After having a nice chat with Brendan (owner of the fab blog), and asking some questions, I can tell you that not only is his blog great but so is his personality. With xx,xxx followers, noctornal is vastly know for his awesome blog with a style towards neon, modern and definitely cool, also showing all characteristics for a standing out blog:

  • a great theme
  • nifty posts
  • good music taste
  • and much more!

Known by many, he is the talk of many gossip blogs (lol) but not in a bad way – mostly when asking for famous blogs, and even the ocasional 

“thoughts on noctornal?” where the owner of the gossip blog answered:

noctornal is very nice, and not rude. He treats his followers amazingly, no matter what follower count! He has about 15k-25k, and is very well-known throughout the tumblr community.“

So there you have it! An article on one of the best, most well known blogs on tumblr!

Check him out here, leave him some love maybe?