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faux amis #2

again, the weird noise you hear is me laughing at you. not soz. good luck.

faux amis #1

- spectacle (m) : show / montrer, v : to show / montre (f) : watch

- entrée (f) : appetizer, entrance / plat (m) principal : entrée

- principal-e : main (adj), headmaster (n) / main (f) : hand 

- chat (m) : cat / conversation (f) : chat

- animal (m) de compagnie : pet / pet (m) : fart

- lunettes (f) : glasses, spectacles / glace (f) : ice cream, mirror (fam)

- rendez-vous (m) : appointment

- tissu (m) : fabric / fabriquer, v : to build

- facture (f) : bill / facteur/trice : mailman

- étiquette (f) : label / label (m) : label (music thingy)

- licenciement (m) : redundancy (job loss) / redondant-e : duplicative

- risque (m) : hazard / hasard (m) : randomness, chance / chance (f) : luck

- infect-e : vile / ville (f) : city

- engagement (m) : agreement, commitment / fiançailles (f) : engagement

- ignorant-e : unaware of

- foot(ball) (m) : soccer / pied (m) : foot

- désavantage (m) : handicap / handicap (m) : disability 

- pneu (m) : tire / tirer, v : to pull, shoot/fire

- voiture (f) : car / car (m) : bus, coach / coach (ep) : physical trainer

- facilité (f) : easiness, ex : c’est d’une facilité enfantine!

- magasin (m) : store / store (m) : blind / aveugle (ep) : blind

- nouvelle (f) : short story, news / roman (m) : novel

- avertissement (m) : warning / publicité (f) : advertisement 

- défaut (m) : flaw

- habits (m, pl) : clothes  / habitude (f) : habit

- conducteur/trice : driver / chef-fe d’orchestre : conductor (music)

- soulagement (m) : relief / relief (m) : landscape

- confidence (f) : secret / confiance (f) : confidence, trust

- aptitude (f) : ability / habileté (f) : skillfulness 

- personnage (m) : character / caractère (m) : personality 

- apologie (f) : praise / excuse (f) : apology

- douche (f) : shower

- draguer, v : to flirt with / traîner, v : to drag / entraîner, v : to train 

- allée (f) : aisle / aile (f) : wing / aller, v : to go / ruelle (f) : alley

- délai (m) : wait, time limit / retard (m) : delay

- four (m) : oven / quatre : four

- laisser aller, v : indulge / indulgence (f) : leniency

- fichier (m) : file / file (f) : queue / filer, v : to run away (fam)

- délivrer, v : to set free / livrer, v : to deliver

- tombe (f) : grave / grave, adj : serious, ex : il a eu un grave accident

- reprendre, v : to resume / résumé (m) : summary

- problème (m) : issue / issue (f) : exit 

- prise (f) de courant : socket / socquette (f) : short sock / globe (m) oculaire : eye socket

- physicien-ne : physicist / médecin : physician 

- prendre sa retraite, v : to retire / retirer, v : to withdraw, take off

- heurter, v : to hit / faire mal, blesser, v : to hurt

- embrasser, v : to kiss / enlacer, v : to embrace

- assumer, v : to take responsibility for/be proud of / supposer, v : to assume 

- itinéraire (m) : route / route (f) : road

- chemin (m) : path, way (if you’re lost) / cheminée (f) : chimney

- tape (f) : slap / taper, v : to hit 

- scotch (m) : tape / bourbon (m) : scotch

- phrase (f) : sentence / locution (f) : phrase

- exiger, v : to demand / demander, v : to ask

- fournir, v : to supply / supplier, v : to beg

- clairement : definitely / définitivement : once and for all

- pénible : onerous / onéreux/euse : expensive (rare)

- cher/chère : expensive, dear (chère maman, …)

- fou/folle : maniac / maniaque : fussy, clean freak

- gentil-le : nice / aimable : gentle

- grand-e : tall / grandiose : grand

- raisonnable : sensible, reasonable / sensible : sensitive

- ancien-ne : old / antique : ancient

- chanceux/euse : fortunate / fortuné-e : wealthy 

- formidable (ep) : terrific / terrifiant-e : horrific 

liibertine  asked:

What about Led Zeppelin?

by  Saṃsāran

The first time I ever smoked weed was in, I think, 1976 or 1977. I was in seventh grade and had somehow persuaded my parents to allow me to tag along with my older cousins to the Led Zeppelin concert at the San Diego Sports arena. 

I had just started letting my hair get long and was getting into the whole surf hippie thing. This was my first concert. In fact, I only owned three albums at that time Jesus Christ Superstar and two Bill Cosby records. 

My cousins, rotten bastards that they were, ditched me as soon as we got inside and I was on my own. Even before the concert started the lights were down and recorded music was blasting as laser lights played against the already smoke-filled arena.

It was “general admission” meaning that all the good seats were taken. My head was splitting from the noise and smoke but I was entranced by the spectacle. I finally found a place to sit in a back row next to a group of serious stoners, “heads” we used to call them.

After a few songs, the guy next to me passed a “joint”. A little tiny hand-rolled cigarette with some brown stuff on the paper. He mumbled to me “hash oil” and nodded. I had no idea what to do. He sensed my unease and mimed what to do. 

So, I took a huge hit. Held it and coughed my lungs out. He grinned like the Chesire cat and said: “oh man you’re gonna feel that”. He was right. In about ten minutes my mind was like a spinning top. I thought I was going to pass out. I decided to get up and move about a little.

I walked down the aisle toward the wings of the stage. Lights flashing and popping, lasers, strobes and noise, Jesus, so much noise. Everything seemed so weird. Where I was standing I could only see part of the stage but it was the part where Jimmy Page was playing. 

He was dressed in his famous wizard suit with a smoke in his mouth and a bottle of booze on the amp next to him. 

The lights dimmed. It got quiet. A spot hit Jimmy and he had a violin bow and a theremin in front of him. 

A theremin is this weird device that changes pitch depending on where you break its field. You don’t actually touch it. The band started playing “No Quarter”. It starts slow and Robert’s vocals were howling with the theremin in this strange echo effect. 

The song speeds up, Jones is doing some kind of weird magic on the keyboards and Jimmy starts to bow his guitar and play the theremin at the same time like some kind of rock and roll wizard. Plant is moaning and groaning and doing all of his rock god poses driving the girls nuts.

I was seriously trippin’ balls at this point and all of the paranoia had left me. Now it was all about the music and the spectacle. It was amazing. Simply amazing and I saw it all so close that I could have tossed a penny and hit the stage. 

To this day, after all these years I cannot remember ever having a better time at a concert. I guess one consolation for being old is that at least I got to see some of the great bands when they were in their prime.

☸ Sam ☸

Imagine Loki coming to you after finding out the truth of who he is

It had been a very long and dramatic day. It was supposed to have been Thor’s coronation. You had been mentally preparing yourself for the day for months, and your husband Loki had been in a glum mood ever since the date had been announced. You had always thought that the entire situation was so unjust for Loki; Odin had always said that both his sons were destined to be kings, and yet he so obviously favoured Thor. You hated your father-in-law for taunting his second son with the idea of sitting on the throne of Asgard, when anyone could tell that Loki would never be crowned.

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Mission 5: Fiery Field

Aisling squinted as a gust of torrid wind ruffled through her feathers.
“I feel like this has been done before,” she ponders, before turning to face her teammates.
“Greetings,” the Xatu speaks, “I am glad you could make it out here to assist me.”
At the end of her outstretched wing, Aisling holds a shimmering, nearly see-through feather of some sort.
“Somebody wants us to bring this to them, at the end of this dungeon. For some reason, I cannot forsee who it is, or what will come of this. So, it must be quite… important,” she informs them.

“Coran, Cotton, Eeveening. Are you ready to help me discover what the future has in store?”

Turn Order: Coran’s Turn @thedailycampix

#21- Calum (Harry Potter Au) (Prompt Series)

“What do we have first?” You asked your friend, sipping on your pumpkin juice.

“Herbology then Potions.” She answered, opening a letter. You scrunched your face in disgust.

“Herbology with Slytherins!” You groaned, rolling your head. Your friend glared at your over her letter.

“We’re supposed to be encouraging interhouse unity Y/n.” She scolded. You scoffed.

“They may not care about blood but those Slytherins are a proper pain.” You complained.

“Hey,” She snapped, “they’re not all bad.” You winced, forgetting that she was dating a Jax Zabini, a Slytherin. Who, was one of the nice people of the lot.

“Sorry.” You replied, she shot you smile before fussing about being late for class.

“Alright class today I’ll be-” Professor Longbottom paused as the door of the greenhouse banged open and Calum Hood, followed by Michael Clifford of Slytherin, Luke Hemmings of Ravenclaw and Ashton Irwin of Gryffindor strolled in.

“You’re late boys. Detention tonight with Filch.” Professor Longbottom said sternly. Calum rolled his eyes while Luke, Michael and Ashton mumbled apologies.

“So class, I will be assigning you in groups of three to make a project about the Mandrakes.”

“But sir, we studied them in second year!” James Potter complained.

You felt something hit your head and you turned around to see Calum smirking at you before looking away innocently, you shot him a glare.

Stupid Slytherins.

“Well James it’s going to come up in your O. W. L. S so you’ve got to be prepared.” Professor Longbottom reminded him. He started calling our names and grouping people up.

“Y/n Y/l/n, Calum Hood and Jo Lovegood.”

Oh no.

Out of all the people you could be grouped with, you get Calum Hood.

Life is out to get you for sure.

“Let’s get this over with.” You grumbled, standing next to Calum. Jo slowly walked over, her eyes dreamily glazed.

“Thank god you’re with me Jo, couldn’t stand it if it was just him.” You said smiling at Jo. She nodded dazedly.

“Hi Calum.” She said, he nodded at her, surprised.

“I suppose we should go to the library and get some books to research then.” You said. Calum nodded before shoving past you and leading ahead. You glared at his back and Jo started to giggle.

“What’s so funny?”

“You and him. You’re both so cute. And I can see you dating, yes the Gizzle Bimps hover around you the most when you’re near each other.” She replied, you almost decided to asks her what the hell a Gizzle Bimp was but stopped.

“I would never date him.” You snapped before turning to the castle.

“I’ll go look through the right wing aisle.” Jo said, pointing at the right side. Madam Pince the librarian shot you a dirty look before she walked the other way.

“I’ll go check the left.” You muttered, trying to get as far from Calum as possible.

“Sure I’ll come with.” He smirked. You turned around to glare at him.

“Don’t get in my way Hood.” You snarled. He winked at you.

“The view from the back is pretty nice anyway.” You turned back to face him.

“Can you fuck off thanks?” You snapped. Calum rolled his eyes and looked seriously at you.

“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” He said. You scoffed.

“Yeah, with hatred.” You shot back. Calum chuckled and shook his head.

“No, no, see I think you wanna kiss me.” He murmured, flicking his arm around your waste. Your eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“I don’t even wanna be near you Hood.” You spat back. Calum laughed.

“You’re gonna be singing a different tune pretty soon princess.”

The Wedding!


Haz`le looked in the mirror, she was all dressed up in her wedding dress.

The flowers on the cloth were blooming and alive. A crown of flowers were in her hair, even her wings were delicately decorated with different kind’s flowers, blues, greens and a bit of red. She was a sight to behold, she looked like a bride. Her face was a mixture of excitement, anticipation, and a little bit of worry.

She was nervous, very nervous. She wanted to do this, she was going to do this, but it didn’t stop her from worrying. And this time Jason wasn’t around to sooth her, she couldn’t see him before she walked down the aisle. Her wings fluttered nervously, almost dislodging some of the flowers placed there.

She turned toward Thalia, Sphinx, her Maid of Honor, was getting dressed in another room.

“I’m nervous.” She admitted. “And I don’t know why. I know I want to marry Jason, but I’m still nervous!”