“This is so exciting~! What’s next, our own space station? I wanna see the stars up close.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Em, we can’t afford anything like that. But that gives me an idea…”

“What kind of an idea???? Are we starting another supernatural colony, this time on the moon?”

“Wait and see.”

last night I was denouncing some forgettable shitbag to my girlfriend and said “even the ground wouldn’t want him to rot in it” and was instantly projected into the body of a gnarled old irish woman 200 years ago, spinning thread and spitting on the ground as I bitch and look out to sea.

There is nothing in this life but mist,
And we won’t be alive,
but for a little short spell.
—  Aisling’s Song, “The Secret of Kells“ (2009)

I literally cant wait to be a Farm Butch. Out here in an old button up and arran cardigan….keeping chickens….harvesting beets….informing my wife that I’m making a hearty stew for tea and stomping the mud off my boots before I go inside with my bag of eggs and veggies and show my beautiful children them???? That’s the dream man!!!! That and swimming in the sea!!

Terminally-Anxious Fanfics

Master list - Fanfics

I’ll be adding to it as I update each fic, and whenever I write more one shots. 

Aisling -  Blind Virgil and Aid Patton Au - Romantic Moxiety

Art: Logan and Emile // Remy and Roman // Patton and Virgil // D.C

Lost in shadows - Deceit chooses to attack the sides right after ‘Can lying be good?’ - Platonic/familial Lamp

Words hurt - Heavy angst, Virgil centric, (READ WARNINGS BEFORE READING)

One shots