*Gulp* Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the sexiest of them all?


My Grandpa and I saluting each other. Thank you to all who are serving, who have served and those that have sacrificed; it is because of your brave and selfless souls that we have the peaceful country and these lives that we can enjoy with our loved ones. May you all never be forgotten and always remembered. #remembrance day #veteran #military #soldier #sailor #airman #airwoman #poppy #poppies #cenotaph #respect

I am ready for love
I am ready for whatever it comes and whatever it happens.
I am ready for Thursday for whatever it happens. This trip will decide weather or not is worth being in a relationship with mike. Don’t get me wrong, I am scared and mixed feelings are passing by my entire body and soul.
We’ll see if my family accepts him and how he interacts with my brother and my sister.
This is like a HUGE deal for me because I have only brought one guy to meet my family and that was years ago with the whole engagement shit and whatnot but that’s long past ago and completely different situations.
We are young adults, we are both passionate about what we are doing, we both have goals in life. I’m hoping the week that he gets to be with me and my family goes well. I’ll be taking him back to the airport because he can’t miss much school and work. But I am happy I am at least spending one week with him. We are all set for Thursday and he flights in to Cle on Wednesday night,spent the night here and then we ready to go on Thursday evening.
Fudge I’m so damn nervous in so many ways but whatever happens , Happens.
If it goes well then I guess we will be in a relationship even if we are far away. If it doesn’t then well then I guess it wasn’t meant to be but that’s also ok.
At least I can say that we give it a try

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Sister back from Korea 😱💗 #Surprise #AirWoman