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What was the best thing you taught your children?

Recently I realized that I ingrained “do not allow people to mispronounce your name ” into my daughter. I knew I gave her a name that to the English speaker would be difficult to pronounce based off the spelling and so I always let her know that she should make sure everyone that approaches her knows how to pronounce it and not speak to those that will not make an effort to learn it.

She started school and her teacher was butchering her name and my daughter refused to respond to the teacher. So, for a few days the teacher would ask her to do something by calling her the wrong name and my daughter would simply ignore her…until she finally had enough and said “My name is Ajša and not Asia or Aisha”.

The teacher relayed the story to me at the end of that day and apologized profusely for butchering her name and has since learned to pronounce it correctly.

I’m really proud of teaching her the importance of her name.

That’s not the only thing or maybe even the best thing but it something that I am glad I taught her.

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A friend of mine, a brother who has reverted to islam has travelled to Saudi to strengthen his deen and learn Arabic etc, he has been there for the past year, he has recently found out that his wife has been cheating on him, Muslim sister. What do you think he should do ?

as-Salaam Alaykum!

This is a very sensitive topic that Qur'an wants the believers to be extremely careful!

The dignity of women is one of the most important things in our religion.


I would like to remind you the slander our mother Aisha (r'ah) faced and the ayahs Allah sent:

Holy Qur'an, an-Nur 11. Surely those who invented and spread the slander (against Aisha, the Messenger’s wife) are a band from among you. However, do not deem this incident an evil for you; rather, it is good for you. (As for the slanderers,) every one of them has accumulated sin in proportion to his share in this guilt, and he who has the greater part of it will suffer a tremendous punishment.

an-Nur 12: When you heard of it, why did the believing men and women not think well of one another and declare: “This is obviously a slander!”?

an-Nur 13: Why did they not produce four witnesses (in support of the accusation)? Now that they have not produced witnesses, it is indeed they who are the liars in God’s sight.

Allah wants 4 witnesses to testify that she actually cheated. (They have to see the action of cheating! No guessing! No they were in the same house, No they were in the same room! ACTION!). If your friend is not 1000% sure of this, I recommend to be careful!

May Allah clean this situation with His Mercy. Ameen!

[QG - Sala - Tarde]

Eventualmente, os dois maiores chegaram no QG, foram direto para a cozinha, mas a maga não se encontrava lá, o moreno deixou o copo com chocolate, e guardou alguns remédios no armário.

Com o albino colocando as coisas que haviam comprado na mesa, eventualmente, o Mercenário pegou três pratos, onde distribuiu alguns salgados, e um pedaço do bolo que o albino havia carregado, os salgados estavam bem afastados do pedaço do bolo.

De maneira igual, os três pratos já estavam preparados, guardou o restante dos salgados, e o bolo na geladeira.

Suspirou levemente, decidiu guardar o prato de Aisha na geladeira, junto do chocolate quente, era só esquentar depois, pegou o seu prato e um garfo, e para ter alguma mudança de rotina, sentou-se no sofá, e comeu um pedaço de um dos salgados em seu prato.

My worst nightmare came true for one of my friends yesterday when she walked into Hot Topic and saw a cheap mask for sale that was a copy of her design. Hers is on top here.

Cassie makes seriously beautifully skull masks and other goodies, which are up for sale on her website. It’s pretty obvious that someone with no respect or talent googled ‘demon mask’ and copied what they saw. This happens far too often now, where the big guys are ripping off us independent artists with no regard to how much it hurts us financially, emotionally, and creatively. My heart breaks for her right now. She’s talking to a lawyer.