that is a fantastic question

although you should be grateful i’ve made it like 140k words without killing one of them and that’s an achievement on its own

also whoever decided to encourage me writing, yeah tHAT WASN’T A GOOD IDEA i’m laughing so hard

aisuigetsu asked:

all the genderqueers i know are hella attractive like tEAcH Me yOuR WAyS?!?!

Basically I wake up in the morning and one of my first thoughts is “oh fucking no I have to actually put on pants, how many hours/minutes can I put THAT off??” so maybe I’m not the best to teach you any ways but THANK YOU FOR THE THOUGHT???

aisuigetsu replied to your post “Hey y’all, sorry i haven’t been active very much this past like month…”

RIP aps :“)

lol until next year when they rise again

so uh progress

very little art in january, there was an event in school and i did a huge cherry blossom backdrop for it only to find out the printer couldn’t print the image. life sucks :(

february was mostly valentine’s related art that i never finished…

in march i started photopainting again after seeing one of my old artworks and i painted mostly objects like teacups and stuff

more photopainting in april with some rough portrait painting

in may i “perfected” (read didn’t feel like improving) my photopainting and ended with “untitled”

in june i did a lot of fanart doodles and a fanart for dear poetry’s poem

experimentation in july with coloring

more doodles and stuff in august

september was mostly fanart doodles and some brush experimentation

busy with halloween in october and did some art for creative arts club

november was more experimentation with textures and brushes

december was fanart month for secret santa and the babies with birthdays

in 2014 i’m hoping to use more brushes and do some painting(?) and less lineart. also dynamic poses bc that is difficult shit.