aj lee manip

R U L E  6 3  S H I E L D
   “We came to battle, baby. We came to win the war. We won’t surrender…
                   Daughters of darkness, sisters insane. A little evil goes a long, long way…”

AU: Brie Bella, Nikki Bella and AJ Lee join together to try and rejoin The Shield, following the months of hearing each man complain.

Nikki: All you three do is complain!

Seth: Because these two nuckleheads can’t seem to get it into their heads-

Dean: Stop being so butthurt, you know who the real leader of the Shield was, and it wasn’t you.

Seth: What do you know?! You’re freaking insane! And then there’s this ‘powerhouse’ who is actually worse than-

Roman: Stop being such a bitch, Rollins. Otherwise I will hit you over the head with that stupid briefcase.


AU: AJ seeks out Dean backstage to ask for a bit of assistance.

AJ: Ambrose! Hey, wait. I need you to help me, and I already know you’re going to say yes so let’s go.

Dean: Hold on there, shorty. As fun as it would be to go run around with someone who seems to be not quite right like me, what’s all this about?

AJ: It involves humiliating the Authority, and is step one of getting them out of power.

Dean: Well why didn’t you say that sooner? Lead the way, Skippy.