My sister and I went to Bloggers United 3 yesterday at Grand Events Place Makati. The place was jam-packed! There were more bloggers (as compared to the previous ones), an international blogger plus an endless list of great sponsors. I wasn’t able to go to the very first one since i was in HK that time but I was able to attend the second one last December 3 at Treston. And I must say, BU3 is the best so far! Seriously looking forward to BU4! :) Congrats to the Bloggers United Team, Aisa Ipac, Ana Gonazlez and Melai Entuna for another successful and awesome Bloggers United! :) 

This is what welcomed me upon entering the venue. I wasn’t kidding when I said that the event was jam-packed! 

I didn’t have much photo of the booths because I was busy looking for my favorite bloggers and meeting new people, oh and yes, shopping! haha. 

While roaming around the place, I kept on seeing familiar faces but I was too shy to approach them and for some, I was having second thoughts if it was really them. haha.

But on the other hand, I met Nades! yay! she was indeed bubbly and all! :) 

When I saw her, I wasn’t sure if she was with Izumi or Guen and I was too shy to ask, sorry, hihi, only to find out (after seeing Celina’s post) that it was Guen who was with her. I also didn’t recognize Celina until I saw her post *whatiswrongwithmehahahamissedmychancetomeetthetwofothemcutiepieskawaiiloverswhoalsolovescloisonnelikemehuhunexttimenexttime* 

With Anastasia Siantar!!!!!!! I can die now! She’s super pretty and friendly! She even used my pen. Hihi! #fangirl 

With Crissey! nu ni nu ni nu! Finally I met her! She’s such a cutie! 

With my favorite gondo girl (and self proclaimed twin! hahahaha!),  Domz! I love her bracelet! If only it was for sale. Haha. I first met her last Multiply Shopping party. Notice something with her hair and my hair? Hahaha. (and she was also in Singapore when I went there, told you twins, lol jk. Hahaha.) #superfangirl  

With the love chic, Seph and Shai! They both have superb hair colors and don’t they look alike? :) #cutestcoupleever 

Cheyser Pedregosa

The Enciso twins! Haha. Kidd! Vern & Verniece. :) 

Valerie Chua 

My Ultimate and Oh so Fierce Mudra, Divine Lee

More Pictures under the cut! :)

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