The crimes of summer unaddressed by the federal election
As the leaders of Canada's major political parties continue election campaigning, there appears to be little interest in addressing Canada's role in war crimes and dangerous military escalations. Why?

As the leaders of Canada’s major political parties descend on backyard barbecues, kiss babies, and glad-hand supporters, there appears to be little interest in addressing Canada’s role in war crimes and dangerous military escalations committed half a world away this summer.

Their names are not met with moments of respectful silence along the campaign trail, but among those killed earlier this year in a “Coalition” airstrike in Syria were a shepherd in his late 60s, Ibrahim al-Mussul, and his daughters Jozah (27) and Zahra (25). The Syrian Network for Human Rights reported: “Their bodies were shredded. We found Ibrahim’s hand next to his house, and we were still collecting bits of flesh and body parts into the early hours of the following morning.”

They are among the thousands killed with Canadian military technology and CF-18 fighter jets. And they need to be remembered as lefty partisans dream of an NDP victory in October. Indeed, as many hope for that historic change in government, they need to prepare themselves for an unpleasant reality that will require a major effort in seeking accountability: absent a major grassroots push, a Mulcair government would be in charge of funding and employing – not dismantling – this nation’s tools of mass violence and terror.

Among those tools are Canadian fighter jets participating in a major bombing campaign of Iraq and Syria (which, to its credit, is a campaign that the NDP says it would end). Not so clear is the NDP’s position on the Canadian military readying itself to provoke Russia with October war “games” involving five Canadian warships, assorted bomber planes, and 1,600 ground troops, which will join some 36,000 of their NATO brethren.

Furthermore, the NDP will be faced with decisions about Canada’s close ally, Saudi Arabia, which is engaging in the same crimes committed by ISIS, from beheadings in the public square to destruction of UNESCO World Heritage sites. In addition, the Saudi regime has been violating the sovereign nation of Yemen (with no comment from Harper, who accuses Russia of doing the same in Ukraine) with a horrific campaign of bombing that has created what the Red Cross has labelled a humanitarian catastrophe akin to the war in Syria. […]

Open maps like plr_hightower, plr_nightfall, and plr_pipeline are ideal for rocket jumping. With both teams scrambling for the cart, you can find easy targets, especially if they are trying to push the cart up an incline. Once you fill up your clip to max with The Airstrike, you can complete this objective in a matter of minutes. I got this completed after two rounds on plr_pipeline.

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Another monastery destroyed in Syria

Aug. 21 – Islamic State’s media office distributed photographs on social media sites of what it said was the destruction on Thursday of the Mar Elian monastery. A headline on the photographs reads, “Mar Elian monastery, worshiped without God.”

Islamic State captured Qaryatain on Aug. 5. Government forces responded to the capture of Qaryatain by launching airstrikes targeting Islamic State fighters in the town, according to Syrian state media. Those airstrikes may have caused initial damage to the Mar Elian monastery before it was razed by Islamic State, one Assyrian expert said.

“The monastery has been completely removed but we are quite sure it was not only demolished by [Islamic State] but it was previously partially demolished by the Syrian regime’s aircraft bombarding the Qaryatain city,” said Osama Edward, Stockholm-based director of the Assyrian Human Rights Network.

In the past five years of civil war in Syria, the monastery has served as a haven for both Christians and Muslims fleeing the conflict, according to residents.

Mar Elian was founded in the 5th century A.D. as a Syriac Orthodox Monastery, according to the Assyrian International News Agency. 

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Devstream 58 Synopsis
  • Geoff’s broken back and Rebecca’s cold
  • Steve makes fun of Sheldon for fucking everything up while he was out of the office.
  • Something about a Shade buff
  • Something about a refund
  • Scott hopefully joking about reverting shotguns to being shit.
  • “Catbrows” are another Grineer thing that’s gonna fuck over stealth players even more. Also they’re ugly as shit. Obtaining one yourself is convoluted as fuck.
  • Really sexy new Warframe skins for Rhino, Trinity and Saryn. Saryn skin worries me a plant frame will never happen though. Trinity’s looks like a Persona. 
  • Something about another Valkyr rework.
  • J3 Golem raid is in playtesting and will be out soon. Kela De Thaym rework has something to do with it.
  • Zed/Bacon frame. Will be a brawler. Hopefully not shit.
  • WE GOIN TO THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON (and the Orokin fucked it pretty bad)
  • Syndicate primaries.
  • Echoes/Smells/Other senses of the Sentients.
  • Steve recaps reveals at Tennolive in Germany.
  • Alternative lisets and airstrikes.
  • First public reveal of the Grineer sentinel. Spoiler alert it’s gonna be shit. Saw this in DC Thread weeks ago and just shook my head.
  • Sheldon sits on the couch and smiles and nods the whole time.
  • Scott looks stoned.

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#‎SpeakUp4SyrianChildren #Douma_exterminated #‏دماء_دوما_لن_تسامحكم‬ #syria #AssadCrimes  ‪#‎ClearTheSky‬
As a Preliminary result About 20 martyrs and more than 120 injured today by Airstrikes of Assad forces on civilians in #Douma near damascus and there are a lot of missing still under the rubble .
massacre continue in syria


What is the difference between the Turkish state and the Islamic State? Both are a mass-murderous, children-massacring terrorist organizations with a rapist mentality, whose objective is to eliminate the Kurds. The world is applauding Turkey now for the few airstrikes on ISIS after Turkey allowed them to cross the border easily, provided them with guns, and watched them massacre Kurds in Kobane. 

After the caliph called Erdogan failed to get his one-man rule in the democratic elections, he launched an all-round war on the Kurds, killing 2 years of peace process… And today, with the approval of the NATO, the Turkish police and army “who are engaged, who have children, whose wives are pregnant”, murdered another three civilians who had sought refuge in a house in Silopi, North Kurdistan.

Major Mariam Al Mansouri is the first female pilot for the UAE serving as team leader in the U.S. led coalition airstrikes against ISIS in Syria and the first woman to join the Emirati Air Force. She serves as squadron commander, piloting F-16 fighter jets.