airship grigori

First Airship Grigori fanart! :D 

I love that fanfiction soooo much, gosh! GO READ IT! D:

Will try to make some more fanart scribbles - more from AG and some others fanfictions (You’re In The Army Now!, A Spark Of Magik, The Delta Sun […], Ripchord, Lodestar and maybe Amplify.  :D)

But now I should do something about my blog layout - it’s annoying and I need a page for my drawing which I don’t have yet. :T

Airship Grigori: Tales of Captain and Crew

Remember when I said the next fanfic wouldn’t be AU?
>> Yeah, I lied. Sorry. But hey, it’s not a SoMa fanfic this time! (Although it does have some SoMa in it, o’ course, ehehe)

                             Airship Grigori: Tales of Captain and Crew

Is kind of amazing. Okay, really amazing. It’s set in a world of airships, and of course no prizes for guessing who the crew consists of ~
But anyways, it starts with Soul and Maka meeting and then skips to seven years later, when they’re the Captain and Pilot of Airship Grigori. There are nine chapters so far and many more to come (80ish, I think the author said? *drowned in a puddle of happiness reading that*), the story being written in arcs (the Blair arc just finished). asdfgh honestly this fanfic is just awesome. Go, read it! *shoos* Become sucked in and addicted like me!