for the show and for its viewers. 

           Thank you, animators, for animating all of our favorite characters in an outstanding fashion- the colors, the fight scenes, even the emotional scenes- You drew them all incredibly. I know as well as the next person that some of you may have ended up losing your jobs over the recent leaks, but do not forget that your efforts to the show are not unnoticed. We appreciate every last one of you.

           To the writers- you have written some of the most wholesome scenes and episodes I have ever received the pleasure of witnessing. As a writer, your content hits very deep, and I can not voice my appreciation loudly enough.

           I thank you, on the fandom’s behalf.

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If you're still taking ideas can you do one where lance talks/walks in his sleep and Keith and Shiro find it adorable? Shklance please:)

So i ended up making a whole backstory and everything but

they’re gushing over sleep talking Lance somewhere in the middle and in the end so I mean

Words: 1583

Even before the three had started dating, they always found themselves sleeping in the same bed.

It all happened because Lance, really.

He would notice how one (or both) of them would look exhausted in the mornings during breakfast, obvious bags under their eyes. Taking it into his hands, he stayed up one night and waited until he was sure Hunk and Pidge were asleep before he left his room and went on a search.

He first checked Keith’s room, only to find the Red Paladin’s bed empty. With a sigh, he went to Shiro’s room next with the same result. He was quick to head to the training room to find Keith and lucky for him, he ran into Shiro along the way. The older male was confused and parting his lips to scold the Blue Paladin when Lance just grab his hand and begun to tug him along, a murmur of ‘okay now Keith’ leaving him. Shiro had been confused, but he was too tired to complain so he just let him pull him along, not really thinking when he intertwined their fingers and looking away when a shocked Lance looked back at him. The younger male simply smiled slightly before turning ahead once, a slight skip in his step now.

Keith was definitely in the training room and seeing as he was only on training level four, he hasn’t been there long. He stopped when he heard the doors open and turned back, pausing when he saw Lance and Shiro standing there, hand in hand.

“What are you two doing?” Cocking a brow, he watched as they approached him.

“Training sequence over.” Lance called out, reaching a hand out and taking hold of Keith’s, ignoring his complaint.

That’s how the whole sleeping together thing had started. Lance had simply dragged the two to his room and pointed to his bed, even going as far as locking the door with a combination only he knew so they couldn’t leave in the middle of the night. (It was actually just their names all combined into one)

They never admitted it at first, but it was the best sleep either of them had gotten in a long time.

As time passed, they began to find themselves automatically going to his room when they found themselves unable to sleep and Lance would except them with open arms (literally). It had been weeks before either of them knew Lance even slept talked.

One night, Shiro had only just came into the room, smiling softly at the sight of Lance curled around Keith’s smaller form, arms wrapped securely around his slim waist. As he began to slip into the clothes he normally slept it (he and Keith both now had clothes in Lance’s room), he heard murmuring coming from the bed. Looking back, he quirked a brow and slowly approached as he slipped his nightshirt on. The murmuring stopped and he thought that maybe he had been hearing things before climbing into bed behind Lance, snaking one arm around Lance and the other around both of them. He was close to falling asleep when the murmuring started up again. He opened his eyes and lifted his head, pausing when his eyes landed on the sleeping Lance’s moving lips. He held back a laugh, eyes sparkling with amusement at the sight of the Blue Paladin sleep talking.

The next time the sleep talking had happened, Keith had been awake, too. The two shared a look before soft laughter filled the air of the room. Lance had stirred awake and looked at them with tired confusion, a complaint on his tongue. It was gone and replaced with a content hum when the two climbed into the bed with him, letting himself be sandwiched between them. They waited until he fell back asleep (which didn’t take long since he was exhausted from today’s training) before almost silently talking about the whole sleep talking thing, both pretty much gushing over it because it was just such an adorable trait.

The confession ended up being a month later.

None of them had been asleep yet in reality. The two had just entered the room to find Lance still getting ready for bed. He looked back at them and just smiled, nodding to the two piles of clothes resting on his bed that he had gotten out for his teammates before resuming with getting dressed. The others changed as well and climbed into bed with Lance, whom had simply laid down to wait for them. As they all go comfortable, Lance’s limp form in their arms, three simple words met their ears.

“Love you guys..”

They shared a look, gentle smiles finding their ways onto their faces.

“He’s already sleep talking..” Keith had been the one to speak, voice quiet yet loud enough for Shiro to hear. Lance shifted in their arms and they looked at him, freezing when they saw him staring at them with a cracked open eyes and amused smile.

“Who said I was sleeping?”

Both Shiro and Keith were flustered messes and it ended with a laughing Lance.

The night ended up being spent with the three of them staying up a little later than usually as they talked about what Lance said and in which way he meant it. Before they knew it, they ended up with a flustered yet happy Keith because this means he can be honest about his feelings and a very sexually confused Shiro learning he has a feelings for them both.

At this moment, however, the group was actually getting to have a break. The trio was simply sitting in Shiro’s room, an earth book he had found at a space mall in his hands. Keith was sitting beside him, head resting his on his shoulder as he read the book as well and Lance was tucked between the older paladin’s legs. He had one arm wrapped firmly around Shiro’s waist and he was holding Keith’s hand with his free one, face pressed into the Black Paladin’s stomach as he slept. They were snapped out of their reading, however, by a quiet voice.

“’s my candy…Pidgey noo..” The Blue Paladin whined and nuzzled closer to his taller boyfriend, a pout finding its way onto his sleeping face. Keith and Shiro shared a look before laughing softly, thankfully quiet enough for Lance to not wake up because the quiet ‘shit my candy’ that came next almost had them cackling.

“I love him so much.” Keith whispered, his free hand moving to gently play with Lance’s hair. The sleeping male let out a happy whine at the contact, though he didn’t wake up.

“Don’t we both?” Shiro chuckled softly, resting his head against Keith’s with a small, fond smile.

“Remember the time he called you ‘daddy’ in his sleep?” There was a teasing tone to Keith’s voice and it pulled a flustered sound from Shiro, who immediately lifted his head.

“You promised not to talk about that!” The older male whisper-yelled, face flushed a dark shade of red. Keith had to cover his mouth with his hand to muffle his laugh, grinning behind it.

“Not sorry.” He snickered quietly and moved to press his lips against the other’s cheek gently. Shiro just huffed and turned his attention back to his book, ignoring his boyfriend’s snickering.

“Stole my candy…make ‘er give it back..” Lance’s voice caught their attention once more and both chuckled, looking at their boyfriend once more. There was still a pout on his face and he was nuzzling closer to his taller boyfriend’s stomach, hold on both of them tightening.

“Are we ever going to tell him that he sleep talks?” The Red Paladin questioned, voice soft as he rested his chin on Shiro’s shoulder, face facing said man. He had just snorted before looking at the his smallest boyfriend with a quirked brow.

“Of course not, he’ll try to figure out a way to cure it, probably go to Coran or something, and it’s too cute to lose.” The statement pulled a loud laugh from Keith, which caused a chain reaction because now there was a whining Lance in Shiro’s lap, looking up at his boyfriends.

“Why are you laughing..?” His voice was thick with sleep and pulled a soft chuckle from Shiro as he lowered his book. The older male raised a hand to run it through Lance’s hair, the nineteen year old pressing into the touch with a content little noise that could honestly be mistaken for a purr.

“Nothing, babe. Go back to sleep.” Shiro smiled at him and got a sleepy smile in return, though Lance didn’t press his face into his largest boyfriend’s stomach right away. Instead, he was pushing himself up slightly with a huff.

“I deserve kisses since you woke me up.” He had murmured, which pulled a laugh from the others. Keith shared a grin with Shiro before turning his attention back to their half-asleep boyfriend.

“Fine, but only because you’re cute.”

“I’m sexy, not cute.”

In all honesty, Keith and Shiro were both glad they had sleeping problems before because it ended with them both gaining two boyfriends they loved as well as an adorable Lance tucked between them at night whom would sometimes murmur in his sleep.

Whether it be complaints, jokes, or confessions of love for his boyfriends, it was always something that managed to cheer the Red and Black Paladin up. They really did love their sleep talking boyfriend.

  • Winter: I currently have seven empty notebooks and I have no clue what to put in them. Suggestions?
  • Qibli: Put spaghetti in it.
  • Winter: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for you.
  • Kinkajou: Put spaghetti in it.
  • Winter: I am currently taking suggestions from everyone except for the two of you.
  • Peril: Put spaghetti in it.
  • Winter: I am no longer taking suggestions.