aj pets


When I got done in the bathroom, I stepped into a very big puddle of junior poop. And I do literally mean puddle. Poor boy has been having the runs all week and finally decided to take him to the vet before the weekend was here.

Nothing scary wrong, just a mild tummyache that is very very messy. I would know, I had to chase him around for an hour to get a useable stool sample into a Tupperware container…. Not fun.

Everyone at the vet just looooooved junior tho and he adored all the attention. He should be feeling better soon now that he as some antibotics for his guts. Now if only my own guts would calm down too. lol


Now that I’ve been sitting here watching the two little scamps I just had to draw them and their goofy ears!

We did officially decide to name them Mercury and Jupiter.

Mercury is interesting, she’s smaller but holds herself up over Jupiter. It’s so silly how she keeps her ears straight up while her sister lets them just fall to the sides of her head looking chill and relaxed all the time.

I’m really excited to have them be a part of our family. <3


Velvet is home, safe and sound!

The surgery was a success and the tumor mass was huge. It’s a really good thing we got it out. The whole ride home she pouted and pouted some more. Just stuck her head in the blankets and pretty much said “GO AWAY I’M SLEEPING” poor girl..

She’s at home, already wriggled out of her gauze and got bloody. We got pain meds for a week to help tide her over. About to try and put a sock on the poor girl so she stops trying to rip herself open.

I’m just so happy to see her home and already eating!


We officially have two new little girls!

They are in a small cage atm to get use to their new sights/smells/sounds before being introduced to velvet. Give them a few hours to really check out their new digs.

I really love the squinty one with the low ears, she even groomed me on the way home! What a sweetie!

Gotta start thinking about what names we want to give them. I’m still really incluned to give them planet-related names since they’re naked rats and everyone is going to think of them as tiny aliens.


So I just had a magical moment.

I was sitting here grumpy as fuck thinking, “Wow why the hell don’t I have any potato chips?”

Angrily I reached around my monitors and pawed around my desk. Suddenly CRUNCH?! I pull out hte plastic bag and sure enough I had a mini bag of chips hidden behind my computer. In completely awe I cracked it open with some chocolate bars and just YUM NOT STALE!

Then candy I just hear her wiggling under my desk and poking her nose out. Little jerk is now just sitting there looking as pathetic as possible because I won’t give her chocolate and potato chips, just no go away tiny parasite.

then you have this other parasite ollie on the other side, I’m just being crowded here.


there is an on going joke about Candy being a ref at the dog park and not letting the other dogs wrestle and play, she spends her whole time chasing them around barking at them like a loon.

So… we saw this at target and really could not resist buying this costume for her. Candy the Rufferee is ready for Halloween!