The whole “days left until WWE never mentions AJ again” just pissed me off.

CLEARLY they wanna erase her from history. Clearly.

You don’t just give someone a title then decide they’re gonna be the longest reigning divas champion ESPECIALLY after the current longest reigning champion left.

That’s like saying CM Punk getting fired on his wedding day was a coincidence….but CM Punk specifically asked for time off so he could get married.

But everyone says he walked out on them. 😒

But what do I know? Apparently Nikki has the title because she’s the “best of the best” not because WWE has bitter feelings toward both AJ and CM Punk and wanna pull a Hulk Hogan and Chris Benoit on them.


The WWE Divas Fandom part of Twitter is always a mess.

Like making fun of Nikki not being married to Cena, telling AJ that she’s a rat, she’s a disease that needs to die, calling her AIDS-J Lee, calling Brie and AJ anorexic, calling Nikki fat, etc.

Like, every time I go look at the comments under their tweets, someone is always telling AJ to kill herself under hers and people are shitting on The Bellas under theirs. Like, wtf.

Shit like that is why I never go on Twitter anymore.