airy living room

Fairy Godmother

8 days old.

The Woman glanced around the airy, open living room cluttered with everything from medical texts to Thomas the Train Engine toys. Flowers and cards of congratulations were scattered about along with a handful of pink balloons proclaiming ‘It’s A Girl!’.

How quaint, Mr. Holmes, Irene Adler smirked to herself. How very quaint.

At the sound of footsteps on the stairs, The Woman looked up to see Molly Hooper appear in the doorway with a shy little boy clinging to her leg. Mousy no more, the now mum of two was absolutely glowing. Her hair was shorter now, only barely brushing her shoulders, but there was a new vitality about her. Motherhood, Irene guessed.

“Hello.” Molly Hooper fully entered the room with her little shadow not far behind. She smiled warmly—albeit tiredly—at The Woman. “Sherlock will be back down in a minute—she needed a change. Say hello, Will.”

The little boy shyly peeked around his mother so that Irene could see a mop of copper curls before the three year old darted back into hiding.

The Woman stood, picking up the package wrapped in baby blue and walked carefully toward the little boy, her high heels clicking on the hardwood. “I have a present for you, little one.”

William Alexandro Holmes dared a step out of hiding to gaze at up at The Woman with wide brown eyes. “You do?” he asked in a sweet, little boy lisp.

“I do.” The Woman kneeled so that she was nearly eye level with him. She took him in eagerly, intrigued. She calculated Sherlock’s curls and long face and mouth in his cute little boy face. “You’re a darling little thing, aren’t you?”

The little boy blushed sweetly, warming up to this newcomer. He took the present and began tearing at the paper.

“Thank you,” Molly Hooper said, utterly sincere. “But you didn’t have to do this.”

The little boy let out a shriek of delight as he got the last of the paper off. It was a kid’s doctor kit. “Look mummy, look! Now I can be a doctor like you and Uncle John!”

“Oh my goodness.” Molly patted his head, affectionately, maneuvering around him and into the room so she could sit down in Sherlock’s chair with careful movements. “What do you say to Ms. Adler?”

“Thank you thank you thank you!” Will tackled The Woman with an unexpected hug before returning to his new toy.

Irene stood and resumed her position on the couch, assessing Molly Hooper. The pathologist had intrigued her from the moment she’d realized the depth of Sherlock Holmes’ affection. Affection akin to devotion. Molly Hooper was tucked up safely in the chair, gazing easily back. No jealousy between them. Not anymore.

“I hear it was a rough delivery.”

Molly Hooper grimaced prettily. “She’s a Holmes, after all.”

“Indeed.” Irene agreed with a laugh.

“Pray tell,” intoned a deep, spine tingling voice from the doorway, “what that is supposed to mean?”

Molly and Irene shared a knowing look that only made Sherlock Holmes frown deepen as he walked in, carefully cradling a small bundle in his arms. He was all but glowering at The Woman who looked evenly back.

“Daddy, look!” Will held up a play stethoscope and the detective’s expression softened considerably, but still held a hint of suspicion.

“Remind me again why you’re here and why I shouldn’t have Mycroft’s men forcibly remove you from my home?” he asked of Irene.

“Sherlock.” Molly Hooper admonished, but her eyes were sparkling with humor at the whole situation. The woman The Woman was sitting in their living room bestowing gifts on their children. It was odd to say the least. Borderline uncomfortable.

“May I hold her?”

Sherlock’s grip visibly tightened on his daughter but he slowly approached the sofa, lowering the tiny newborn into Irene’s waiting arms. He sat himself down beside them as if he were loath to let the baby out of arm’s reach.

Irene ignored him and marveled at the tiny little girl. She was precious and pink with a hint of blonde hair atop her head. “She’s a doll. My God, look at her. I want one.”

“Get your own.” Sherlock said flatly.

“What is her name?” Irene murmured, cuddling her closer.

“Caroline Artemis Holmes,” Molly said, biting her bottom lip. “But we’re going to call her Carrow.”

“Hello there, little Carrow.” Irene Adler cooed. “We’re going to have such fun, you and I.“

Can’t Buy Love, Chapter Two

Dan x Reader (Y/N)

Warnings: Language, angst, fluff, romance, and lots of smut.

Enjoy! -Meg x

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Surprisingly, getting the interview to be Mr. Howell’s maid was pretty easy. When she called the number on the card- as Mabel told her- a kind sounding woman named Gale answered the phone. The call was short and sweet- Gale instructed her to write down their address and to be there at promptly 4pm the following day, wearing interview-appropriate clothes. “Mabel was a loyal and kind soul. It’s a shame to see her go, but if she trusts you enough to direct you to us- I’m sure you’ll do just fine”

Y/N didn’t mention that she just met Mabel practically an hour prior, and she knew better than to ask Mabel or Gale exactly why she quit. But hey- a job was a job. 

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