aj griego

my daily vent about aj.

so dude what the fuck do you want from me? WHY is it so hard to open up to me? we used to be each other’s everything. how did we go from that to this tragedy we call a friendship. honestly i don’t know if sorry is good enough this time.. and being mad at me or bitching isn’t even cool either because i did NOTHING. i never cheated on you or disrespected you like you did me. swear to god if you ever saw my tumblr maybe just MAYBE you would clearly fucking see how much i care for you.


So Aj had to write this book thing about his years in high school. I don’t know much about it but he told me I’m in it. He says I’m the first serious romance. It’s a whole chapter. Funny thing is, this nigga don’t wanna told me what he wrote. I wanna know really bad and all but I might back off.. just because I write on Tumblr about him alllllll the time and he doesn’t even know :)