I Came back

Peopleeeeee, *-*  do not know how I got back here after a long time idle. Sorry for the disappearance (very suddenly ’-’) in the middle of this year .. until now. You should ask yourself why the disappearance of the AIshiteru- Hitsugi AAAAA (or not k). I had very little time to get into my blogs (after I leave the links here), and as a thing does not come alone, I lost everything I had in my cookie tutti frutti D: (Hitsugi), all the same … Gifs I would still post, super edited photos, finally .. everything! ¬ ¬ ’… I’ve always been watching over him and Nightmare band off … So this holiday season I’m more free, and I promise to get back with my blogs .. mainly with Aishiteru-Hitsugi. Thanks to all of you who have always been faithful to the blog, and that still continue to follow, and .. HAHA .. COMING SOON. * - * (I love you all  .. all


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