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That trans feel when u can’t tell if you’re passing or not and u have to go to the bathroom and ur not sure which one to go into because either one has the risk of getting yelled at so ur just standing inbetween the two doors and the bathrooms are on fire and you’re on fire and everything is on fire and you’re in hell


Aaron Hotchner & Emily Prentiss: A History

From him not wanting her there, to her quiting her job to save his and him convincing her to go back with him, passing by the time he sent her away to save her life, to all the times he asked her to return, to the very last time, when he requests that it be her the one to take his place as the BAU Unit Chief. (and so many more things in the middle)


🎵 i’m bad behavior but i do it in the best way🎵

workin on some good omens animations! here’s a bit of crowley~

Dear Evan Hansen sketches because these boys and their dumb trees are ruining my lyfe