Tumblr Themes of the Month — March 2016

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So Akicon was held at the DoubleTree, Seatac this year and WOW was it an upgrade. Instead of a bucket conga line there were chandeliers, greenery, a pool and free cookies. Hopefully it will be held here or at a similar location next year.  



We only went to four panels, but we were able to get into all of them without waiting too long. 

#1 Whose Line Is It Anyway?: always fun to watch; I try to go to this kind of panel every convention. Unfortunately I can’t remember if they were a specific comedy group or not.

#2 Rat Queens: A Creator Chat: I didn’t know about this comic until my friend introduced it to me on the Friday. I read the first 3 and can’t wait to read more.

#3 Video Game Cosplay Armor: From Concept to Reality: a run-down on translating video game screenshots and concept art into actual costumes. My friend got some serious inspiration for next year (he repairs planes for a living), it should be awesome.

#4-6: The Cyanide & Happiness Show Panel: audience suggestions drawn frantically by three artists on the same piece of paper until “everyone is offended”. It was an experience.