aislinnrider replied to your post: “Loki?” She called softly, knocking on his door. She was worried about her friend, so she wanted to come check on him. It had been rough for him the past few days, something she wished she could take care of for him.

She grumbled a bit. “Hey, it’s the first time I’ve been by your house, alright.” She sighed, catching his grumbling as she walked to him. She hugged him and smiled a little. “How are you dear?”

Loki hugged her back, closing his book and pulling off his reading glasses and putting both items on the coffee table. “I’ve been better, that’s for sure…” Loki got up, going into the kitchen to put on a pot of tea.

aislinnrider replied to your post: “Loki?” She called softly, knocking on his door. She’d heard of his miscarriage earlier and she knew she had to come by and see him. She made a small chocolate cake and brought some icecream with her.

“Would you like some company?” She asked softly, smiling at him. “I brought some chocolate cake and icecream.” She held them up so he could see them through the crack of the door.

“Are you sure you wish to be in the company of a monster?”

@ Aislinn

It depends. When he’s partying with me and Amy, he generally goes to female form. Most of the time he’s male, though.

Saying that, he was hanging out with Amy the other day, so there’s a high chance he’s still there. Either that or he’s off doing whatever Gods of Mischief do when they’re not trolling the internet or perving on genius billionaires.

aislinnrider replied to your post: She smiled and skipped in, looking for her friend. “Loki?” She called, cradling a box of tea in her hands. It was a special blend that she’d found, hopeful that he’d like it.

She grinned and nodded. “On my way!” She practically skipped around and up the stairs to join him.

Loki chuckled, dipping into the library once again to finish packing some books. “Sorry about the boxes everywhere. Just packing up some things I simply cannot leave behind.”

aislinnrider replied to your post: Wade, Aislinn, Tony

I-I…. I’m hurt. Seriously hurt. Seriously, me, killed? Wade doesn’t die. I just… I need to re-evaluate my life.

No, no, see, that’s where you’re wrong. He took a potion that an anon gave him and it took away his regenerative abilities, so now he can die. He hasn’t got the cancer any more but he can die.

I would totally try and bring you back, though. I wouldn’t do it unless I knew I could bring you back in some way.