aisha lopez


Fashion Victim is a product of an illustrator who has a thirst for fashion - with an empty wallet and a guilty mind, as a result of a recent shopping spree. Pencil and sketchbook in hand, she sketches some of the latest trends with illustrations so real it’s like they come to life.

Collaboration by fashion designer, Aisha Lopez & graphic designer, Jonathan Chin

FASHION VICTIM is due to release in a week on JAN 7, 2012!

This is it - we’re a week away from releasing our multimedia video collaboration, Fashion Victim. We’re extremely excited to show you guys what we’ve been working on. It’s incredible to think that this all started with a simple, “Hey, let’s collaborate!” - and boom, 4 months later, we’ve got a product.

We’ve put together a release party specifically for Fashion Victim, as it is something neither of us have ever done before and we’re eager to share. The release will be held on the same night it is set to release online, Jan 7th. If you’re located in the tri-state area and this is something you’re interested in, we’re opening up an invitation to you. Leave a message in our asks, or, let us know if you’re interested in attending and we’ll give you more info on the event! 

The party will be located in the Princeton University area and it’s an excellent opportunity to meet & greet other creatives and of course Aisha Zamm, Jon Chinn, and the models of Fashion Victim!