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y’all no offense but people who complain about the diamond shop and people who say they should get rid of membership and go back to the beta days are so,,, annoying and tiresome like sorry but its true :/

Rings and watches, I suppose, but it would be hard luck to take them from people who live in houses like these. I don’t know, though. Here’s one with an extra story. Stop, Bunny; if you don’t stop I’ll hold on to the railings!
—  yet another instance of Raffles being absurdly overdramatic

Yo, here’s a follow-up to this short story I wrote last Sunday, (and the picture I drew earlier this week as well.) Hopefully it reads well, since I’ve not been able to sit and write for long periods this week. Sorry for those who liked the original post, I wanted to upload it with an illustration to match the first part.

It should not have been a surprise to anyone that, a few days after playing nursemaid to a sick Tommy, Deborah herself began to feel ill. It started small, just a few sniffles she blamed on allergies and continued on her way to work. Then came the sneezing and coughing, until finally one morning she woke up aching and shivering despite the July heat. Her throat felt like it had been scraped raw with sandpaper, her head pounded when she moved, and it was all she could do to just turn her head to one side and fumble for her alarm.

“You look like death,” was all AJ said when she poked her head into the living room, to see if Deborah was getting up. From her spot on the folded-out futon, Deborah groaned. From the door, AJ took note of her pale face and bleary eyes and frowned. “You’re not going into work like that.”

The moan that escaped Deborah’s lips might have been an attempt at AJ’s name or just a reflection of life in general at the moment, but it certainly didn’t sound like any actual words. She reached up towards her roommate, but she could neither reach nor properly see AJ, and her hand fell limply back onto the futon. AJ sighed. “I’ll be here until I have to go to work, and I’ll call the library to let them know you’re not coming in. Okay?” Deborah nodded, settling back in under the blankets.

With another large sigh, AJ flopped onto one of the soft armchairs in the room. “I told you that Jarvis guy was trouble.”

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