Mammal Party!

Who wants to play some mammal party to fight the spooky gloops and help our good guardians gryffindor, emo wolf, creepy panda, old man monkey, hyperactive bunny, and plant man? if you haven’t heard of mammal party, you log in and instantly get into SCREAMING CENTRAL, ITS CALLED SCREAMING CENTRAL BECAUSE EVERYONE SCREAMS. we have cold place, desert, more desert, even more desert, The beach, That one roleplay area, And the forest ™ too along with SCREAMING CENTRAL.

I really like the history, The fallen Square dude Died one hay and Momo the ostrich was sad and created spooky gloops via her tears.

one of my favorite items in the shop is face hair, but we have other items, like the flower head, sad excuse for hair, and things that i thought where french fries.

we also have miniature versions of ourselves, which follow us around too.

We have a mailbox, nobody even calls it the mailcox, because it is actually called the Buddy me auto plz. you will understand why its called that a little later in the game.

You also have a list of pals. your pals help defend mammal party from the spooky gloops. keep close to your pals.

we also have mammal party facebook. Nobody uses it.

You have the pokemon book in there, too. You gotta catch em all, as they say.

next to that, we have discrimination, for all your discrimination needs.

we have Dat Monne to. It allows you to buy things.How do you get dat monne you ask? just play some Dat Monne gaemz, like spooky gloops treasure, cannibalism, DO IT OR I KILL YOU ( with momo the ostrich ) and more Dat Monne Gaemz.

You can also gain Fire mixtapes, you can listen to them at De HOUS

Come join  me,Garbadging the MP the sincarnate, MP tellings, Gem crystallist, and other Partytastic Mamals in Mamalparty!

( based off of beppers video, different names for things)

anonymous asked:

Hi sunny! I saw your AU dave strider pic and I want to make a fanfiction about it on Quotev. I just want permission from you. .w.

oh, wow um first of all i’m really flattered that you’d like to do that!
I’d love for you to write something about my drawing bruh just don’t forget to send me a link of your fic when you’re finished ;-D

+could you mention me in the authors notes or something?? Idk if its normal to give credit to the artist in this kind of case but if it is it’d be nice!

100+ FILMS  / a very long list of my favourite films (in no specific order) mr. nobody (2009), my own private idaho (1991), my week with marilyn (2011), never let me go(2010), nightcrawler (2014), almost famous (1999), the lord of the rings: the two towers (2002), forrest gump (1994), little miss sunshine (2006), the darjeeling limited (2007), the dark knight (2008), trainspotting (1996), what’s eating gilbert grape (1993), unbroken (2014), the reader (2008), girl interrupted (1999), good will hunting (1997), god help the girl (2014), her(2013), i rymden finns inga känslor (2010), the road within (2014), the double(2013), the king’s speech (2010), the prestige (2006), the basketball diaries(1995), the lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring (2001), schindler´s list(1993), short term 12 (2013), sleeping beauty (2011), the social network(2010), billy elliot (2000), birdman (2014), black swan (2010), breathe in(2013), brick (2005), gone girl (2014), the great gatsby (2013), ex machina(2015), pulp fiction (1994), ruby sparks (2012), jagten (2012), the perks of being a wallflower (2012), the place beyond the pines (2012), the royal tenenbaums (2001), the big lebowski (1998), factory girl (2006), the virgin suicides (1999), the revenant (2015), the pianist (2002), the lord of the rings: the return of the king (2003), some like it hot (1959), stand by me (1986), still crazy (1998), submarine (2010), taxi driver (1976), en kongelig affære (2012),the necessary death of charlie country man (2013), mad max fury road(2015), se7en (1995), requiem for a dream (2000), bottle rocket (1996),before I disappear (2014), before sunrise (1995), before sunset (2004), beginners (2010), catch me if you can (2002), collateral (2004), dallas buyers club (2013), dead poets society (1989), detachment (2011), donnie darko(2001), zodiac (2007), léon (1994), eternal sunshine of the spotless mind(2004), american psycho (2000), inception (2010), inglourious basterds(2009), interstellar (2014), into the wild (2007), the shining (1980), j’ai tué ta mére (2009), shutter island (2010), le fabuleux destin d’amélie (2001),antiviral (2012), atonement (2007), electrick children (2012), only lovers left alive (2013), stoker (2013), panic room (2002), the grand budapest hotel(2014), juno (2007), like crazy (2011), me and earl and the dying girl (2015),lost in translation (2003), memento (2000), fargo (1996), fight club (1999),prisoners (2013), frank (2014), fury (2014), room (2015), romeo + juliet (1996), about time (2013), the imitation game (2015), the green mile (1999), pride & prejudice (2005), rosemary’s baby (1968) Pride (2014)