[Trans] 151101 EXOluxion in Fukuoka Day 2 - SUHO
  • Suho introduced himself as Manly(?) 
  • Suho fixed his hair while looking around
  • Suho: Fukuoka has a warmer temperature than Korea. So I think we will feel warmer. Bark: But hyung said yesterday “So cold” Suho: Gomenasai~
  • Baekhyun and Suho did a robot dance.
  • Chen’s shirt actually got lifted by Suho but because of Baekhyun  after that they started hitting each other.
  • Suho said he watched an anime called ‘The fighting’ and he said the main character looks like Kyungsoo.
  • Chanyeol helped Junmyeon tie his untied shoelace. JM thanked him, saying “aishiteru” (I luv u). Then the rest shouted “here, help me too”.
  • Suho: Today was really fun! Thank u for loving us! And because of that in return we will release our Japanese Single of LMR! Pls Anticipate!
  • Suho: On November 4 our Japanese single will be released!
  • Suho: We’ll have a concert in Kyocera dome and Tokyo dome. We’ll have lots of activities in Japan!
  • Suho: to be honest we got worried doing big concerts (dome concerts) so please anticipate for it!

Translation cr: Bambembimbom & junmapanda