Keke, a collection of my Yukimura Toru cosplay photos I have so far (plus a bonus team selfie image of me and the rest of Toy Gun Gun xD)

We haven’t had time to do a proper full shoot yet but I really want to, Yuki is one of my favourite cosplays <3.  I feel on point!! <3 Which I don’t get to feel much in cosplay, I’m sure lots of u guys can relate to that feeling xD I wish there was a season 2 TT^TT


El trolleo es fuerte en Corea del Sur

100% no acting


Elena Deligioz

A Russian girl who has actually been mistaken by some people as a female Russian soldier. In reality she is a model and somewhat odd cosplayer because she prefers military equipment and uniforms over video game characters. Most of the guns appear to be airsoft, but it’s made her quite the celebrity among the Russian airsoft community. Her passion for guns and surplus gear, now paired with her internet popularity has allowed her to open up her own surplus shop to feed her hobby/addiction. (GRH)


HE DOES. also that is the cutest thing i have ever read