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Hello Kingsman Family.

It’s me Carol again.

I really need your help (no money don’t worry).

I’m working in a publishing project for uni and I need recs from fics written in the KINGSMAN fandom, as well as edits, aesthetics, moodboards, pieces of art and written descriptions of the characters and their relationships/ships.

The idea is to create a book (kind of a book) with potential to be published (not really unless it is really good and my teacher thinks there is potential).
For me, it has no financial income intended, it is to show my teacher that I know how to use a program for covers and magazines and that I have vision on how to create and promote a written or digital book/compilation attractive to readers/customers/clients.

You all will be credited either by your user name here, AO3, Devianart, LJ or any other platform you allow me to use. But I need your permission of course. If you want to appear as anon it is totally fine, I won’t judge you, but I really need your collaboration. You can write and short introduction about yourselves as well no longer than 100 words.

You can offer yourselves and your art, or someone else can do it for you and I will reach the authors by message to ask for permission (Tag or be tagged, people!!!!). 

You don’t have to write something new, I just need to have permission on an already written/drawn piece, but if you want to send me something new, go ahead. 

DISCLAIMER: This time now NSFW pieces will be required because it is an academic assignment, no matter how edgy I want to be, I can’t summited those. However, if there is a fic in which there is sex from the third episode onwards and it is well written, I will do an exception. 

Fics will be introduced by their first and/ or second chapter (if they are too short), so it won’t be a complete reproduction of your work. Don’t worry.

It is obvious to say that I will get my final mark on the subject by this project, so I’m serious when I say I need your help.

I will tagged some people here just to spread the word around as soon as possible.

@elletromilinsanereddragon  @phaeleah @agent-elaine @krissielee @percyval @freya-deathstalker @anarchycox @claireetemple @meetingyourmaker @kadeart @missbeckywrites @aiwa-sensei @unwinthehart @aggressivelybisexualeggsy @sophoklesworld @agent-eggy @theanisplanet @solarrift @eggsy-in-the-sky @sententiousandbellicose @johanirae @annaofaza @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @secondarysushicorps @dianyx @agentdagonet @liprouvaire @lady-mephistopheles @slenderlof @rebelcaptain @zhivchik



If you need to reach me, my chat and inbox are open as always. You can also rwrite to me to  subject: publishing project.


My face pre- and post-haircut

I figure I might join in as well, given that I’ve done a couple of these before and always had a good time doing it. I’m Alita or Ali or Tilde or A or (most recently) Ali the Great and Terrible so you can call me whatever you wanna call me and I’ll probably roll with it.

I joined the Kingsman fandom back in August of 2015 and haven’t looked back since. This is, without a doubt, one of the friendliest fandoms I’ve ever had the pleasure to be involved in and the first I started making content for. Speaking of content, I do gifsets, manips, writing, and editing. My focus these days is mainly on writing.

I like to think I’m friendly so please feel free to stop by and talk anytime, whether through my inbox or IMs!

I don’t think there’s much more to say than what’s already been said so I shall leave you with a few blog recs~

@takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @elletromil @mustardprecum @thisbirdhadflown @notbrogues @gentlekingsmen @adramofpoison @aiwa-sensei @sententiousandbellicose @oggalahad @saved-by-the-notepad @agentdagonet @krissielee @agent-eggy @zombiisheep @kingsman-edits @getinthefuckingjaeger @secondarysushicorps @insanereddragon @galahadthelate @harryunwin @galahard @becool–mallory @kinksman88 @n00tscamander @missbeckywrites and honestly there’s probably a bunch of kickass people I’m forgetting cause this fandom is too talented.

Dark Fires, part 2

Continuation of my earlier oneshot, Dark Fires, showing what Sherlock’s been up to. Takes more liberties with the Pokemon verse and aiwa-sensei’s drawings. Also, Sherlock meets his Absol a little later in life than 12, which is when aiwa-sensei said they met in an ask.

Summary: Sherlock is a walking disaster, but at least he comes with a warning. The Absol is always hanging around.

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There’s been a lot of lists going around lately of exceptional bloggers and without dedicating myself to a follow forever I wanted do my own in another way; people I consider friends, people on this site who make me smile when I see them on here, people I admire. This is just my way to say thank you to the people on my dash who make my day a little brighter and those who contribute so much to fandom :)

# - B

@221bsweetheart / @3bino3 / @abigbatchofcumber / @abitverygood / @abominablebriide / @aconsultingdetective / @addignisherlock / @aiwa-sensei / @ambiversions / @anindoorkitty / @anotherwellkeptsecret / @areyoumypengwing / @badcaseofreichenbach / @bc-in-portuguese / @bcmjs / @be-there-now-in-a-minute / @bencdaily / @bencinyourface / @benedict-the-cumbercookie / @benedictatorship / @benedictcumberbabe / @benedictcumberbaatch / @benedictdaily / @benedictsherllock / @beneguinsophiebatch / @benlocked / @bloggingthebatch / @boredarmydoctor / @bumblebeeholmes

C - K

@cheekbonesofbenny / @cloudmelon / @clueinglooks / @cpnblowfish / @cucumberbenny / @cumberbangers / @cumberbatchlives / @cumberbatchweb / @cumberblessed / @cumberbuddy / @cumbergoddess / @cumbered-cat / @cvmberbatched / @danielleblogsjohnlock / @deareje / @deebzy / @delreylock / @dmellieon / @duskybatfishgirl / @enarms / @fabuloussociopathphilosophy / @gingerbbatch / @greatdetective / @holmescope / @iamthesouthernpansy / @iminjohnlockhell / @isabeau13 / @jamlockk / @johix / @johnlockery / @johnlocknetwork / @johnlockville / @johnnlocked / @johntective / @junejuly15 / @karin-woywod / @kinklock

L - S
@lions-tigers-benedict / @littlebabybatch / @littleblondesamoan / @londoncallingsigh / @londonphile / @lunadax / @mapleleafcameo / @marykk1990 / @meanmycroft / @mental-leaps / @midnytemercury / @mouseymodesty / @mr-and-mrs-knope / @naturalshocks / @notbedead / @reapersun / @rominatrix / @rox712 / @sakibatch / @sassmycroft / @seasonsofjohnlock / @seriously-cumberbatched / @sgtsally / @sheerlucked / @sherrllocked / @sherlock-addict / @sherlock-has-got-the-blue-box / @sherlockfalls / @sherlocksblogger / @sherlockisthebest / @sherlockspeare / @sherlockstuff / @shootbadcabbies / @slashscribe / @slayer1013 / @sleepingexplorer / @snogbox1 / @sobeautifullyobsessed​ / @sodelightfully / @splunge4me2art / @stephenstrvnge / @sweetlittlekitty

T - Z

@the-pen-in-my-hand​ / @theabominablesherlock​ / @thetwelfthpanda​ / @tillieke​ / @tonysbadlanguage​ / @trained-cormorant​ / @twoharts​ / @ughholmesandwatson​ / @victorianlovers​ / @violindeductions​ / @vitruvianwatson​ / @whenisayrunrun​ / @wintrysherlock​ / @wonderlandinmymind

Oh my goodness, so I commissioned a pic of me and my pokemon team from the amazing Aiwa, and look it!! Is this not the most baller shit you’ve ever seen? Thank you sooo much! This is definitely getting framed and up on my wall. I think her commissions are still open, so if you have any ideas, you should commission her to draw your wildest dreams :)

🌼 the tiniest johnlock fanartists appreciation post ever 🌼

because of reasons, i felt the need to thank my fave fanartists for being such skilled and generous and lovely people ❤ this isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list, i just wanted to include my favourite ones, the ones that i love and admire and trust. i don’t really know what else to say, but thank you for being who you are and doing what you do and bringing so much beauty to our dashes ❤


List of Sherlock fanartists on tumblr

I just think that fanartists deserve a lil shoutout for their creative brilliance. That, and also I find myself more inspired when I see other people’s gorgeous fanarts so actually this is also for my own reference

So I’ll start off this list with the fanartists that I can remember at this moment This is by no means an exhaustive list, so if you know anyone who I haven’t mentioned here, feel free to reblog and add :)



@tilieke?? tillike? (I can’t remember how to spell it help pls)

@ashi323 (cute)

@joanacchi (cute)

@thetwelfthpanda (comic style)

@archiaart (comic style)



@seki0930 (comic style)

@bulecelup (cute)

@bbcbluebell (cute)

@inchells (comic style)



@sakibatch (comic style)

@aiwa-sensei (comic style)




that’s all i can remember for now. I’ll add more if i remember more, and feel free if you want to add on as well :)

Love Your Artist/Artist Appreciation Week

The list o’ amazingly talented people (in no particular order) who take time out of their lives to create. And in doing so, y’all spread happiness across the internet.
You folk are hella rad, hella cool and super awesome people that I admire! Thank you for doing what you do, y’all are huge inspirations!! 

artofnana burdge brokutokoutaru haizehat itoshiteru dualitydiscretion melancholyjoeyeyjoey kuradoodleskurawastaken kurpitie chill-chinchilla chippy-dippy pasteltophat pattissecretartblog sp-sketchblargh munadoodlesnonsense leslielumarie tempertampon pk-buttcheeks just-cuz-rivaldi erenyaayger snowhills dinizee ilovemytabletz muraples anna-cattish punziella hannisen funblade nabbanaba lauraknatt suits-neechan noodlerface glitter-hime plastictuna blue-wave-789 itscarororo improvinspi lllannah aer-dna / aer-dnaart cycloalkane emclainable doofyarts yakfrost budgebuttons chongthenomad yukihyo ehjaybones kasiaslupecka ammeja nillia luciand29 juliajm15 pokecasso walkingnorth-art fishupie joannevixxon batlesbo critter-of-habit ajscanvas sleepysenshi kkhoppang phietacat tiffanydraws solkorra dymx drakyx drinkyourfuckingmilk oeilvert owlerart lettherebedoodles diddlydothis zhemka hatepotion kanapy kaciart kaiayame xdorkusmaximusx iraseugin zu-art yvonnism mariannewiththesteadyhands maltair r0bosamurai copper-rose shadkatsart shanryart shubbabang little-miss-boxie pochihi taikova stupidoomdoodles denimcatfish kathuon thcrsthry istehlurvz temariart rinkhet jandavolta emegustart cakechoz havocmachine ddunwall labyrinthcas iahfy abbydraws johannathemad juluia shoomlah makanidotdot kyekunn everestcresent fooexe viria vvivaa daydream24-7 angiensca gameboy04 ya-ssui futagosa gretlusky geheichous scribbledit sherbies bluewindsummer jonn-lock arcanabreak artbymoga derpfire murrmernator meltesh28 oujjou cartoonsinthemorning falloutgirlongirl faun-songs shireferhire miyuli jemyart basedtaka foxville takitakos sodafizzyart / sodalimepop soratane cynoiz noswooping kevlarmasquerade mamakage samanthadoodles saint-tibbles ikimaru avataraandy avatarmikassa hicstreme0 jazzie560s-art izzydoodledump siriusdraws isaia-arts samapitongzabala doofusface rainiemallow felitomkinson raysketches yuubasdoodle kelpls atokniiro moni158 khajidont archispheres dragonsroarart sneakyb4lls fwips moofrog gabzilla-z mernolan brushbell vickah ruffnutthorston teapirate aiwa-sensei mrsgingles sen1227 foosh-art curryuku thedustyleaves riyancyy777 ceshira notsoflyinggraysons indiansummersunset beroberos hubedihubbe furious-teapot malin-j gecko1798 sarcatt junryou timmimae ooorangy randumbteahouse i-am-weis leemakdraws pinkuchama helipeach avenk hybryda yazzdonut captainjerkface crashingthatmode joyfulldreams 

I’m sure I missed some people, but know that you are still greatly appreciated! Have a kick ass week everyone!

fluffysinna  asked:

Thank you sooo much!! I'm searching for Hartwin blog in general :DD (sorry, i still don't understand the whole message thing on tumblr .-.)

Sorry for the delay love! Listed below is a collection of blogs based on types (just for organization purposes!) 

Graphics/ Edits

@damntective @hartwinorlose @a-gent-galahad @mrstarshipper @hartwin-danny @ohmyegerton @textsfromthetailors @thislittlediary


@aiwa-sensei @cpointss @kinksman88 @meetingyourmaker @kimeido @3000w @boys-be-boys


@kingsmanhartwin @elletromil @venvephe @blacktofade @listentotheshityousay @secondarysushicorps @sententiousandbellicose @trashbagauthor @galahadthelate @galahard @missbeckywrites @persephoneggsy

General/ Mixture Blogs

@fellowshipofhartwin @harttwin @hartwinner @kingsmanposts @gentlekingsmen @getinthefuckingjaeger @harryhartrainmaker @miss-bronte @mustardprecum @yeseggsy


@sweggsy @galahadtoloveeggsy

Disclaimer: There are many, MANY other wonderful blogs to follow in the Hartwin fandom, I do not know all of them, these are the ones that come to mind. You will find a plethora of other blogs going through the Hartwin tag, or checking interactions between blogs! <3


























221bsherlock, 2-2-1-b

abitnotgood, aiwa-sensei, allhailthedicks, allshvllfade, anotherwellkeptsecret, antisepticbandaid, areichenbachfall, archiaart, areyougorgeous, bassfanimation, bbcbee, bbcsdetective, bbcfreeman, bbcssherlock, benaddicted4life, bendidick-cuminbutt, benedictcumberbatchsgirlfriend, benedictcumbvrbatch, benedictervention, bennyslegs, bowties-and-cheekbones, brilliantjohn, cayya, chosenofashurha, clarice82, cluelock, corneliapornelia, cumberbuddy, cumberfucker, cumber-porn, cumberswag


deaded, deebzy, dogeylock, drwatsonjohn, dudeufugly, earhat, elizakaze, emillu, enerjax, eviko, exponential63, fanartiadore, fawns-and-bees, finalproblem, fishsicle, forsciencejohn, francesksgk, fuckyeahfightlock, fuckyeahsherlock, fyeahfreebatch


gaybabysherlock, garrulousgibberish, gatissed, gemsicle, getlestrade, glaucops, glinwen, gravesdiggers, guixonlove, halflock, harrywatsons, havetardiswilltimetravel, hectordixon, hmmholmes, inchells, inthemud, iriarty, jawnlock-shipper, jimoriqrty, jmauriarty, johix, johnlock-and-tea, johnlockedness, johnlockhusbands, johnnybooboo, jonnyluvssherlock, justaholmesboy, kassna, kill-leeko, keepthemacramesecret, kriskenshin, krispy-bits


lestradebbc, littlemisshamish, locklocked, lordofthejohnlock, loryisunabletosupinate, meetingyourmaker, mindphallus, mojoflower, moriartea-cup, musiqueandsex, mrsexhimself, nastyrutobuka, navydream, onlyclueingforlooks, ornamentedbeing, p-chi, piningjohn, puppyeyedandrewscott


reapersun, rednavi, rgsexualfrustrationblog, schnattergans, science-of-fandom-deduction, sgtmary, shakingponies, sherlazarus, sherlockedwatson, sheroclock, shinsyl, shinysherlock, shockblanketplease, shockingblankets, shootbadcabbies, shurlockandjawn, sirandrewscott, sweetlittlekitty, teatective, tenties, the-daily-routine-at-221b, the-science-of-induction, thearchangelwhofell, thefittongroundcrew, thefreemanwizard, thegameissomething, theoklahomos, theprivatelifeofsherlockholmes, thescienceofjohnlock, thescienceofobsession, thetwogaydetectives, thewomvn, toastytofu, torchwood221b, tranquil23, transfeuilly, tzysk, vatticancameos, vegasol, voodooling, vowofsherlock, watsonsdick, watsonisgay, williamwiggin, wilholmes, wsswatson, zincesaucier, 0v0-iloveu-ovo


ayhemmings, personalspazzingspace, forsciencejaawwn, ramondebh, acetylcolleen, timeladyasfuck, eneroeterno, morphinekissesblr, cumberbabemistressofjameswilby, thisoneistakentooisntit, wanderflower, rdith, ivmiv, tdatofficial, dustfingers-angel, iamevilcupcake, sherlockfanaticsblog, simon-the-fat-cat, maxthepsychogeek, tomoyosheep, marshermallows, inside-221b, johnlock-fluff, i-m-exposed-like-a-nerve, thenorisclub, nerdy-geeky-thing, ship-and-shop, ohmysaintedpyjamas, ladyofthefandom, was-he-wearing-a-parachute, twasthenightidied, cumbersomebuttocks, walkingdeadfreakfan, natka-natka-natka, ins4ne, sherlgreytea, shawnordaisy, inviolia, hemlock-her-loss, mylittlecornerofsherlock, whoislecter, thenerdgalaxy, madypants, drew-loves-you, bitethedamnpillow, thedetectivefromhogwarts, jovnlock, briezzy, the-anonamoose, mc-gypsy, emmypsycho, ijustwantedtobeclever, drwalshnd, thetrickster-loki, hidinginanotherreality, morifartie, janusjupiter, lohey, amberalloveragane00, snacksforshezza, mrsseverusdracosnapemalfoy, all-hail-lysol, shego1142, tenerelupumaribus, mr-waverider, predictably-unpredictable, averyplumplum, eatingbubblesftw, jyaple, benedicthecumberbottom, spacecatandthekittens, thedeadguyintheback, aejasmine, otterlockandhedgeson, alyssa-winchester, randomfandom221b, diapasondame, estok, play-the-way-i-feel, cakeofficialmycroft, cloudxpanda, emmysarahx, hitis, tale-of-an-antient-snowflake, rainbow-femme, carolinajurado, the-cumberbachelor, lunatictardis, tuttyyay, wrenchandnumbers, fawnlocck, loversof221b, loozislooz, warm-mouth-to-me, under-the-chestnut-tree, omgpills, c33410898, doctorwhogurl147, bourbonxvi, silentbabee, mrscumberbatchofasgard, aftermath-metempsychosis, sherlocked-eeyore, lestradelmyhips, sherlockthoo, peweebaggins, shverlck, newberrii, hella-delphine, againstthephob, west-end-new-beginning, gaylock, missdiorcherie, holmestiel-love, lennon-zest, ignorus, billy-bill, centuries-remembered, imma-unicorn-rawr, gleyn, nerdsydney, benadryl-catmobile, sherjawnedd69, projohnlock, badass-pancakes, yukarane-is-otp, fullgrownmen, wholockin99, pinkmink101, madstag, sonichypogrifof221b, peachdalooza, fivedollarsxd, equestriankingdom, insane-cumberbitch, jumperben-holybatch, sleepycorndogs, daniediesattheend, broken-toyz, treetrunks-theadventurer, a-fat-taco-man, starspangledmeg, thecatcherinthefandoms, thatmanisplayinggalaga, quirkykatelyn, filltheairwithyoursong, thesecretaboutme, litjunkieme, pal3sam, longlegsbigdreams, janewatson-professionalblogger, citreum, mind-dungeon, whitecherry18, lucellabella, filantropen, erisachan, stargazerlily2910, jurgbury, blueberrydreams12, grimsoulsamongthestars, 221bringyourgun, shadowsplash, dinkydeerstalker, fuck-you-dinkleburg, melliousbellious, swimmingbirdrunningrock, charlottemcm, to-fade-into-the-night, that-rubber-duck, pukebanana, drawthelinestoallconstellations, teamnon-canon, iwillburneverything, shezinafez, pyrodemonta16, demuredreamer95, thesassyadventuresofshezza, sherlocksreverie, unagillen, coffeesherlock, shercockandjawn, sherlock-is-my-jesus, rararamsy, dear-me-mr-scott, mopeylopey1, howdoessomeonehavemyurl, raregloves, positivethinkingwithloisboza


If you are missing, need to be bolded, or want me to follow you, send me a message!

Hi everyone! You asked, and here it is, a list of all participating artists*, writers and meta writers, in no particular order: 

ofcowardiceandkings deebzy cloudmelon katzensprotte krispy-bits marcelock syupon detectivelyd thetwelfthpanda chickaitdee anarcheress softsons vauxhallandi joolabee wearitcounts writemeastoryofsolitude queerwatson kinklock felinium slashscribe azureverie nondeducible littlecherrybun sincerelywrong itsmycroft rejkk darlingbenny clueingforlooks nim-lock ivorylungs waltzingdetective jupebox princelock joanacchi thejohnlockconfirmation bubblepaints ferm-acid busylilblop supernyva anotherwellkeptsecret confused-astronaut khorazir shoujobenedict narcissus-garden @mutsydraws aiwa-sensei meetingyourmaker lilicorbijn fortheloveofjw stumblingovereverything bracari-iris graceebooks starcrossedsun wolfcharm miesart confirmedjohnlock macgyvershe teapotsubtext jiohn bechdels jenna221b 

*the list might grow as we receive late confirmations

And the fanzine’s theme is… [DRUMROLL] “behind closed curtains no more”! This zine will feature John and Sherlock together at last, comfortable in their sexualities and with each other. 

Thank you to everyone who applied and everyone who helped spread the word about the zine. Check the zine blog for updates and WIPs from our artists!

xoxo B&A