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title Sweet Memories
summary Why have you turned cold?
pairing Itasaku

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Sakura remembered staring at the windows of all the luxury boutiques growing up. Marveling at all the sparkling things, at the way they had all sat on pillowed displays. And somehow, in her little girl’s head, the hands and feet that went into those things would become just as beautiful. Even the ones of a little girl with a big forehead and a funny-sounding name.

She didn’t know why she suddenly remembered all this as she stood in front of her club. Twilight Dreams was a stupid name and she didn’t know why they had neon palm trees in the sign. There was nothing remotely tropical about the inside of the club or the hostesses who worked there. As they descended the steps leading into the club, Sai held the door open for her.

“Welcome- oh!“ greeted one of the newer girls.

She almost slipped by telling her to get that fucking menu out of her face. But she had to remember. It was a different face she had to put on for this place. A different person.

She let her face relax. Shoulders back and high.

“Is everyone hard at work making me rich?” she asked. Laughter exploded in the club from the hostesses.

“Oh Mama! That’s all you think about!”

“How was your trip, Mama? It was with your boyfriend, right?” the girls grilled her as she walked through the club. As she bantered with them, she took the opportunity to look over the customers. Most of them seemed to be civilians. That made sense. She had her boys busy looking into so many things at once. She almost felt a little bad for working them so hard. 

“Set up my table tonight,” she said. 

“Expecting someone, Mama?” asked Moegi, peeking over the back of her booth. Sakura held up her pointer finger to her lips, almost smiling. And though the expression was friendly enough, something in Sakura’s eyes made Moegi turn back around to face her customers. Something secret and strange that she wasn’t supposed to have seen.

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~Innocent blossoms~((Reserved rp for pussseikomun))

Near by a old welder forest, Aiya shimiko was taking a walking stool before she sighed. Aiya was a bit tired from her daily training. She was used to training, “*Sighs* Tonight seems as another night….oh dear.” Aiya looked up seeing the moon again, its bright light and warmth against her skin. She was thinking a bit to herself before seeing a giant tree, its  branches moving and the shadows hiding everything near by. “Hmm?” She looked seeing something was tied against the tree.