airwalk womens

I like to do everything in threes. I talk in threes, I write in threes, and I style in threes. In this case, I matched my hat, top, and shoes. When you style in threes, you can pull any outfit together. And, if you’re looking to add a little excitement to your simple outfit, DIY your shorts with a little fabric, thread, and a needle. Don’t get rid of your old cutoffs! Just “spice” them up a bit!

x, KayKay

We decided to do 30 different activities in 30 seconds to show you all the things you can do in Airwalks. Yes, dancing with a random man in a full purple suit on the side of the street is one of them. ;) x, Madeline & KayKay

Filmed by: Alexander Noyes, Madeline Becker, & KayKay Blaisdell
Edited by: Madeline Becker
Music by: Chase Meier