aj talk

“you don’t have your facts right”

buddy, pal, i don’t know what kind of alternative kool aid you’re drinking right now but it’s been pretty fuckin clear as day that felix finds holocaust jokes heavily amusing and has for a while and in today’s climate that is a fuckawful message to be spreading and as a person who makes money as a professional on a public platform he is liable for the things he says and the messages he spreads to his millions of viewers. as the owners of the platforms he uses, disney and youtube red decided his content was no longer something they wanted to endorse because of his heavy disrespect of those issues and for the messages he was spreading, intentional or no.

and mark’s speaking of respect, while true in that we shouldn’t send death threats to anyone, completely ignores that this whole situation happened due to felix’s disrespect of others and how he is facing on a professional level repercussions for his behavior. felix is still free as a human being to do what he wants, but others are equally free to tell him when he’s fucked up and hurt people and to no longer enable his hurtful speech to go to a huge audience.

yes people are allowed to be different, yes people can have different looks on life, but the choice to harm others and disrespect them still has consequences. public speakers on any platform who have large followings AND EXPECT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THEM are responsible for how they behave in regards to their audience and what messages they spread, and should they give a bad message they are liable to pay for those damages as professionals WHO EXPECT TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THESE PEOPLE.