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So this i my fic that i haven’t updated in forever! As it turns out I’ve only changed chapter 6 alot as i wasn’t happy with it and i would go back and read chapter 2 as i have changed something there that will change the plot entirely (for the few who have read it so far). I just haven’t had any motivation to write this as it’s not exactly a couple i ship.. Gomen!!!! But anyway I would love it if you guys would give me some pointers on where you would like to see this story go? The more the better! And then i shall write…. XD

Pixilated love

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And people say that Rin needs to learn personal space

Okay to be fair Ai isn’t slamming Syo up against a tree…its just creepy when he stares at him like this

(Also I got a better question:  How in the HELL did Ai Ai get from his bed to like 2 inches from Syo’s face?  I never could figure that out)