I commissioned may12324 to draw my OCs from a story/novella my dad, my sister and I are developing and clearly guys, IT IS MONEY WELL SPENT. Go go go. She really has a talent for character design. 

Aisong [pronounced; ah-shong] (left) and Arao [p. ah-rao] (right) are brothers that live with their elderly mother in a village by the sea; a village with a curse that started with a dead shaman, silenced spirits and the Sun.

Above is when they are older and start fighting. Aisong uses his yo-yos to trip people and then he finds another way to kill them - mostly brute force. Arao jumps around a lot and smashes people over the dead and then runs off. They are friends with Alisay, whose final design is in progress. 

That’s all I’ll say for now. If you want to know more, shoot me an ask.

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🎼 👀 (airi needs to see the cupcake sing, yes)

Send 🎼 👀  to catch my muse singing thinking they are alone.

“Nisenpaa (Hey!) Saikoo na LOVE (Get you!)
Kimi to dake (Jump!) Yes! Happy PULSE (Syun!x2)
MAJI de suki da yo (Yes, We love you)
Eien ni…
Zenryoku zenkai de nisenpaa kimi no koto wo Love you
Ba, Bang! Ja, Jan!! Love you.”

Takashi sang along to yet another song featuring members of his own family as he played the piano. Playing such songs helped boost his confidence to create his own songs. Although, he was so caught up in practicing that he didn’t realize someone else had entered into the room he was in.