I know my birthday art can’t compete with the hundreds of awesome skill arts other people may have sent you but please accept this poop. You inspire me in many ways and put a smile to my face with your funny posts, drawings, and stories when ever times are bad for me. I want you to go far in life. DOn’t ever put yourself down because you’re still young and can do so many things with your creations (I mean look at all these sucessful 80yrold ppl who have made the franchises people worldwide love and started the concept art like in their 20s…lol okay not so say itl take you that long omgwtf okay il stop now).

HAPPY BRITHDAY AISHA <3 <3 <3 hav2 a fantastic dat!!

Okay so this is just some fan art for another DeviantArtist  AishaxNekox

Yeah yeah I’m a fanboy,
But I don’t care what anyone says 
I’ve only seen her as a nice person and a great artist :P

So yup

Side note:
This drawing took YEARS! 

Haha just kidding
It only took like three days but it felt like a while :o

I’m actually pretty happy with how this came out! :)(:
Hope you are too <3

Also found on my DeviantArt: 


OMG pardon while I freak out in front of whoever’s out there but I tried to ask a question to one of my idols, aishaxneko, regarding one of her oc’s eyes because I’m in the process of doing fan art for him and it isn’t THAT important but it is to me cause I wanna do SOMETHING right in the picture if nothing else and I attempted to post the ask a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t found her answer and I keep looking but I still can’t find it on like page 17 of her blog and I’m beginning to wonder OMFG did she answer it or did I even send it or is there a reson she didn’t answer it if she didn’t or is it just that I didn’t look hard enough and I just wanna know what colors Skye’s eyes are ARRRRRGHH why must this be so hard should I try to ask it again? should I ask her if she got the question, then if she responds no, ask again? should I drop it and do whatever? I don’t wanna bother her, but this is bothering me to no end, at this point just as an insecurity issue… is there a way to see a record of questions you asked people or something? but Even if I ask again, I don’t get online enough that I’ll get to see the response before it’s buried in stuff…..

*cries on floor on belly in defeat….* 

I was bored and wanted to play with the new pens that I got today that you dip in ink and shit

omfg they’re so cool and they leave a cool texture on the paper and they’re pointy and a;kldfja;lsdghkaldsfkjasdlf;kjadgl;kajsdflkasdg

Anyway, I drew Aisha’s character Skye because I love his design ;a;