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Totally Happened For Sure
  • Dean: Alright, team, from now on we will be using codenames; you can address me as Eagle One
  • Dean: *points at Seth* Seth, codename "Been there done that"
  • Seth: *rolls eyes*
  • Dean: *points at Roman* Roman is "Currently doing that" *high fives Roman with a grin*
  • Dean: *points at Xavier* Xavier is "It happened once in a dream"
  • Xavier: *fist pump*
  • Dean: *points at Becky* Becky, codename "If I had to pick a chick"
  • Becky: *shoots a thumbs up*
  • Dean: *points at AJ* Styles is...
  • Everyone: ...
  • Dean: ...Eagle Two
  • AJ: *mumbling* Oh thank God...

Favorite things about the UUDD Rocket League tournament so far:

‌•  Sami and AJ arguing over hats
‌•  Neville yelling at Kofi
‌•  Becky’s puns
‌•  Cesaro
‌• ‘What is a Nasha?’
‌•  Charlotte silently judging everyone
‌•  Bayley doing her best trash talking
‌•  ‘I invented all baseball commentary.’
‌•  ‘I’m the Battery Man, I can fix it!’
‌•  All the high-fives
‌•  Neville and Bayley banter
‌• Huggin’ Uppercuts
‌•  Sasha’s swearing not being censored
‌•  Sasha swerving Bayley’s handshake
‌•  Sami and Becky’s clicking
‌•  Keep. It. Tight.


KO:“We’ll all be champs again.”

Charlotte Flair and Aj Styles:One day!One day!

KO:“Let’s fuck shit up tonight!!!” 😂😂😂


“Those two were two peas in a pod. They were Frick and Frack, which fans had nicknamed them,They were inseparable. Basketball. Video games. If you didn’t know where Brian was, just ask for where Nick is. That’s how it was for years. And I think because of what Nick’s gone through with his family and losing parents in the sense that they divorced and just all the stuff he’s been through with his family over the years. He looked up to Brian.”

-AJ McLean

i’m a 90’s bitch - a fanmix for the girls who like to revisit the songs of their past

i. wannabe - spice girls // ii. baby one more time - britney spears // iii. jenny from the block - j lo // iv. one, two step - ciara // v. sk8er boi - avril lavigne // vi. hollaback girl - gwen stefani // vii. unwritten - natasha bedingfield // viii. dancing queen - abba // ix. i want it that way - backstreet boys // x. absolutely (story of a girl) - nine days // xi. accidentally in love - counting crows // xii. walking on sunshine - aly and aj // xiii. upside down - a*teens // xiv. bye bye bye - n sync // xv. say my name - destiny’s child // xvi. girls just wanna have fun - cindy lauper // xvii. lady marmalade - christina aguilera, lil kim, mya, pink // xviii. hero - enrique inglesias // xix. stacy’s mom - fountains of wayne // xx. crazy for this girl - evan and jaron // xxi. all star - smashmouth // xxii. beautiful soul - jesse mccartney // xxiii. 1985 - bowling for soup // xxiv. all the small things - blink 182 // xxv. are you gonna be my girl - jet // xxvi. why not - hilary duff // xxvii. the middle - jimmy eat world // xxviii. since you’ve been gone - kelly clarkson // xxix. wonderwall - oasis // xxx. bitch - meredith brooks // xxxi. smells like teen spirit - nirvana // xxxii. so yesterday - hilary duff // xxxiii. kiss me - sixpence none the richer // xxxiv. umbrella - rihanna // xxxv. criminal - fiona apple // xxxvi. (there’s gotta be) more to life - stacie orrico // xxxvii. smile - vitamin c // xxxviii. there she goes - sixpence none the richer // xxxix. beverly hills - weezer // xl. here it goes again - ok go

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