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Season 12 Cast Promo Photos (updated from this post)

(*patiently still waiting for Joe and AJ’s pictures to be released*)

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How good are the Elgang's selfie games on a scale of 1-10; 1 being the worst?

oh hell yes hell to the motherfucking yes

Elsword is about a five.  His sister’s Snapchat and Instagram have taught him well, but he actually copies off of her quite a lot.  There’s a lot of selfies on his phone of him shirtless and showing off non-existent muscles.

Aisha would be a six or seven if she weren’t so into special effects and filters.  As it is, she’s about a four.  You can barely see her cute poses and adorable outfits with all the sparkles she draws on her selfies, and all the filters she puts over them to make them look “cool” and “magical”.  Going through her selfies is like taking an acid trip.

Rena varies.  Some days she’s a solid eight or nine - perfect poses, makeup on point, fantastic lighting - and other days she’s a two, no matter how hard she tries.  That duck face just doesn’t come out right, or her hand keeps shaking and making her face blurry, or whatever.  It’s about a fifty-fifty shot with her.

Raven is either a ten or a one, depending on your tastes.  If you like muscles and guys with textbook perfect bodies, he’s a ten.  If you think shirtless photos are trashy, he’s a one.  Let’s face it - building back confidence in his own body is about the only thing Raven uses selfies for.

Eve doesn’t see the point of taking selfies, but when someone convinces her to do it, she’s a good eight.  She can get all the components right - lighting, position, et cetera - but there’s a certain “feel” to her selfies that’s just lacking.

Chung is about a six or seven.  He likes looking cute in selfies and using all the puppy dog filters he can, but that’s about all he can do.  The amount of cute that goes into his selfies more than makes up for the fact that it’s all he does.  Looking through his photos almost gave Ciel a nosebleed once.

Ara is horrible at single selfies, but the master of group selfies.  She can artfully manipulate a selfie stick to get everyone into the shot and looking fabulous.  When she’s trying to take a selfie of just herself, though, she’s definitely nearer a two than anything else.  Really, how does one manage to fall down the stairs while posing?

Elesis is a blazing hot seven.  She doesn’t pay much attention to convention, ignoring lighting and makeup in favor for more “real” shots.  Sometimes it works, and you can find a picture of her eating smores with perfect contrast of the firelight on her face, or pulling some dumb prank with the selfie seemingly alive with energy.  Other times…. well, ignoring how lighting works doesn’t always work out in your favor.

Add doesn’t always take selfies, but when he does, they’re HORRIBLE.  Elesis is thinking of giving him some intensive coaching so she doesn’t have to see one more bloody cat-eared filter on this boy.  If Add wasn’t so obsessed with kitty ears, he might hover around a five or six - but no, he loves the fluffy ears, so he’s a solid one.

Lu has Ciel take pictures of her.  What, you expected her to take her own selfies?  Pff, that’s for peasants!  Going by the pictures Ciel takes, though, she’s about a four - she’s photogenic, sure, but Ciel tends to drop the camera when he gets a nosebleed.

Ciel is around a four, and he uses selfies mostly to complain or to snap “casual” shots of Lu.  He tends to delete the complaining ones, and Lu makes him delete the others.  Even despite that, Ciel doesn’t really have a good grasp on what makes a good photo, and you can often find his camera either zoomed in too far or out too far.

Rose takes selfies with Zero to pass the time when she’s stalking her current quest target.  Zero doesn’t even smile anymore.  Rose has gotten to be a solid nine with her constant practice.

Ain didn’t know what a selfie was until Elsword introduced him to them.  When he realized it was a human thing to do, and that Elsword was really into them, he practiced until he hovers around an eight.  It doesn’t at all hurt that he’s quite hot.

And then there was one...

Criminal Minds cast then (2005) and now (2016):

I was looking at some cast photos the other day and when I found one from the CBS UpFronts 2005, I realized Matthew is the only “original” cast member left.  Technically, AJ was a series regular in season 1, but she wasn’t added on the show until episode 2 (so she didn’t do the original promotions for UpFronts and TCA’s) and while Kirsten was in most of the season 1 episodes she was a recurring member and wasn’t added to the regular cast until season 2.

So Matthew is the only one in the then and now picture.

Also pretend Adam is in the now picture.

Excuse me while I go sob.

That's Rich
Aisha de Haas
That's Rich

What can we say: Aisha de Haas (”Rent,” “Caroline of Change”) has taken her place as one of the greatest Medda Larkins. Her performance is just so effortless, her ability to float into light mix and phrase lines so differently. Just amazing. AND THAT LAST NOTE THOUGH. Incredible.

They’re all just so precious

Like look at AJ in her chair, she looks so happy, and then MGG is just casually leaning back in his, like his chair is literally off the ground. And then Kirsten and Aisha are in the back and they’re just both super happy and like “ooh yay picture time” and then Joe is sitting there all chill like “let the cute kidddies have their moment”.

They’re all so precious and perfect. I love these guys 😊


Procrastinating from English Coursework and so here is a masterlist for you all of my imagines. You may want it, or you may not want it but I really don’t want to do my coursework so I might aswell waste my time effectively! :) 

In this list you will find:

- Youtubers (Jack and Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Jai Brooks)

- Logan Lerman

- Niall Horan 

- 5SOS (Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood)

- Nathan Sykes

- The Vamps (Connor Ball, Brad Simpson)

- Taron Egerton

- Dylan O’Brien

(Can we also keep in mind some of these imagines are from 3 years ago now, so they’re not exactly the best! And some are just general whereas others were requests written for specific people, but they can still be read, you can just substitute yourself in!)

Jack Harries:

- You meet him on the beach after he accidentally hits you with a ball (For mariahakharchen )

- He is your waiter when you get stood up on a date

- You’re throwing out old clothes (For therebeccam)

- He gets angry that Caspar likes you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For rawrnarryfeels)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You go camping together (For bieberfeverlife)

- He saves you from falling off of a cliff (For saartjedegroot)

Finn Harries:

- You train at the gym together (For seewhatmakesyoubeautiful)

- You babysit his sister (For pinetreeskatekd)

- You’re a vampire (For hazelharries)

- You’re a vampire part 2 (For hazelharries)

- You meet him at the airport when you go to a swimming competition (For strawberry-narry)

- He sets you up on a blind date, and then admits he loves you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For gretchynmarie)

- You meet filming School of Comedy 

- You meet on a quiz show (For Marissa)

- He helps you prepare for your Oxford interview (For sailuvsjackandfinn)

- He hires a motorbike (For kassietehe) 

- You go shopping together (For infinite-unique)

- You think he’s forgotten your birthday (For gorgeous-youtube-crew)

- You meet in the supermarket (For Darcy)

- You think he’s cheating on you (For harrystylesismyaddiction)

- He’s a life guard (For infinity-blogs-and-beyond)

- You watch Paranormal Activity together (For lusjustdreamon)

- He surprises you with a puppy (For fuckyoufuckinfucker)

- You go paintballing together (For finnsbigschlong)

- You celebrate your “friendship anniversary” (Feauturing Caspar Lee) (For day-dreamerdressage)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You and Finn are known as the schools pranksters (For captainstypayhorlikson)

- He tries to cheer you up after you are sent hate messages (For celinetheviolene)

- You break up with Finn to go to Juliard (For ninasfirstblog)

- You return from Juliard (For thewantedsparkle)

- He finds out you self harm (A/N: This was requested, I no way myself would romanticise self harm, and please if anybody would like someone to talk to my ask is always open, don’t feel you have to go through things alone)

- He makes you a photo collage for your anniversary (For jackthemaomslover)

Marcus Butler:

- You help him when he loses his glasses (For maydayemotions)

- You meet in a park (For caroline-is-cray-cray)

- You paint him (For k-i-n-g-s-and-q-u-e-e-n-s)

Alfie Deyes:

- You meet at the New Years Eve countdown in Times Square (For sonnyeclipse)

- You meet at the library (For gretchynmarie)

- You make a cake together (For Breanna)

- You meet out dog walking 

- You go to watch the London Olympics together (For jconnxo)

- The lift breaks down when you’re both in it (For gretchenweiners1)

Caspar Lee:

- You give him a tour of London (For yaslineforeverandalmostalways )

- He thinks you’re cheating on him with Jack (For naterubate)

Troye Sivan:

- You go to a private boarding school and he walks past the gates everyday (For addictedtothe1d)

- He gives you a promise ring at the beach (For delaneyschneider)

- He gets jealous that you’re on a date (For 1d-prefs-outfitsgalore)

- He finds your song book (For ali-hayne-rides-the-payne-train)

Kian Lawley:

- He’s your older brother and teases you that cheerleading isn’t a sport

Connor Franta:

- You’re in a drama class with him (For youtubers-andstuff)

Jai Brooks:

- You meet him whilst on holiday in Sydney (For hazelharries)

Logan Lerman:

- He watches you play the piano (For Rosie)

Niall Horan:

- You like him but he has a girlfriend (For madagascar180200)

- You get Niall and Harry to play a prank on stage (For Rosie)

Luke Hemmings:

He forgets about your date and goes out with the boys instead (for 5seconds0fsex)

- He admits he likes you after the boys bully him into it (for Indie)

- You play fight with him and he admits he likes you (Featuring Niall Horan) (For Poppy) 

- You find out you’re pregnant (For Beckzi)

- You do something daring to get him to notice you at a concert (For 50shadesofsharae)

- You help him make the bed (For theodahorse)

- He finally tells you he likes you (with a bit of help from Liz) (For chloehemming)

- You go to a baseball game with him, Ashton and Calum (Featuring Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin) (for Michelle)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Michael Clifford:

- He dyes his hair for you 

- You both play your “surprise outfit” game (For boybandss-and-youtubers)

- He forgets he’s given you one of his favourite tshirts (For urbanlune)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Ashton Irwin:

- He’s the new boy and he sticks up for you (For xxthepaynatorxx)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Calum Hood:

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Nathan Sykes:

- You meet him fundraising for Red Nose Day (For Bianca)

You meet each other in a coffee shop

- You think he’s cheating on you with Ariana

- You do photography together (For kellisykes)

Connor Ball: 

He teases you for being small (Featuring Tristan Evans)

- He surprises you with pizza (For along-came-connor)

- You try to put him off when he’s doing a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For urbangrxnge)

Brad Simpson:

You hate each other, but soon realise it’s because you both secretly like each other (For hannahtomlinsonblog)

- He leaves you his number after you serve him in a pub (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For fieldingoutside)

- You’re on a late night food stop on tour

- You visit your own private beach together (For Grace)

- You go to see him at a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the band) (For Bella)

- You go to the beach with the boys and Brad admits he likes you 

- You surprise Brad on his birthday

- You go travelling with Brad

Taron Egerton:

- He gets bored of you doing work and makes you watch Wolverine

- You break up with Dennis (Asbo)

-You visit him on the set of Legend

Dylan O’Brien:

- He looks after your daughter on set

- He waits for you whilst you’re in detention

- You join the cast of Teen Wolf (the notes on this one are crazy, thank you so much!)

- You distract Dylan whilst he’s in a lesson

- You surprise him at ComicCon 

- He ditches a showbiz party to spend the night exploring with you

- You’re trying to distract him whilst he’s filming

- He’s your best friend and wants to protect you at all costs because he secretly has feelings for you

You and Dylan bring your kittens to meet the Teen Wolf cast (Featuring the rest of the Teen Wolf cast) (For Aisha)

You spend a romantic night together under the stars

You go to the beach together

You’re a famous youtuber and you meet him on set 

You take a picture with him on the last day of school

He comforts you as you’re scared of driving in the rain

You go to prom together

He talks about how much he misses you in an interview

You always take pictures of each other at embarrassing times (for audrey-loves-ya-blog)

- He looks after you’re daughter when you’re filming a film together (For Julianna)

- He photobombs a picture of the Tylers on set (For damned-by-love)

- You surprise him at a photoshoot 

- Stiles sticks up for you in a club

- Stiles worries about you playing lacrosse 

Let me know if any of the links are wrong and I’ll sort them out :)

Critic’s Notebook: In Praise of the New Wave of TV Casting Inclusivity

Shows like ‘Queen Sugar,’ 'Greenleaf,’ 'Underground,’ 'Roots,’ 'Insecure,’ 'Atlanta’ and 'Luke Cage’ are exposing how much talent is out there.

A few isolated Twitter accusations that Marvel’s Luke Cage is racist for its lack of well-rounded white characters are the stuff of clickbait articles that I want no part of.  

Complaining that one or two (or even five or 10) current shows have become the inversion of the sort of racially imbalanced casting that Hollywood has relied on for over a hundred years on the big screen and for six or seven decades on TV is sadly hilarious and also taking exactly the wrong lessons from a trend I’ve been happily noticing over recent months. Rather than giving those few Twitter whiners a lecture on hegemony, I want to accentuate the positive.

After years of struggles to find even a few actors of color to play leads or even token roles, casting directors have suddenly been able to fill whole, multi-tiered casts with African-American actors, almost as if when the parts are created and suddenly became available, there turned out to be actors capable of filling them. Crazy, right? And it’s been practically one new show or miniseries every few weeks, so it’s not like the same 15 actors are popping up in everything. In fact, there’s almost no overlap at all, either among the actors or the casting directors bringing them together.

In some cases, it’s entirely unknown actors getting their first shots at regular TV work. In other cases, it’s veteran character actors reveling in the most substantive ongoing work of their careers. Sometimes the actors have been brought over from across the pond, but mostly they’re being found in our own domestic production backyards, the places you tend to find actors who want to work.

We/I write so much about struggles and failures of inclusivity in TV casting that I wanted to write something in praise of the stars and casting directors on such TV vehicles as:

Roots — None of its individual stars were nominated for Emmys, which says more about the depth of the limited series/miniseries category than anything else, but the casting team (led by Victoria Thomas, Leo Davis and Lissy Holm) got a well-earned Emmy. Whether they’re new discoveries or just under-recognized actors getting a big and visible platform, performers like Malachi Kirby, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Emyri Crutchfield, Regé-Jean Page, Michael James Shaw and many more should get a huge career boost from their Roots work.

Underground — WGN America’s antebellum series is all historical, so it may have scared away big audiences, but what if I tell you that it’s just a great action series that happens to use the Underground Railroad as a backdrop? Giving Aldis Hodge and Jurnee Smollett-Bell, who look and act like they ought to be A-listers but “somehow” aren’t, the kind of lead roles they’ve long deserved is one of the show’s big achievements, but all additional exposure for actors like Johnny Ray Gill, Alano Miller, Chris Chalk, Amirah Vann and more is a plus, so kudos to casting directors Kim Coleman, Eric Dawson, Carol Kritzer and Robert J. Ulrich.  

Greenleaf — OWN’s summer sleeper hit got a boost from a recurring turn from Oprah Winfrey, but the show should be hailed for giving Keith David and Lynn Whitfield some of the best material of their careers as well as a supporting cast of less familiar actors culled by casting directors Craig Fincannon, Lisa Mae Fincannon and Kim Coleman.

Queen Sugar — Hail director and creator Ava DuVernay and also casting director Aisha Coley, because this OWN drama should provide breakouts for the likes of Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Dondre Whitfield and particularly Kofi Siriboe, as well as the myriad writers and directors given opportunities to shine here.

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