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Two favorite men

Word count: 724

Pairing: Dean X OC

Warnings: Pure fluff

A/N: This is for a beautiful and wonderful lady, @charliebradbury1104. Happy birthday Elizabeth! I love you so much and your lovely boy too. I hope you like this, sweetheart! Thank you for being an amazing friend and I hope your day is really special!

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“I don’t think he remembers, Sam,” you said, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Of course he does Lizzy,” Sam winked at you and you smiled in spite of yourself. You loved it when Sam called you that because it was his way of showing affection, to let you know that you were a part of his family.

“He went to bed early last night and didn’t even wish me when we woke up at 4,” you sighed.

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Complications ~ AJ Styles Imagine

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AJ Styles x You 


“ Are you going to tell me why your mad at me?” AJ asked you as he sat next to you at catering trying to lace his fingers with yours. But you pulled away from him before he could. At this, his eyebrows frowned as he pouted a bit. It was cute but it wasn’t going to work on you. 

Remaining silent, you were more than mad at him. He forgotten your and his anniversary of two years . Folding your hands together as you stare at the different women and superstars eating or chatting among one another. Sighing, he gotten up. You saw him walk away, he was in ring gear going to confront Roman for the title match he was going to have with him later on tonight. 

You were beefing with Charlotte for the title along with Nataliya who you thought deserved it more than you did. But she assured you that throwing you into the mix would spice things up a bit. 

Someone sat next to you, “ What’s wrong?” You heard your best friends, Dean’s voice. Turning your head to him, frowning looking down at your hands shrugging like it was nothing. You were pretty bummed out with the whole AJ missing your special day. The day you and him started to date. 

Bumping shoulders with you, “ Lighten up Y/N, you need to be riled up for tonight” “ AJ forgot our anniversary “ You said. “ Bummer” Dean muttered. Dean wasn’t a guy on the affectionate side but he and Renee were so adorable together. He hide that side very well, he showed it to you once in a while. Being best friends with him was complicated and an adventure. 

The thing though AJ never liked you being friends with Dean. He was jealous of your friendship. Assuring AJ many times that you and Dean were best friends, you’d never cheat on him. You loved AJ with all your heart. But lately he has been all about Roman and that title.

What about you?

Hearing his theme, you gotten off walking away. Right now, you just wanted to crawl into bed and never come out of it. Rubbing your arm with one hand, you passed your other two friends, Aiden and Simon on the way. Waving at them, they smiled at you. 

“ What’s the matter?” You went and sat between the two. “ Men…” They both looked at you with an eyebrow raised. “ Stupid men.. “ You muttered. “ Hey!” They both said. “ Not you two though” “ Much better” Simon said. 

Sitting with them in silence was better than okay. They weren’t that close to you like you were with Dean.

Wrapped up in bed, one hand under the pillow as you turned to your side. Next to you laid, AJ who was looking at your back in the dark. He didn’t know what he did wrong. Until his phone ding telling him he had an alert. Scrunching up his eyebrows, he grabbed his phone that was on the bed side table.

Peeking through the dark at the light screen, his eyes got wide as he saw the alert.

“ Remember anniversary” It said. Shit, he thought to himself. He turned to look at you, no wonder you were pissed at him. Groaning, he turned to you kissing your shoulder.

“ I am so sorry that I missed our anniversary babe. I wanna make it up to you” 

“ Too late.. “ You mumbled. “ Babe…” He said nuzzling his face into your neck placing a soft kiss their. Closing your eyes, you were not going to give into him. No. Turing to face him, he was hovering over you looking down at you.

“ Leave me alone, I am trying to sleep..” Turning back you glanced at the clock on the night stand as it read one a.m in the morning. 

Smelling something in the morning, your eyes fluttered sitting up rubbing your eyes. You glanced next to you to see a tray of  food, this was AJ’s doing. He was trying to fix on forgetting your anniversary. 

“ It’s for you.. “You heard from your side. Glancing over seeing AJ sitting there with gift in his hands. More like a box. Your heart sped up seeing it. He was proposing you to you? Now? What was this? 

“ What are you doing?” You glanced at his face, seeing him biting his lip as he glanced at the box in his hands. He noticed your gaze on it as well, “ I had this for awhile with me. I never knew the right time for the moment. I came to realize that I have neglected you over the past few days. Our schedules are busy and I forgot one special day between us. The day we started to date, I am so sorry Y/N. I love you with all my heart.This right here? This isn’t what you think. It’s a promise ring” 

He placed it in your hands, you looked down at it, opening it. It was beautiful. Taking it from the box, you looked it over seeing on the inside of your ring it said your’s and his initials with a heart next to it. Glancing up at him, he had a small smile on his face.

“ This is beautiful” He shook his head taking the ring from you as he placed it on your finger. “ Your more beautiful than anything in the world. I promise you that no matter what I will always love you. I may forget things, I may be an idiot and I may be a jerk. But all I want in my life is for you to find yourself in my arms. That is your home. My home is you wherever you are. I am with you till the end. I promise you that one day you will share my last name” 

By the end, you were tearing up and smiling at him. Throwing your arms around his neck hugging him. He was the best thing that ever happened to you. 

“ I love you so much my phenomenal one” He chuckled into your neck placing a kiss there. “ I love you too baby girl” Pulling away he placed his lips on your giving you a peck before turning to the food.

“ I don’t know what about you but I am starving” 

“ Your always starving babe “ You giggled. “ A man’s got to eat but I might go for something else” He eyes you smirking wide.

“ AJ!” He laughed throwing his head back. What a boyfriend you have. 

Title: I Miss Her Too
Author: Eat It, Twilight
Imagine: Imagine Dean spending hours in your room, looking through your things, even though it has been months since your death.
Word Count: 1700
Summary: Dean’s locked himself away in the reader’s room, looking through her pictures and reading her journal as a way to cope with the loss. Sam tries to remind him that he isn’t the only one in mourning but nothing seems to get through to him until someone else reminds him that they miss her too.
Warnings: Death, Mourning, Angst, Mild cursing, Dean Winchester’s misplaced anger. I think that’s it.

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I Miss Her Too

Title: I Miss Her Too
Word Count: 1700
Character: Dean Winchester
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Summary: After losing the reader, Dean locks himself in her room looking at her things and has done so for months. Sam tries to offer comfort but it isn’t until someone else lets him know they miss her as well that he seems to snap out of it.
Warnings: Character Death, Drinking, Mourning, Loss 
Author’s Note: Ummmm I think I’m just going to go with one post a day while I’m transferring. Maybe two?? I just don’t want to overwhelm everyone’s dashes while I’m transferring everything. I’ll do some timezone reblogs in case anyone’s interested in reading it that didn’t know about deanmonish. My Master List, as of this moment, is under construction until I get everything brought over here.

Also: if you want tagged when I’m posting these, just let me know. I don’t want to just assume and tag people and clog up their notifications. Thanks, Guys! :) <3

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I Miss Her Too

Original ImagineImagine Dean spending hours in your room, looking through your things even though it has been months since your death.

Author: Eat It, Twilight

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1700

Warnings: Loss, Angst, Cursing (Mild, a few words here and there), Dean Winchester’s misplaced anger (Not really a warning because well, he’s Dean but…just in case)

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