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MichEmil Wedding Headcanons

- Sara is Michele’s maid of honor
- JJ is Emil’s (surprisingly the two are best friends
- Phichit and Chris plan the wedding
- Chris insists on sneaking some stripper poles into the reception
- “Just one, Phichit! Just one! … Or two”
- Michele, being fully aware of Emil’s terrible fashion sense, insists that Sara take him shopping for a tux
- Sara ends up insisting on a super expensive designer brand black tux despite Emil’s protests
- Michele’s tux is pure white
- Emil thinks Michele looks like an angel
- Emil keeps constantly pinching himself like is this real?? Is he really marrying the man of his dreams??
- Emil swears when he sees Michele come up the aisle he literally stops breathing
- If you asked him how beautiful Michele was coming up the aisle, he’d smile fondly and say words couldn’t describe it
- Michele giddily screams into his pillow every night leading up to the wedding
- While usually pretty closed off about his feelings the night before the wedding Michele spends the whole night blathering to Sara about how much he loves Emil
- “But do you see his eyes when he’s skating? They’re so sparkly and distant and they just draw you too him and he’s like a god when he jumps it’s so beautiful and when he smiles at me in the morning it’s the cutest thing and he’s just so adorable and”
- When Michele is walking up the aisle he feels as if the whole world melts away and it’s just him and Emil and no one else
- During the entire ceremony they can’t keep their eyes off each other
- When they kiss Emil swears he felt time stop
- Michele swears he felt the universe implode
- They stare lovingly into each other’s eyes while everyone bawls their eyes out
- When Michele throws the bouquet Mila catches it
- The reception is LIT
- Emil and Michele spin around waltzing clumsily and laughing when they trip over each other
- Everyone gets drunk af
- Even Seung-Gil is grinding his ass on the dance floor
- Phichit takes lots of pictures of Michele and Emil kissing and holding hands
- That night while Michele is asleep and lying on Emil’s chest Emil thinks again that he is the luckiest man in the universe
- The next morning when Michele wakes up to find Emil’s arms around him he finds himself positively euphoric with the realization that he is Emil Nekola’s HUSBAND

Surprise//Norman Reedus

You surprise Daryl at one of his panels at Comic Con

Warnings: Swearing


I wore sunglasses and a hat in hopes of no fans recognizing me and making me more obvious to Norman. I slid into the panel and took a seat near the back. The room started to fill up, it didn’t take long as it was pretty small. The mic to ask questions was in the aisle so we’d have to line up to ask a question.

They introduced the cast that would be present at tonight’s panel. Lauren, Danai, Chandler, Tom (Payne), Andrew, Jeffrey and then Norman. The crowd roared to see him, especially me. I teared up seeing him, I hadn’t seen him in a while. I wanted to just text him and tell him i was here, but I wouldn’t ruin the surprise so soon.

The time has come to ask questions, I shot up straight away. A few fans beat me considering they were closer to the stage than I was. I was somewhat in the middle, hat and glasses still on. I got so nervous and excited, I didn’t even know what to ask my own fiance. The mic was finally to me. The room fell silent, all the familiar cast mates and Chris Hardwick stared at me, waiting for my question. I’m sure Norman knew my voice by heart so I altered it a bit.

“My question is for Norman” I start and a smile rose on his face “Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?” I felt myself blush but also get nervous.

What is he said no?

“Yeah, actually I have a fiance, she’s great and funny and gorgeous, I miss her so much” Norman started rambling “I love her so much”

“I love you too, Norm” I say taking off my hat and sunglasses.

“Shit,” he says turning from the mic, his face bright red, the crowd ‘awwed’ in unison “I love you” he says to the mic.

I cried.

“Can we get her a chair up here? Can I bring her up here? I don’t care, I’m doing it” He says leaving the stage.

I ran up on stage to meet him for a hug while some crew got me a chair. I heard him sniffle and knew he was crying.

“I love you so much, so much, babe. You don’t even know” He whispered.

“I love you more” I say holding his face with both hands and just really taking a look at you “I missed your face” I said and kissed him.

They got a chair and Norman laid it next to his for me and I sat next to him.

“Damn, she really got me” Norman said into the mic with a small chuckle.

“I know I won’t be sleeping tonight” Andy says jokingly “I’ll be busy calling in noise complaints” he laughed.

“Fuck you” Norman said, his face once again glowing up red.

Got7 reacting to you walking down the aisle.

Jaebum: A smile, he wouldn’t be able to hold in, would spread across his cheeks when he sees you walking over to him, blown away by your beauty.

Jinyoung: He wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore when he realizes that it’s actually happening and that he gets to spend every day with the women he chose to love.

Mark: He wouldn’t stop himself from smiling in pure happiness when he sees you walking towards him and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes away from you.

Jackson: He wouldn’t be able to process it at first and constantly turn to his best men to reassure himself that it’s not a dream. When taking you from your father, he’d thank him greatfully and smile at you brightly.

Youngjae: He’d smile to himself, his heart bouncing out his chest the minute you walk down the aisle. He’d been so nervous for this day to happen and now that it’s here, he wouldn’t be able to process it.

Yugyeom: He’d be absolutely speechless and join the applause when seeing you walk down the aisle. He would smile at you brightly before kissing your forehead and telling you how beautiful you are.

BamBam: He’d be in awe when he sees you looking even more beautiful than he thought was possible and constantly blow kisses to you to ease the situation.

Love, Youngmi~

“ 𝓐𝓷𝓭 𝓘 𝓭𝓸𝓷'𝓽 𝔀𝓪𝓷𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮 𝔀𝓸𝓻𝓵𝓭 𝓽𝓸 𝓼𝓮𝓮 𝓶𝓮
                               '𝓒𝓪𝓾𝓼𝓮 𝓘 𝓭𝓸𝓷'𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓷𝓴 𝓽𝓱𝓪𝓽 𝓽𝓱𝓮𝔂'𝓭 𝓾𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓼𝓽𝓪𝓷𝓭 ”

ᴬⁿᵈ ᴵ'ᵈ ᵍⁱᵛᵉ ᵘᵖ ᶠᵒʳᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵗᵒ ᵗᵒᵘᶜʰ ʸᵒᵘ
‘ᶜᵃᵘˢᵉ ᴵ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ʸᵒᵘ ᶠᵉᵉˡ ᵐᵉ ˢᵒᵐᵉʰᵒʷ
ʸᵒᵘ'ʳᵉ ᵗʰᵉ ᶜˡᵒˢᵉˢᵗ ᵗᵒ ʰᵉᵃᵛᵉⁿ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᴵ'ˡˡ ᵉᵛᵉʳ ᵇᵉ
ᴬⁿᵈ ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ'ᵗ ʷᵃⁿᵗ ᵗᵒ ᵍᵒ ʰᵒᵐᵉ ʳⁱᵍʰᵗ ⁿᵒʷ 

Referenced from 4B

BTS Reaction | When they get married

Jin: He would be totally amazed the second he saw you walking down the aisle. Endless compliments from this dork for the entire day about how amazing you look. He’d probably also step on your feet several times during the first dance despite him practicing his dancing for months.

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Yoongi: I think Yoongi would try to look cool and calm about the whole thing but he’d end up crying just a little bit as soon as he saw you walking down the aisle. But no way would he want you to see that.

 “Psh, no way. I’m not crying”   *Single man tear*

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Hobi: As soon as he saw you walking down the aisle he’d just scream really loudly because…well…he’s J-Hope. He’d cry for basically the whole thing, and the officiant would have to give him a second to let him calm down and actually manage to get his words out. (He’d also completely slay the dance floor)

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Namjoon: Because he’s Namjoon, he’d probably give some long philosophical speech at the wedding reception about marriage and the future. His best man would probably have to tell him to sit down and shut up (most likely Jin). Dance Monster would also appear later in the evening on the dance floor and completely embarrass you.

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Jimin: He’d be a little bit nervous but no happy and excited. He’s a squishy, smol bean that would definitely cry (from happiness, obviously). He’d be stuck to your side for the whole day, not letting you go for a second, so you’d have to be prepared for a lot of PDA.

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Taehyung: Taehyung wants to get married and have lots of kids so he’d be so happy to be marrying you. He’d dance and play with all the kids that were at the wedding reception. He’d probably also get a bit too drunk and make himself look like an idiot which you could tease him about in the future.

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Jungkook: He’d be so excited, but really nervous. He’d probably mess up a few of his vows and stumble over his lines and awkwardly laugh it off. He’d also  probably try to carry the bride over the threshold when they’d get home but end up hitting her head on the doorframe by accident.

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HC that keith cried for days when they pulled bluebell from stores and when shiro tried to calm him down, sayin its safer til the company knows for sure, keith yelled "i wOULD DIE FOR BLUEBELL, I DONT CAAREE" (-a texan whos friend is obsessed w bb)

he locked himself in his room for a week playing mcr and other emo music, just staring outside his window. shiro tried to get him to try a different brand of ice cream but he’d refuse, “i cant do that to her shiro, its not right, imagine how she’d feel!” then flat out start sobbing. everytime they walked down the ice cream aisle keith’d have to go into the bathroom to contain himself. 

Building BioShock In Bricks

Imagine Rigney may be in his twenties now, but he’s been playing with bricks most of his life. It all started with a trip to the toy store. Even at three, a budding builder, he got a glimpse of the aisle that’d change everything. LEGO. After spending thousands of hours and stacking countless bricks, Imagine stumbled upon his calling – brick art.

Today, we’re talking with him about how he got started, how he builds and what drew him to BioShock in the first place. You see, Imagine also happens to be a huge BioShock fan. Some of his early, higher-profile builds depicted Rapture in amazing detail. He’s reconstructed the skyways of Columbia – and he’s going to share some new builds with us soon.

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Pairing: Eren/Levi

Raiting: Mature

Synopsis: Life as a shift manager at a shitty grocery store is awful, and Levi is in a foul mood. He just want to scrub off the layer of grime, eat some shitty food and go to bed, but there’s a surprise waiting for him at home.

Can also be read on AO3


 Levi hated people. He hated them with a fiery passion. Most days he was content to merely dislike them, but after a day like today they’d all been upgraded into the hate category. Fucking assholes the lot of them.

 Today had been bad, like exceptionally bad. You’d think being a manager at a grocery store would merely be a boring job, but somehow every force in the universe had decided to gang up on him, and send every shithead in the fucking world into his store, just so they could create havoc and destroy his day. People had screamed at him, they’d broken things in just about every fucking aisle, and he’d bruised his knee tripping in a pool of olive oil that he then had to spend half an hour trying to mop up. It had been made worse by the three people who had all yelled at him because the aisle had been closed off while he tried to ensure that no one else slipped and fell. Because of course it was Levi’s fault, naturally.

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  • Players, how would you react to the death of someone you love/of your parents?
  • Sarah: I would cry and probably lose control. I'm very sensitive, in the end.
  • Jago: I'd try to keep going, but it wouldn't be easy for me.
  • An: I won't care, if it's not Chiyoko. If it's her, I'd destroy the world in their memory.
  • Chiyoko: I'd be sad for a bit, but then I'd go on.
  • Shari: I'd be very sorry at first, but, you know, death is a part of life.
  • Alice: I'd process it easily: the Dream would help me greet them and let it go.
  • Aisling: I'd try to keep going and be brave in their memory.
  • Kala: Nice question, since, when someone close to me dies, usually I'm the one who killed them.
  • Hilal: I'd pray for them and hope they're happy where they are now.
  • Marcus: Yeah, I'd be sorry and all that shit you say in such circumstances.
  • Maccabee: You mean, if I wasn't the one who killed them? Well, I'd make sure their death has a meaning.
  • Baitsakhan: I'd avenge them.
Wine Lifting Tip

My brother and I came up with a super easy and not sus way to lift wine from our local groccery store. We literally live right across the street from this place so we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t think it was safe. I don’t usually lift food, just alcohol if I really need it. My brother and I both look like we COULD be 21, so we wouldn’t be a red flag in the wine aisle, but we’d almost definitely get carded if we tried to buy alcohol, so we tend to look for the stand alone racks first. 

Basically, we go in the store together with two resusable shopping bags, one smaller and one larger. he carries them both while I grab food and things we’re going to buy and put them in the bags, leaving the big one empty (we stuffed a few other reusable bags in there so it doesn’t look like we are carrying an empty bag). When we pass the small displays of wine not in the wine aisle, I plop a bottle or two into the smaller bag with the food we’re going to buy. We go to the self check-out and he holds the bag while I unload the things we’re buying onto the counter, leaving the wine at the bottom of the bag. He bunches up the smaller bag (now concealing wine) and puts it in the larger bag. We fill up the larger bag with the food we bought and leave, not suspicious at all. 

This was our first attempt, and there’s probably some things we can improve on, but I was so proud and astounded at how easy it was. Definitely going to try again soon. This would basically work for anything that isn’t too big, but I was on the hunt for liquor. 

Hydrangea | NWS PT.2

GENRE: Fluff
MEMBER: Namjoon
SUMMARY: And so it happened.
- Admin Kay

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It was the after-party of your wedding. You’d married the man of your dreams and couldn’t ask for more. The look in his eyes as you walked down the aisle was one you’d remember for life, if it hadn’t been photographed.

But thank the lord that Yoongi and Jungkook had declined being best men and opted for being photographers instead. Insisting that the suits and the standing and the sitting wasn’t their ‘thing’. Although everyone was shocked when they declined, they soon understood their reasoning. After all, photography was their third love, after music and Bangtan, of course, and you knew that pictures they would take would come out beautiful, even if they were unedited.

However, you weren’t prepared for the onslaught of directions happening now. Jungkook was busy photographing the guests and the dancers and the eaters whilst Yoongi was busy directing you guys on how to pose.

“Put your hand there, Y/N!” He shouted.







After much shouting and screeching and Namjoon almost pushing you off the stage because of Yoongi, you guys finally cut the cake. The guys were standing all around you whilst you and Namjoon held the knife, his large hand encasing yours.

“1. 2. 3. GO!” You heard Tae shout. As you and Namjoon cut the cake, the boys released the large party streamers, effectively covering you and Namjoon in confetti and tissue papers.

Moving to the side, you allowed your mum to cut the cake into smaller pieces to give to the guests. The boys however, had other plans for you. Instead of letting you hide out in the corner of your own wedding, they pulled you and your husband to the middle of the dance floor, as their song Butterfly played.

“You look really pretty today.” Namjoon said, once the boys were out of hearing shot.

“I should do. It is my wedding day,” you said, making Namjoon laugh. Unbeknown to you two, Jungkook had migrated to taking photos of you two on the dance floor, and he knew that once he showed you the picture of you looking up at Namjoon whilst he was laughing with his head thrown back, you’d print it out and frame it instantly.

“You’ve improved quite a lot, Jungkookie,” Jin said, as he’d come up behind Jungkook, who was looking through the photos he’d taken so far.

“Thanks Hyung, but it was all because of Yoongi Hyung.” He replied, smiling, before continuing to take pictures.

Whilst that conversation had happened, Hoseok and the 95 line had found their way to the dancefloor, for the surprise performance they’d put on for the bride and groom. It consisted of a lot of wigs, princess dresses and tiaras and you knew that this moment was one you’d forever rewind when showing people your wedding video.

The night ended much later, with the boys cheering you off as Namjoon drove towards the villa he’d rented for a few days. You guys had changed out of your wedding clothes in the bathroom of the venue, which wasn’t ideal but was the easiest.

The car ride was spent with a lot of laughter, and a lot of memories being passed between you two and before you knew it, you were in front of the front door, with Namjoon picking you up bridal style.

“Thank you.” He said, as he set you down onto the floor, once he’d reached the bedroom.

“Why?” You asked.

“You understood me, you stayed with me, you became such an important of my life, yet you never left. You knew how hard it would be to date an idol and you still pushed through it all. I love you so much for that, princess. Thank you.” He said, pushing you back onto the bed and capturing your lips in his.

A few minutes of making out ensued and soon enough, his shirt was off and your dress was being bunched up around your waist. Pulling away from his lips, you started to speak, “Namjoon, I’m not gonna lie, if I wasn’t dating you, I’d probably sacrifice a soul to date you.”

The mouth that was once attacking your neck, was now releasing the most soothing laugh you’d ever heard, and you were so happy to be the reason that he laughed like that.

“Princess, that was such a terrible time to say that.”

“Why? I didn’t ruin the moment, it’s still there,” you replied, grinding your heat against his erection.

“You want to do this?” He asked, hesitating. Although you guys had made out to this point, you’d never gone further. Sure, there were times where his fingers reached your heat or you rubbed yourself against his thigh, but he never took it past that point, merely because you’d told him that you wanted to wait until marriage.

“Yes, I waited so long.” You said, pulling his lips back down to yours.

And so it happened. His body was moving gently against yours, thrusting deep but slow, allowing you to adjust. Low moans were released from his lips, whilst you held on tightly to the sheets. His mouth found his way to your neck and soon you felt the pleasure of him biting you whilst thrusting you.

Quickening his pace, Namjoon held your body in place by placing his large hands on your waist. His lips met yours and you were soon screaming his name, leaving his lips and closing your eyes.

“Look at me, Y/N. Don’t hide from me.” He said, as he rode out your orgasm.

He continued to roll his hips against yours, with you flinching because of your oversensitive clit. “Namjoon, please,” you said, tugging on his hair.

“No, princess. I want to make you realise what you did to me every time you wore those clothes I liked.”

He was thrusting hard and deep into you, not rough, but gentle. He soon stopped, only rolling his hips against yours and nuzzling his head into your neck.

God, Y/N. How did I get so damn lucky?” He said, once he’d released himself into you. Rolling over, he captured you in his arms. Playing with your hair and occasionally kissing it.

Soon enough, his hands wandered down to your waist and he started to pull you up against him.

“I want more.”

No. No, Chris Evans/Captain America IS a Dorito. What in the actual fuck is this abomination??
I’m so incensed, I’m blogging from the snack aisle.
Excuse me, I’d like to see the manager.

N: N’s heart would skip several beats when you stand in the middle of the aisle frozen. He’d try and play it off with nervous laughter, but the sweat on his temples would give it away that he’s freaking out on the inside. He’d try his best to reassure you from afar that everything will be okay, and if necessary, he’ll take one step down from the altar hoping it stimulates you to get your feet moving again. “For a minute there I was a afraid there would be no wedding.”

Leo: Once he sees you frozen in the middle of the aisle, he’ll waste no time to meet you halfway. He’d take your hands in his, making you look him in the eyes although the veil is covering a majority of your face, so he can try and calm your nerves. Screw the audience if they get restless, because he will stand there for as long as it takes until you feel comfortable enough to move with him back toward the aisle. “It’s okay. I am just as nervous. This a really big step, but we’re making it together.”

Ken: Ken’s eyes would momentarily bug out and then he’d become frozen on the altar not knowing what do to at first. So, the two of you would be literally staring at one another for what seems like ages. You’re nervous and he’s freaking out because he thinks you’re having second thoughts. It will be this way until someone makes a move. It’ll most likely be him, considering he would unintentionally crack under pressure and say a joke that would actually remind you of why you fell in love with him in the first place. “*To his best man* Is something wrong with her dress? Or is there something suddenly wrong with me?”

Ravi: Ravi would figure that you’re nervous, but the more you stand there and not making any attempts to get closer to him he’d start to freak out a little. However, because he really wants to get to the honeymoon part already, he’d call out to you or say something only the two of you understand to make you shake off your nerves. You shouldn’t have second thoughts after that. “Through good times and bad times I’ll be here. This apparently starts now. *The audience giggles*”

HongBin:  HongBin would already be more nervous than you, so imagine how he’ll be when you start retreating backwards instead of forwards. This is when his groomsmen or your bridesmaids will come in handy because between the both of you nothing will happen unless there’s some interference. Once you finally get to the altar, he’d release the breath he didn’t even know he was holding. “I was getting worried. I promise you my love is real.” 

Hyuk: Hyuk would be similar to Leo and meet you halfway down the aisle. He’d try and converse with you to see where your head is at before deciding whether or not he should carry you to the altar or make the officiator meet the both of you in the middle of the aisle. Knowing Hyuk, the latter will happen and you’ll feel happy that you married the man before you. “I don’t care what spot we get married in as long we get married. I love you.”

Thanks for asking!
-Admin Cheezy ^_^

Between Shops & Friends

He’d been down the row interspersed with colourful and confusing items for a good fifteen minutes. The staff would think he was a pervert of some kind, lingering in the sanitary napkin aisle. Not that John had wanted to linger especially, he’d postponed this bit of shopping for ages, filling his trolley with all kinds of important items, besides frivolous ones, stalling even the tiniest bit with surveying the savoury aisle more than he’d needed. 

It wasn’t like Mary hadn’t asked him to buy this sort of thing before, though those few occasions were often months apart, and in his own opinion the entire collective line of sanitary packets had altered appearance. He couldn’t wrap his mind around them at all, and he was a doctor. It was only blood, but he didn’t know whether she wanted scented ones or ones with patterns on the inside.

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What would Gom+Kagami be like seeing their s/o walk down the aisle? :3

They’d be all like this

Jk. But it’s pretty close to that.

Kagami the bae: he’d have been very nervous until the second he sees his partner walking down the aisle, questioning himself about all the little things he hadn’t had the time to wonder about, like did he remember to feed Nigou. When he sees their smiling face, it’s like he’s taking a huge breath of fresh air, and suddenly everything’s right. Nothing else matters other than his s/o tearing up as they slowly make their way to him, and he wouldn’t even realize the huge grin he’s wearing or the couple of tears that escaped from his eyes until Kuroko, his best man, quietly point those out.

Kuroko: he wouldn’t show it much, but he’d be also nervous, though not nearly as much as Kagami. Before he sees his partner, it’s like he’s replaying every single moment that led them to finally be married to one another, and when he does see their already crying face, a tear threatens to escape from his eye as an incredible feeling of utter happiness surrounds him. When they finally reach him and smile at him through their happy tears, he knows that everything’s gonna be alright now that they’re finally together forever.

Aomine: he’d be pretty uncomfortable under the suit and the stares of every single person he’s laid eyes upon, wanting with all his might to just get this whole thing over with, grab his partner and run away to their honeymoon. Yet, when he sees their gorgeous figure walking down the aisle - towards him - he can’t help but give the happiest smile ever. He’d end up being so uncharacteristically happy that he wouldn’t be able to wait and just run and hold them in his arms, maybe twirling a bit as his s/o scolds him half-heartedly and the guests just grin.

Kise: the poor baby wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He’s so anxious and agitated and a million thoughts are running through his head - does he look good? Did he remember to lock the door? Why won’t Aominecchi and Kagamicchi stop bickering? - until he sees them in all their beauty and glory and every logical thought flies out the window. No one’d be able to remember who started to cry first - him, or his partner - just that in the moment they finally reach him and their fingers interlock and they look at each other with so much love - all is well.

Midorima: he’d have been running back and forth to make sure everything’s as it’s supposed to be until his best man, Takao, finally knocks some sense into his head and makes him stay prim and proper and wait patiently for his partner. He keeps on looking everywhere and adjusting his glasses, until the music starts. When his partner looks at him with that grin he adores so much, he calms down immediately and smiles softly at them the whole time, holding their hand tightly.

Murasakibara: I don’t think he’d realize how big a wedding is until one of his sisters gush out a ‘omg Atsushi you’re gonna marry ____! You’re gonna spend the rest of your life with them!’ and then he’d be pretty nervous. He wouldn’t show it a lot, but there’s a light frown on his face - mostly because he just wants his ____chin to be his already. Then he sees them walking down the aisle, and a gentle smile lights up his face. He wouldn’t be above walking up to his s/o, grab them by the waist and make for the door until his best man, Himuro, exhasperatedly rushes to him while everyone else laughs.

Akashi: there’d have been a lot of people taking care of the wedding, so he wouldn’t be too worried about every guest being fed properly or the decoration being just so. He’d mostly be wondering about how life with them might be from now on, until he sees their bright smile and gorgeous figure, and a happy smiles settles over his lips. He’d patiently wait for them to reach him, then grab their hand and kiss it, looking at them from under his eyelashes with so much love and adoration it could be felt from miles away.

I’m sorry that I could never be your fairy tale ending. 
It’s just that I always thought that we would end in church bells and shared smiles and you 
were always the cynical one, I guess,
But I couldn’t help imagining floating down the aisle. 
I dreamed you’d come around to the idea of loving me in white. 
I spent so long stuck on our happily ever after, 
I didn’t even notice you scribbling the words 
to our last chapter.
—  Fairy Tale Endings by Auriel Haack

Hi Taylor,

These are my costumes for the 1st and 3rd Melbourne concerts. I never thought I would wear one of these cliché costumes but here I am. 😂

My mum and I will be going to the 1st show together and my younger brother, mum and I will be coming to the 3rd show. We are soooo excited and can’t wait to see you!!! I have a separate post showing my costumes for Brisbane and the 2nd Melbourne concert with both my parents.

If anyone wants to come say hi, the first night we will be sitting level 1,aisle 22 row D seats 434 and 435 and third night level 3 aisle 25 row P seats 365, 366, 367.

Can’t wait to see you, lots of love, Michaela 😘 @taylorswift

Ps-Gotta love brothers

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43. Reunion Kiss

((Gonna go with France for this one because ScotFra is life XD))

Four months. Four long, cruel, dragging months. That was how long Francis had been away from his wonderful girlfriend. He’d been called back to France on a business trip and they’d kept pushing off when he could go home until one night they’d finally told him he’d be going back to Scotland the next day. He’d called Aisling up right away to tell her the great news, and had agreed that she would pick him up from the airport. “I’m going to give you the best kiss of your life first thing when I see you, mon amour.” he promised her before he hung up the phone, and he intended to keep his promise.

When he finally got off the flight and through customs and picked up his bag, he found his lovely Scottish girlfriend waiting for him. Dropping his bags, he embraced her and pulled her into the most passionate and loving kiss he could muster. His right hand threaded into her hair gently and his left pulled her flush against his chest. His eyes were slightly misty with tears and he couldn’t help but smile, but to him it was the perfect kiss. “I missed you so much…” he whispered against her lips.

okay but like any time i think of Calum at his wedding I always picture him wearing a white tux instead of a black one like anything other than a white tux just doesn’t feel right?  Like it would contrast so nicely with his brown skin and darker features like his hair and his eyes.  His pants would be black though to match his tie and shoes, and the tie would be maybe a little off kilter because he’s been nervously pulling at hit as he waits for you to finally walk down the aisle and then when you finally do walk down the aisle there’d probably be some tears that would blur his vision but he’d hold them back because he wants to be able to see you in all your beauty and remember this moment to be as glorious as he always dreamed it would be and then during the after party you and him would dance together, his hands on your waist very gentle almost to the point where he wasn’t so much holding them but resting them on your hips instead and the way his eyes would be looking at you just filled with so much wonder would cause the two of you to stop swaying to the music for a few moments as you two ended up just frozen in time as it seemed to hit both of you at the same moment that wow you two were finally married, you two were finally going to be able to start a family together and just the whole night would be filled with gentle touches and small whispered ‘i love yous’ and shared gazes filled with awe as you looked at the person you were to spend the rest of your life with