A friend told me last week about challenges that Minted has, and I decided to dive into an illustration to submit. This is a detail shot of what I created. This entire piece on a whim; I drew a funky tree and loved the shape of it and ran with that style. This was incredibly fun and I’m thrilled to submit it to Minted!! Please take a moment to head over to the link: to vote for my piece! Share it with your friends, vote for it; I really appreciate your support!

Thanks guys! Hope you enjoyed this new piece of work. :) it’s definitely a new style for me!!

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After seeing that Pokemon/Disney mash-up I started thinking about what Disney characters would be perfect as Pokemon gym leaders/characters so I came up with this one so far.

Ariel - Gym Leader of Cerulean City.

[I just realized I made her suspenders too short haha. Its all good though]