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So I just got into photoshop and I’ve been practicing making some icons!!! Here are some of my not so ugly ones I’ve made so far! 

You can find the rest of my icons here! I constantly update it!

I’d love to keep practicing so if you’d like an icon/edit of anything….. 

So send me an ask with a theme in mind, a certain picture/character/color scheme, anything really and I can do my best to make a crappy icon/edit for you! 

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@spidweeb - The first mutual I started a convo with! Taya’s smuts are amazing and she is basically Beyonce (she can sing, dance, and slay?!)

@osterfield - As far as Tumblr friendships go, I’ve shared more with Ben than ever before on this site! He really helped me through some ugly times! Ben’s posts are so memeful it’s ironic how much he mocks Tom for his memelike self.

Bonus: Here is a pic I made inspired by Ben’s kink

@the-walking-spiderman - THIS BINCH KATY IS MY REBLOG TWIN. I literally question if her blog is actually just mine sometimes. We share so much in common in political views and Tom Holland kinks. She always listens to my dramatic ass when I want to complain or moan.  

@intheheartoftomholland - Larah, the angel turned kink demon. So kind! So thoughtful! SO DEVIANT. I thought she was this pure soul until I started seeing her tags. Larah is so nice it’s scary but she honestly is an amazing bean.

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“…It’s hard to make friends when you’re different”

“He saved me. I mean I thought about just giving up because I couldn’t make friends here. I couldn’t be accepted.”

I don’t really ever bring up my love of sports on Tumblr, except for the occasional Man United post. But I do enjoy sports. Especially American football.

Alabama football has always been in my life. Dad grew up loving the team and passed that love onto me.

A.J. McCarron, as of tonight, played his last game as quarterback for the University of Alabama. He has had an amazing career. He has won three BCS National Championships, two as the starter. He has only ever lost four games, including tonight’s loss to Oklahoma. He has broken many school records, won many awards.

That’s all neat and great, but what A.J. does off the fields is far more impressive to me than anything he has done on it. There are many stories of his works, deeds, and general goodness when he’s not wearing a uniform- the video above is an example of that.

It highlights his friendship with another man named A.J. This A.J. only ever wanted to be was apart of a team and have friends, even though he has Cerebral Palsy. McCarron saw that his friend got both.

Sure, I love watching football. But really, I’ve always believed that integrity is far more impressive than touchdowns. A.J. is that in a sport lacking role models.

Be sure to check out this other video as well on A.J.

Roll Tide.

*Update: The whole video will not come up. In order to see the whole picture, here is the link to ESPN. Great story, I promise. Worth it.