StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void - Opening Cinematic

The time of reclamation is upon us. On November 10, 2015, players will join the fight to reclaim Aiur and vanquish the universe’s most ancient evil.


“Surpr!se” from Aiur.

Christmas on Aiur

All the probes rose early to “gather” their presents,

“Are they up already? Oh for the love of Artanis I’m still so tired,

if those kids chrono’d my clock, I swear to Auir!”,

She rises so slowly,

To see in her door stands Tobey,

Tobey the loneliest and lowly of all of the probies,

He was fuming and crying,

The sad little guy,

He said quietly,

“All I want is for dad to come back from the war alive.”

Then Mamaship broke a small smile,

Sat Tobey on the bed and said,

“I know, I’m sorry, Blizzard really has some nerve.”

But then all of the sudden,

A beam of light and a booming sound was heard!

Dragoon warped in from Tarsonis!

“Hello son, I return to serve!”

(A Christmas tribute to all of our troops who are home for the holidays, and those families who miss their loved ones.“

By sc2poetlaureate on reddit.