aisling marray


Lunatic and The 21:19

Two short back to back short stories by Aisling Marray debuting at ELCAF from Jazz Dad Books:

Aisling Raphael Marray was born in 1902 on a small farm in Suffolk, England. She lived a relatively normal rural life, working on the family land, until one autumn day at the age of eighteen, on a routine trip to London to sell produce, she was exposed to jazz. Utterly intoxicated, she bid farewell to her pastoral life and secured working passage on a steam ship to the United States. Having attended the bare minimum of school in England, as her parents needed her on the farm, New York surprisingly sparked a previously undiscovered urge to write. Marray immersed herself in her new home, writing almost constantly -  apparently inspired by the chaos and opulence of the Jazz Age. However, her career was cut tragically short, as a mere two years after she arrived in New York, she was found dead in the swimming pool of a house known to be a front for a notorious speakeasy, her lungs filled with champagne. Her stories were discovered in a shoe box under the bed in the room she rented, tied with string and addressed to her parents’ farm back home.


So me and my awesome siblings stayed up playing pokeymans last night like the cool dudes we are. (Pokeymans was invented by Noelle Stevenson and can be found over here but has become a household game with the three of us). We all cried at the abominations we created. From top to bottom we have Seonagh, Gabriel and me. Go home and badly describe pokemon to your loved ones, you’ll have a great time.