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#4: “There’s a spider in my bed.” 

You were laying in bed in your hotel room. You could feel your eyelids getting heavy but you were trying to catch up on one of your shows. Being on the road was fun but you found yourself with very little free time where you could just watch TV. You blinked a few times and sat up straighter as you tried to keep your focus on the TV but no matter how hard you tried your eyes just kept closing.

You heard a loud bang on the door making you jump. You peeled the blankets off of you and rolled out of bed. You groaned at the cold air that wrapped around your body as you padded over to the door and swung it open.

“AJ, what are you doing here?” You asked, blinking at the bright light from the hallway. AJ Styles was standing outside your door in pajama bottoms and a pillow tucked under his arm. 

“There’s a spider in my bed,” he mumbled tiredly and you noticed his hair was sticking up in random places.

“So why didn’t you just kill it?” You asked with a laugh.

“Have you seen the spiders here? I swear Y/N, it was the size of my fist.” AJ held out a fist to you to emphasize his point, “I was hoping I could crash here because I’m not going back to fight with that monster. If it wants my bed, fine, it’s all his.” 

You laughed as you moved aside, letting AJ in before you closed the door and made your way over to your bed. You climbed in and AJ climbed in after you, both of you turning your attention back to the TV.

“Oh, I’ve seen this one! He’s actually got a twin brother who is the murderer.” AJ said triumphantly as he looked over at you. Your jaw dropped as you stared back at him.

“Well, there is no point trying to stay awake for it now!” You said, flicking off the TV and getting comfortable in bed. “Thanks for the spoiler you big man baby.” 

AJ laughed as he scooted down the bed and laid his head beside you, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you close into his chest, “There was no spider in my bed, I just wanted to cuddle you.” 

You blushed slightly and cuddled up closer to him. “Sure, whatever you say tough guy,” you teased as you both let out tired laughs before drifting off to sleep. 

Daddy’s Little Schoolgirl

Characters: AJ Styles x OFC

Warnings: NSFW visuals, sexual content, rough, spanking, daddy kink, age difference

Summary: AJ has a kink for his girlfriend dressing up like a schoolgirl. And one day he buys her the outfit and orders her to dress up. Smut ensues. That’s it. 


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Tank 13.666, the first production model LT vz.35

LT vz.35 (right side view)

LT vz.35 from the composition of the 3rd tank regiment, the doctrine of the fall of 1938. The maneuvers took place in conditions of a sharp aggravation of relations with Germany. Later this tank was part of the Slovak army.

R-2c version of the tank on the Romanian order, made from hardened armor

LT vz.35 13.903 at the landfill NIIBT in September 1938.

Light tank T-11 from a structure of the Bulgarian army. The machine applies to the batch of 10 tanks, originally built on the Afghan order.

Š-II-aJ in the original configuration.

This Š-II-aJ, he’s the Škoda T-12, was made in metal.

Škoda T-13M, the most secure option Š-II-a. He came too late to interested potential customers.

The project of a light tank Škoda T-14, the last car of the family Š-II-a. To manufacture it of metal is not reached.

Never Have I Ever...

AJ Styles x reader smut. 

Summary: AJ finds out that the reader has never had an orgasm, due to a drunken game of never have I ever. And then he has his mind set on changing that as quickly as possible. 

Warnings: smut, profanity?

Authors note: This may be absolute garbage but I really wanted to write this because it’s AJ motherfucking Styles. And I know for sure @llowkeys would very much like anything AJ related so yeah, sorry if it’s terrible honey…

I also wanted to make this so that the reader was quite a bit younger than AJ, I don’t know why but I imagine getting it on with someone older is so much hotter than banging someone your own age or a couple of years older than you. 

Sorry if this is quite a long fic, I ramble when I’m nervous. I am officially exhausted and I needed this fic to be finished, so don’t be shocked if theres some mistakes or if it’s written badly. Plus the fic is long overdue.




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