So I got ideordinal for the tformersgiftexchange2014 and this is super late and hopefully squeaking in just under the deadline. Anyway, there were a whole range of choices, but doing the Aerialbots having a nice night in watching the newest As the Kitchen Sinks Christmas special would be fun.

Hope you like it!

Phil’s Livestream // 2.21.16

He hasn’t spoken to any humans today

The airraid siren from silent hill terrifies him

He’s had a lazy day

He’s wearing a jersey tshirt that feels like duvet material 

He hit snooze at 17 times this morning

He went to see his parents and his mum fed him loads of cake

Talked about his new Sleepless Night with Phil video

Whacking his leg on the glass door

“Six areas of the body that really hurt when you bang them”

New DanandPhilGAMES tomorrow that isn’t Undertale or Sims

Him and Dan will be on The Brits YouTube channel every time it cuts to break this Wednesday

He still doesn’t know what he’s going to wear, but it’ll probably be a new black suit jacket and his shirt from the Star Wars premiere 

Damn Daniel 

US Tour (ticket prices vary per city)

Possible tour vlogs???

He wants to collect something from every state he goes to in America

He had his hair trimmed

“If I ever went bald I would just wear anime wigs every day”

“Might get a hair ruffle from J Biebs”

He would like to see Nick Jonas again

He got The Martian from his parents and would recommend 

He also got Age of Ulton and is excited to watch it again

He doesn’t know if he’s Team Cap or Team Iron Man (then he said Cap by a snitch but he’s going to wait until he sees the movie)

Dan got into Agents of Shield but he never did

Butt bruises

He quite likes Siamese cats and “fluff” cats 

“Long head McGee”

“That doesn’t look too bad actually. Phil that’s your hand what are you doing?”

He was really cold in the north and had to borrow a fleece

Talked about his parents forcing him to wear a purple fleece as a child


He looked up the Chili’s menu and told someone to order a fajita and taco combo

“Damn Phil back at it again with the younows”

He said he’ll allow the Damn Daniel meme for a week

“I mean does Adele need 4 more Brits or could I could just borrow it forever”

“Good morning Mr. Lester… Good morning Dad”

Poe the cactus is still growing

Dan brushed his hand against Poe

Googled/discussed the kind of spikes Poe has

“Sorry for singing Rihanna at you”

His mum texted him

Dan is still on elephant and he’s very jealous about the elephants

“Maths is just the illuminati”

Someone reported him for nudity again

Texas weather

He listened to Drones as the tidied the kitchen earlier

Afternoon tea with his parents discussion (walked us through all the food)

He loves panda Pocky

Chemistry lessons with Phil

He watched Hank Green’s video about gravity waves

His Master Minds subject would be Buffy

Buffy chat

He has a secret tripadvisor and his name on Zack 

“I wish humans were less socially awkward and we could pokemon battle without it being weird”

He hasn’t seen Deadpool yet but he wants to

He wants to be drawn as a dolphin 

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