Look what I received yesterday! Q//Q ♥

It’s a birthday present the lovely Ouro got me and sent to me a few weeks ago aawwwwwwwwwwwww That little portemonaie kinda travelled through the whole world lol and man I was so damn happy as I got it because AWWWW this is just too cute! And I really really needed a new one because my old one is just a broken mess of a portemonaie ; U ; Haha

And Ouro didn’t even know LOL 

Thank you so much my dear, I am so happy with this and it’s already in usage hehehehehe ♥ <3333 Thank you, thank you, thank you dear! *hugs tightly*

I love it!

Aishiro Yamaki [BlackBooksSymphony]

I am proud of this piece.

It’s not my best piece of art and it’s not super original or special. But I had so much fun drawing this. I couldn’t stop working on it and I enjoyed to add all the little details, trying to improve my current knowledge of shading/lighting by trying out new things.

I want to improve and get better in general. u v u 

Aishiro is an old OC of mine. One of the oldest and the main character of his story in BBS. He’s an Aeon (Avian-Human) and the younger brother of Kanjiro. 

I am still….. dead. Alive… dead… some weird cocktail ah ha ha so sorry. ust don’t expect any kind of replies for the next weeks. I will be online when I feel like it and I will draw when I feel like it. You can send me messages though, it just may take a while to get them answered, ‘kay? u v u

I have a lot to keep up with atm. Looking around for flats for me and my friends because we want to stay in our flat-sharing-constellation, have to prepare my final presentation and so on. 

Between giving myself a little break with TLOZ-Games and trying to find a fitting flat for my people I felt like drawing today which was… interesting. I was actually afraid of touching my GT because I felt like I lost my inspiration and would only draw crap. Getting started was super frustrating and I already expected it to be some kind of art-blockade stuff but I am glad I didn’t give up and got to draw this thing. 

It’s just a WIP of a picture, but I really like it and I am kinda proud of its look so far. Especially since I try out some kind of new technique… and want to get a better feeling for using lights u v u 

Characters name is “Aishiro” and I hope you like him ;A; He’s one of my babies