aise krom


On Friday night I went to Parramatta with KNK to watch them performance at some dance battle event thing. On the way home during the switchover at Granville, we accidently caught the train back to Parra but the screen said the train was heading towards Campbelltown?

Slept at Kimmey’s before heading for work the next morning. Saturday’s are so busy to work on.. but I had to cover the shift I’m taking off next week. That night My sister and her bf took Kimmey and I to Fat Panda for dinner. Kimmey didn’t know the ‘mershed perderder’ picture but kept laughing when I said it.

Went back home and I introduced her to my parents. I think I interrupted their sex session but I called them outta their room anyways and everything went better than expected. So now my parents know I have a girlfriend. Kimmey slept over and we managed to sleep on my tiny single bed somehow.

Sunday = work again. practiced reverse parking. nothing else.