music things:
  • getting halfway through a song and realizing you’re keeping time by bobbing your head, tapping both your feet, and your fingers, and none of them are the same beat
  • not breathing
  • me: “thIS IS TOO ADVANCED”
  • conductor: IDGAF AND I N E V E R WILL 
  • all the drama kids are in choir
  • not BReATHINg
  • having 5 songs stuck in your head at once
  • getting halfway through a piece and realizing ur in the wrong key aren’t u???
  • i nEeD AiR
  • realizing just how horrible other people sound when they’re off key
  • being required to go to stupid events for a grade
  • NoT BRe atHI Ng???
  • picking up tunes/ songs quickly
  • doing choir warm ups and wondering why the freshmen are laughing and then remembering that you used to laugh too
  • band looks down on u if ur not in band

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