Nikki Bella Disgusts me

Nikki Bella has made it clear that she dislikes Aj Lee. But thats not the reason why I dislike her, its the fact that Aj is trying to help the divas division and actually brought more attention and had the guts to stand up for what she believes is right and Nikki made it seem like it was all wrong. Im sorry but whats so wrong about wanting more time for other divas in the ring and wanting equal pay.And her saying that shes grateful for even having time well honey if you keep having that mentality you will never make a change and you will never prosper. And saying this is a mans world are you kidding me, if its a mans world is because you let it be that. While other women try to change that statement you just admit that is true. The fact of the matter is that is obvious that Nikki dislikes the fact that Aj was the one who actually had the balls to stand up to Stephanie McMahon and say what everyone thought and she hates that people are giving Aj more attention than her. Nikki is happy about how things are going because shes the spotlight, shes the one who gets to look like the face of the division. Its obvious that she is jealous of Ajs popularity and the fact that she has acomplished more without the help of a stupid reality tv show. I bet you that if someone else in the divas division had said what Aj had said Nikki woulnt have said anything bad about it. Maybe Nikki was afraid to say something becuase her precious tv show would be canceled and she woulnt have fame anymore which is all she cares about and is obvious she cares about her having the spotlight and only her. And its quite sad that she always retaliates to throwing shade at Aj when she doesnt give a damn about her. At the end of the day Aj has achieved more than her without the help of ANYONE or ANYSHOW. Face it Nikki people will always like Aj more and it burns you because the only reason why people paid attention to you more now its because of a reality tv show while Aj got it from her talent. No matter how many times you play the victim people see right through your fakeness. Aj has done more for the womens division than Nikki and thats what bothers her. Aj has the respect from wwe legends and see her as a future hall of famer because of what she has done. And Nikki will only be know as the women who did a reality tv show. Shes so fucking annoying

Nikki Bella's comments about being "grateful" for 2 mins of TV time are facepalm worthy, stupid and just flat out insulting...

And basically reinforces what Stone Cold once said about today’s current roster being too complacent with their spot, and are “just happy to be here”, and not striving to get better and make a better impact.

I don’t mind it if people are fans of the Bellas, but whenever Nikki opens her mouth, I always lose a few brain cells, and that is why I just can’t be fans of them and just don’t like them.

And she also just loves to take every opportunity to try and make AJ look like the bad guy, when AJ has consistently did whatever she could do to help get the ENTIRE Divas division over, not just herself. I just can’t help but feel that for some reason, Nikki has harbored some form of jealousy against AJ, and one way or another (sometimes with her sister) always tried to undermine and ruin the momentum of whatever AJ tried to do to help gain notice and attention for the division.

From her pipebombshell to AJ and Paige’s feud, Nikki just can’t help sticking her nose (and large chin) into that business and sabotage it, and does it with an arrogant sense of self-imposed immunity just because she’s currently got the Golden Goose’s Golden Dick.

"So The Bellas say that their mum’s account got ‘hacked’ and they got it shut down… Now why don’t I believe that for some reason? Momma Bella deleted her twitter because she knew AJ fans would drag her! She had NO RIGHT to say bad things about AJ, She wouldn’t like it if Momma Lee said bad things about her daughters right? (P.S not A fan of AJ)"


Maria Kanellis talks about AJ Lee and the Divas Division. #GiveDivasAChance

"AJ haters do realize that everything is scripted right? AJ attacking The Bellas, THAT is scripted. AJ is doing her job, Nikki attacking AJ? That too is scripted. The Bellas attacking Paige, guess what!! THAT’S SCRIPTED TOO!! No need to hate on them for DOING THEIR JOB!!"