Can you believe Neil Cicierega predicted Deku vs Kacchan 2 over a decade ago? Wild.


i love the friendship between the 3 of these teachers and i always imagined that these 2 boys were protective of their Sister ™ when they were younger too

At the Mirio fight

Aizawa: Aren’t you going to join in?

What Todoroki says: I haven’t obtained my provisional license yet. I must observe my classmates to learn from their examples and catch up

What Todoroki actually thinks: Blond hair, unusual eyes, buff physique, always smiling, a cool but hard-to-explain quirk, powerful punches, the tendency to shout things related to power… Could Togata-senpei be… All Might’s secret love child??? Is that why he’s no. 1 in UA right now?? Does that mean he’s Midoriya’s secret brother, and that’s how Midoriya predicted his moves???

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Class 1-A Animal Crossing style!

A project far too ambitious to start a week out from Inktober, but I managed to finish just in time :’)