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Ask a final farewell to the mods, I would like Mod Ash to do a Third Advance LP X Third Advance EM.

“Has anyone seen my coat?”

Everyone winces from Add’s yell.  Aisha quietly gets up and leaves the room just before Add storms in.

“Well?” he demands, glaring at the silent Elgang.  “Where’s my coat?  I know one of you took it.”

Absolute, dead silence.  There’s a cricket chirping somewhere.  Ara starts giggling nervously, making Add turn to her.


“Add,” sing-songs Aisha from behind him.

Add turns.

Aisha leans against the doorframe, Add’s coat hanging loose on her lean body.  She’s grinning like a cat.

“Still want to yell at me for stealing your coat?” she asks.

Someone in the Elgang gives a muffled snort.  Aisha blushes.  Add, for once in his life, has absolutely nothing to say.

And then the moment passes.

“I love you, but give me back my coat!” Add makes a lunge for Aisha.  She teleports out of the way.  He chases her.  She keeps teleporting, cackling like a madwoman, and the rest of the Elgang bursts into laughter.


lmao my first contribution to the tododeku tag

i hope this hasn’t already been done >.< and im sorry if the artstyle differs from drawing to drawing bc i dont have a very consistent artstyle to begin with