Noordyun Norseman by Jason Pineau


it turns out, if there are literal years of your life you don’t remember, there’s probably a reason for not remembering them??

and that probably things aren’t as good as you remember them, cause you blocked out almost everything.

and it also turns out, if you do try to ~just remember things~ on your own, it’ll mess you up.


The Airbus A380 is the largest passenger plane in the world, this huge badass aircraft can carry 525 people in the 3 class configuration (economy, business and first class) or have 853 seats in an all-economy configuration.

Emirates is the biggest operator of this giant although the introduction of the happened with Singapore Airlines in 2007.

The photo of the British Airways A380 was sent by @rigs83-stuff

In case you are wondering, the Bulgarian Mig-29 escorting the Lufthansa A380 is real, the Bulgarian Air Force welcomed the A380 when it first visited Sofia, the bulgarian capital city.

If you have any contribution or would like to sent a photo series of your favorite plane, don’t hold back, sent it to me and i’ll upload them!

akazeiti  asked:

Do pugs have it worse in australia, considering how hot it is over there ?

I’ve only practiced in Australia, so I don’t have a comparison to other countries, but they definitely suffer in the heat. So do all our brachycephalic breeds - french bulldogs, boston terriers, pekingese, dogue de bordeaux etc. Pugs get the worst rap because they’re the most common of the brachycephalic breeds and they’re frequently obese which makes their propensity to overheating significantly worse.

On top of that, because they’re basically always panting and wheezing, owners don’t recognize the increased panting as a symptom and are then surprised when the poor thing keels over, dead.

The absolute worst example of this was an owner that walked not one, but both of their overweight, pugs to the clinic, in the middle of the day on a stinking hot summer day for a minor skin complaint.

These dogs arrived with their eyes bulging, leg muscles tremoring, and temperatures on nearly 42 degrees Celsius (108 Fahrenheit). They were struggling to breathe and cool themselves so badly that their gum colour was turning purple instead of pink, and their blood oxygen readings in room air were below 80%.

The dogs, of course, were rushed through triage by our nurses as an emergency, because they were. While they set up intravenous fluid sets and active cooling, I went to ask the owner’s permission to begin giving first aid cooling to their heat stressed dogs.

Which they declined.

“They’re fine.”

“They always pant like that.”

“We’re just here for his rash.”

“I don’t have time for that.”

Because their owner absolutely, steadfast refused to believe that their dogs were going into heat stroke, and was actually getting pissed off at me for ‘wasting their time and not looking at the skin’.

What am I supposed to do in that situation? Treatment’s actively declined, the owner is belligerent, and the dogs are getting steadily worse as you stare at them because their airways are so atrocious to begin with? And if they walk these dogs back home, in this heat, they will almost certainly die?

I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, but I snatched the dogs, gave them to the waiting nurses in the treatment room, and returned to the conversation with the owner. And ultimately ended up gaining consent to treat so both dogs didn’t up and die on me by offering to do it for free, and keep the dogs there all day so the owner could get to work, which was everything I could offer to get consent for emergency treatment for a condition the owner had just caused.

Can you tell I’m still kind of furious about this?

And then come evening the pugs’ owners showed up to walk them home. And got even more pissed off at me for refusing to release them unless they came with their car and air conditioning.

So yeah, pugs have a very bad time in the heat.

Airways: Indie Rock at its finest.

Airways is a new British indie band based in Peterborough, England. Their sound is comparable with bands like Arctic Monkeys, The 1975 and Twenty One Pilots.

“rather die trying to make it than… die not trying to make it! Do or do not, there is no try”

In 2016 they put out their debut single Ghost Town’. However, they started gaining recognition only recently with their ‘Starting to Spin’ EP. Every song on this EP is kinda different but still has something in common with other songs. Which is a good thing, obviously.

Their newest single released on September 14th, ‘Alien’ is very similar to their Starting to Spin EP. With a bit more pop-like chorus. (In a good way though, not annoying/commercial way)

I think this is the sound a lot of people are looking for and I strongly recommend their songs ‘White Noise Boys’ and ‘Reckless Tongue’.