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Dating/Married to Finn Balor would Include

•Sami and Kevin having to convince him to finally ask you out
•When he does he talks so fast that you couldn’t understand him the first time
•Him always being a gentleman; opening doors, giving you his jacket
•Having Cute movie Dates at his house, making out in a blanket.
•Falling asleep curled up in his lap as he makes his lego Sets

•Him proposing using legos Spelt out ‘Will you marry me?’
•Having the wedding in Ireland and spending your honeymoon at his Cottage
•Romantic Love making sessions
•But he can also let out his inner Demon and be dominant and rough
•'I love you’s’ all the time, no matter what you’re doing
•Him liking to show you off and brag to the other Guys about you


AJ Lee was seen sporting a pair of Tripp NYC White Plaid Capri Shorts while appearing on the August 25th, 2014 episode of Monday Night RAW. Her shorts are currently being sold on Ebay for just $8.99!

all-about-bellas  asked:

I'll do the same, so you can see how hard this is, lol. FMK: AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, AJ Lee.

Ok, you were right, THIS IS INCREDIBLY HARD… But, there is a difference, my dear Júlia, because you wrote FMK, so I can took the “K” as kiss, and that’s what I’ll do:
Fuck: AJ Lee
Marry: AJ Styles (can you imagine wake up everyday next to him 😍😍😍)
Kiss: Kurt Angle.💕

Sooooo....this happened at PayBack:

1. This one white man first booed Roman, later on during Roman’s match said “You’re the reason I hate Samoans” but then he followed it up with “Bring back Rikishi”, then in the end CHEERED for Roman.

2. I literally thought I was the ONLY one cheering for Roman from how loud they were booing him.

3. I can kinda understand why people are calling Roman “John Cena 2.0” because he literally kicked out of every finisher AJ performed on him, even the back-to-back finishers. While AJ gets speared and he couldn’t kick out.

4. Going to see a live show was the only time my heart was racing from anticipation and excitement.

5. Enzo’s injury scared the FUCK outta me!

6. I was quiet as a church mouse when they were chanting “CM Punk” at Vince.

7. All the chants I heard before, during, and after the show were: “AJ Lee” “CM Punk” “Colt Cabana” “Woo” “Nattie” “Goldberg” “Fight Owens Fight” “Ole Ole” “Oh Enzo Amore” “How You Doin’” “You can’t wrestle” “Roman sucks” “You still suck” “AJ Styles” “Yes!”

8. The boos weren’t as severe as the show went on, but after Roman’s match they weren’t so many boos, but they still booed.

9. Someone said Rosey is better than Roman.

10. People were hoping for Finn Balor to come out during AJ’s match

11. I was hoping Seth Rollins was coming, but he didn’t.

12. I didn’t realize until after the match that AJ hit back to back finishers and Roman still kicked out, but one spear was enough to end AJ.

13. Anderson and Gallows needs to sit their bald asses down somewhere.

14. I was almost afraid to cheer for Roman because he how much he was getting booed. Almost.

15. When I tell you I thought I was the only one cheering for Roman in that arena….that’s how loud they were booing him. Despite sitting around at least 4 Roman fans.

16. A little girl had a “Chyna” sign. My heart 😭

17. One or two people said “We Want Sandow” “Push Damien Sandow” or “Free Sandow”

18. The pyro and explosions for Jericho, Ryback and Styles were loud as fuck.

19. For those saying Roman’s fans are just women and children, you’re wrong.